Friday 10 September 2021

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone's Hollow Apology

Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone has apologised to the families of Lamara Bell and John Yuill. 

John and Lamara died in a crash on the M9 which was not investigated for three days despite being reported to police.

The apology from the Chief Constable comes more than six YEARS after the incident happened.

The apology also comes one DAY after Police Scotland were fined £100,000 by a court after admitting faults that "materially contributed" to Lamara's death.

If the Chief Constable had been truly sorry, why did he wait 6 years to apologise?

That's easy. He only apologised when the court ruled against his police force and fined them (by which I mean they fined you and I, the tax-payers because we pick up the £100k fine).

That to me is the epitome of a hollow apology.

Even the words the Chief Constable used are sickening and patronising:

"Lamara Bell and John Yuill’s deaths were a tragedy and my thoughts today are with their children, families and friends. The preservation of life and helping people who are in crisis go to the heart of our duty to keep people safe. Police Scotland failed Lamara and John in that duty, and for that I am sorry."

Let me translate that statement.

Police thoughts are NEVER with the children, family, and friends of those they've wronged. Police thoughts are always about how they can cover their own bahookies when things go belly-up. 

Rest assured there weren't too many 'thoughts' six years ago when it happened. These heart-felt 'thoughts' only surfaced after the court kicked Police Scotland's rear end over this fiasco.

As for the claims that 'the preservation of life and helping people who are in crisis go to the heart of police's duty to keep people safe', that's just the type of bluster and crap you'd expect from a cheap used car salesman. 

Anyone with a brain knows that policing today is far more interested in targeting the Scottish public to get as many arrests and charges as possible to make it appear like they're doing a great job keeping us all safe.

Just ask any motorist who's been at the receiving end of this shower of vindictive deadbeats.

Here's a perfect example of what I mean. When a woman is driving home late at night, alone, and sees a police car in her rear-view mirror does she feel safe, or does she feel anxious?

Nuff said.

So here we go again with untrustworthy Police Scotland. 

Just hollow apologies from hollow people who make hollow promises to the Scottish public and think we're stupid enough to believe them.