Tuesday 12 October 2021

Sexist, Testosterone Fuelled, Misogynist Thugs With Guns Roaming Our Streets

Imagine a woman finding herself face to face with a group of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs? It's an awful thought.

Now imagine a woman finding herself face to face with a group of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs armed with guns? That's a horrific thought.

So what if I told you that those sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs with guns were Police Scotland officers? That would be a truly disgraceful and unimaginable thought.

Yet it happened to former firearms officer Rhona Malone...and a tribunal has just agreed with her.

Worse still, the tribunal found that much of the evidence it heard from Police Scotland witnesses including testimony from high-ranking police officers and senior members of staff was NOT CREDIBLE. 

Yip, turns out Police Scotland are liars, and the liars go right to the top.

Who'd have thunk it!

In particular the tribunal found the evidence of Chief Supt Andrew McDowell "implausible" and the actions of Police Scotland official Alasdair Muir "neither honest nor reasonable".

Nuff said.

Of course, Police Scotland trotted out their standard template fake apology saying they would address the issues raised in the judgement "as a matter of urgency", but as per usual the apology only came AFTER Rhona took them to a tribunal and Police Scotland lost the case. 

All the way through this case and right to the bitter end Police Scotland lied and fought like the corrupt pond life they are to make this tribunal go their way. Disgusting.

So there you have it, a bunch of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic, thugs with guns - this is YOUR Police Scotland!

And they don't care about it one bit. 

Officers will lie and cover up for each other if anyone dares to criticise them, even senior officers.

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are rotten to the core.

Is anyone really surprised?