About The Author

I'm Kenny Campbell, a freelance journalist from Glasgow, Scotland. I campaign against injustice and corruption in Scotland, especially in public bodies such as Police Scotland, The Crown Office, Glasgow City Council, Holyrood, and others.

I am a proud Scot who promotes my country everywhere I go, but I'm never afraid to openly and robustly criticise those in public office whenever I see their actions diminish our integrity here at home or elsewhere in the world.

Background to this blog

My interest in exposing corruption in public office started quite unexpectedly some years ago when I found myself taking on the might of Police Scotland and the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service...and I won.

I then sued them. This should have been a pretty simple and straightforward matter, but I was absolutely astounded to find everyone I encountered all closed ranks to protect each other. I faced a completely "closed shop" mentality in every area of the justice system I pursued.

Procurator Fiscals lied. Police Officers lied. The Crown Office covered up for the corrupt Procurator Fiscals in their ranks, Procurator Fiscals covered up for their Police Scotland colleagues, the Police covered up for each other, and so it continued - even though I had already proved them all to be in the wrong and won against them in a court of law!

The more I researched in to it all, the more corruption I encountered. Each new avenue I explored only served to open up yet another can of worms.

I soon realised that our whole political and justice system is incestuously connected and rotten to the core.

There is no real accountability in any of these organisations - certainly not in any meaningful way that honest decent members of the Scottish public would recognise.

I discovered that while all of these public organisations like to claim that they are accountable, when you look more closely at them you find that the various bodies who are supposed to oversee them actually have no teeth and no authority to make them do anything that makes any real difference.

Worse still, you discover that all of the overseeing bodies are made up of boards consisting of their ex-colleagues, friends and connections.

For example, the Crown Office work intimately with Police Scotland and instruct the Police in criminal matters. In other words, the COPFS rely on Police Scotland to help them win prosecutions in court. So the COPFS are incestuously tied to with Police Scotland.

Glasgow City Council is made up of councillors and civil servants, many of whom are ex Procurator Fiscals and ex Solicitors. These councillors from Glasgow City Council then sit on the board of the SPA (Scottish Police Authority) who are supposed to oversee Police Scotland.

A five year old could join the dots.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Any powerful public body which investigates itself breeds suspicion and is a fertile ground for corruption.

Any overseeing body which cannot hold a powerful public body to account in any meaningful fashion renders them, in effect, unaccountable.

The public must withdraw support for unaccountable corrupt public organisations who seek to harm us while falsely claiming to exist for our benefit.

Only then will they be forced to act with the honesty and integrity that we, the Scottish public, expect and deserve.


You can contact me directly, privately, and in confidence, at kennycampbell@moroculous.co.uk

I am also available to write articles for your publication or speak at your private or public event.