Friday 20 August 2021

Why Are The COPFS Not Keen To Prosecute Lockdown Cases?

The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service has dropped the case against celebrity rap music artist AB CJECK who was accused of breaching virus rules on house party's.

And I'm wondering why they dropped the case? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Because my sources are telling me that this is happening an awful lot. The corrupt COPFS seem to be dropping an unusually high number of these cases.

Could it be connected to the fact that their counterparts, the CPS in England, have also been reluctant to prosecute these types of cases?

Could it be because the Supreme Court of Spain have recently ruled that virus lockdown laws were actually unlawful? Did the COPFS know that our lockdown laws were unlawful too and know they may have to reverse every case and refund every fine if and when the UK Supreme Court arrives at the same decision?

My sources tell me that the only cases of this type the COPFS are prosecuting are when other charges are present. So it appears to be that they've been adding virus charges to a list of pre-existing charges in the hope of getting a few convictions 'under the radar' so to speak.

I wonder if this all to do with legal precedent?  I wonder if the Crown Office are scared a precedent will be set if a lockdown breach charge gets to court and is thrown out? 

Surely the COPFS wouldn't con the Scottish public and squeeze money out of them from fines by threatening to prosecute them if they don't pay under a law they know is unlawful? 

Hmmmm, so many questions, and I'm still left wondering...wondering whether untrustworthy Police Scotland has been colluding with their buddies at the corrupt Crown Office to strong-arm the public in to paying fines for charges they know won't stand up in court?