Wednesday 17 November 2021

Dozens of Police Scotland officers and staff facing charges including sex crimes

The Daily Record has conducted an investigation in to crimes and corruption in Police Scotland. 

Turns out 44 individuals who work for Police Scotland are facing criminal prosecution for allegations including threatening or abusive behaviour, sending threatening texts and sexual messages, fraud, and firearms offences.

Five Police Scotland officers have appeared in the dock so far this year - Sergeant Paul Bucknall and constables Fraser Ross, Alan Mitchell, Richard Scott and Alexander Murphy.

Of course, as expected, the high-heid-yins have immediately jumped to Police Scotland's defence in record quick time, they couldn't wait to impress on us that the DOZENS of Police Scotland officers and staff facing criminal charges are but a tiny minority of bad apples.

Yeah right.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Speirs has said: “Police Scotland has a strong bond with the public we serve..." and the Scottish Government has said: “Scotland is well served by its officers..."

Move along folks, nothing to see here...