Victory For This Blog - Police Scotland Forced To Change Their Approach To Domestic Abuse Because Of False Accusers

In a crushing and absolutely humiliating climb-down by untrustworthy Police Scotland and their corrupt colleagues at the Crown Office, they have been forced to completely change how they treat the thousands of INNOCENT members of the public they regularly wrongly arrest and throw in to jail on trumped up false domestic abuse charges (see here)

Although I'm only reporting about this now, this change in policy was actually signed and agreed between the police and COPFS in March 2017 but we are only hearing about it now…because they NEVER publicised it.

As is typical of the underhand behaviour of untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown Office, they just couldn't bring themselves to admit they got things wrong, so instead they have secretly changed the old policy and tried to bury the mistakes and disasters it caused far away from the spotlight of publicity.

But have no fear, you can always rely on this blog to expose them!

The new policy - which my sources say they did everything they could to try and reject - now prevents Police from throwing everyone who gets accused of anything of a domestic nature (innocent or not) in to the slammer.

Regular readers know that I have repeated ad nauseam in this blog that it would only be a matter of time before the extent of the Police and Crown office's corrupt ways would be exposed to the wider public, especially their illegal, covert, and underhand secret policies of throwing innocent members of the public in a cell just to achieve arrest and conviction targets.

That time is now here.

For far too long, too many innocent people have been getting caught up in a vast and widely cast net Police and the COPFS have been throwing out. Police know that as well as catching "baddies" the net has been ensnaring thousands of innocent people and destroying their lives, but they just didn't care.

Now it has backfired on them. Masses of innocent members of the Scottish public have now stood up to them and said “enough is enough”.

You simply can't sustain the wholesale arresting of tens of thousands of innocent members of the Scottish public in the hope that you'll find a couple of "baddies" in there without there being a backlash from the good, honest, decent, and innocent people you wrongly targeted. They should have anticipated this.

Police and the COPFS were always going to be masters of their own downfall with this old policy. I don't mean to be unkind here, but Police officers are not reknowned for being the sharpest tools in the box and the Procurator Fiscal service tends to attract those less competent lawyers from the bottom of the legal food chain. They were never really going to be smart enough to cover the tracks of their corruption while using this policy so I always knew the day would come when they would eventually be exposed for the charlatans that they are and forced to backtrack.

The most abhorrent thing that can happen in any civilised society is where the people who claim to protect you and keep you safe are the very people who are actually targeting and persecuting you.

At least when the robber and highwayman Dick Turpin pointed a pistol at you while wearing his mask, you knew exactly what he was there to do. But Police Scotland and The Crown office target you and rob you of your liberty under the guise of being your protector. Make no bones about it, Dick Turpin had more integrity than Police Scotland and the COPFS put together.

However the tide is now well and truly turning and the Scottish public are becoming wise to untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office. And they know it.

In addition to pressure from this blog, a few of the last remaining honest and decent coppers still left in the force bravely stood up and also complained about the unfair and unjust “lock ’em all up regardless” policy.

Court officials, Sheriffs, solicitors, and, incredibly, a couple of honest Procurator Fiscals (yes there are one or two of them still kicking around it seems!) all went “rogue” and complained that the policy of arresting and detaining thousands of innocent members of the public on false charges based purely on the word of false accusers was completely unsustainable.

Even Calum Steele, the general secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, criticised the “idiocy” of the old policy.

You see, up until now Police Scotland blindly accepted every false accusers made-up story without question and without any any proper investigations to discover if there was any truth to their accusations.

It was nothing more than a cynical ploy by Police Scotland and the Crown office to help reach arrest and conviction targets (targets which to this day they still pretend don’t exist). 

Police Scotland didn’t care that thousands of INNOCENT members of the public who had done absolutely nothing wrong were finding themselves banged up in a jail cell.

Procurator Fiscals didn’t care that thousands of INNOCENT members of the public were finding themselves sitting in the dock of a court despite having done absolutely nothing wrong.

It was only ever about falsifying the crime figures.

The idea was to get lots of arrests and convictions to "show" the Scottish public what a great job they were supposedly doing keeping us all safe.

You see, back in the bad old days of Chief Constable Stephen "I've got an ego as big as a" House, the Police and the the Crown office got together and had this marvelous brainwave that domestic abuse would be an ideal area of the law where they could really fiddle the figures big style. After all, no-one’s going to complain too much when police throw a suspected domestic abuser in jail.

More importantly, even if they do mistakingly bang up a few innocent members of the public who have done nothing wrong and who have been falsely accused by a disgruntled ex just to get them banged up, it's unlikely the innocent person is gonna go out and shout from the rooftops that they were arrested by police on suspicion of such a horrendous and socially repugnant crime as domestic abuse.

It seemed like the perfect fiddle for Police. 

And word soon got around. Very soon there was an avalanche of false accusers, thoroughly despicable people, all "double-wide" as they say in Glesga, queueing up to tell Police any old made-up story just to get back at their ex’s, safe in the knowledge that Police would not check their stories out for truth but instead would immediately jail their ex's without question.

In one particular case a guy had fallen out with his neighbour some days before. So the neighbour, in an act of revenge, phoned the police to say he could hear "shouting coming from next door". When police arrived, the guy and his wife were sitting calmly having dinner! The two coppers apologised and left, but upon arriving back at the station their Sergeant went ballistic and sent them back to arrest the guy. And so the poor innocent guy was dragged out of his house in handcuffs with his wife protesting and pleading with Police that absolutely nothing had happened, they were just sitting having dinner!

As a result of this policy, in just three years 1362 INNOCENT members of the public were wrongly detained and arrested by police, thrown in a jail cell, strip searched, and all the rest of the demeaning things that happen when police make an arrest.

Every single one of those 1362 members of the public were INNOCENT and ended up having to be released by blundering Police Scotland without so much as an apology from the Police or the Procurator Fiscal (see here).

It actually got so bad that Judges became well and truly fed up with the string of false accusers marching in to their courts trying to get their ex’s convicted for absolutely nothing (aided and abetted by corrupt cops and corrupt PF's just looking to get their target figures up).

But the writing was on the wall for Police and the COPFS.

Sheriffs like Sheriff McFarlane began jailing false accusers (and not before time I might add). See here.

Procurator Fiscals started to panic as one by one they saw their cases fall apart and their star witnesses - the false accusers - sent to jail instead of the innocent members of the public they had hoped to frame and send to jail.

It very quickly got very embarrassing for Police and the COPFS as day in and day out Sheriffs criticised and exposed them for having arrested and attempted to convict the totally wrong person.

Good on the courts and good on the Sheriff's for exposing and shaming Police Scotland and COPFS and their corrupt "fiddle".

And that brings us to where we are today.

The tide continues to turn even more with each passing day since we forced this change of policy on to Police and COPFS. Of course it's still a sad day when we have to force Police Scotland and the COPFS to act honestly but unfortunately that's just the world we live in.

I congratulate every honest and decent member of the Scottish public who, like me, has stood up to the Police and COPFS corrupt ways and forced them in to making this change.

Of course we still have a long way to go, dear readers, before we will completely rid the Police service and the Crown office of the corruption that is endemic within their ranks, but recent events have proved to be a seismic move for us in the right direction.

From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank all of you for your continued support in this crusade against corruption and as we approach almost 11,000 page views on this blog the pressure on untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office continues to weigh them down.

From little acorns grow big oaks!