Monday 23 August 2021

Corruption In Police Scotland Just Cost YOU £6.3 million

Police Scotland have paid out £6.3m to former Rangers owner Charles Green for wrongful prosecution.

They arrested him was because they were running out of time to make a case against other people they had been investigating at the time. Making a “new” arrest and tying it to the other case gave them an extra 12 months extension for their other investigation.

That’s right folks, these disgusting low-life scum bags at untrustworthy Police Scotland arrested an innocent man just so they could buy some more time to extend an investigation in to another case. 

They were happy to destroy Charles Greens life, just so they could corruptly extend another investigation. 

This is your police force. This is Police Scotland. This is how they behave.

Now, if you’re just an average Joe, you have to take things like this on the chin. Corrupt police officers break rules and break laws to illegally stitch up innocent members of the public every day. The police know ordinary folks like you and I don’t have the funds to take them on and expose their corruption, so they make false arrests and malicious prosecutions against the Scottish public every day, all safe in the knowledge that you will never be able to afford to hold them to account for their corruption.

These bent coppers know fine well they’ll never get caught. They are the lowest form of pond life you’ll ever come across, and Police Scotland is riddled with these types, from the bottom to the very top.

So full kudos to Charles Green for taking these disgusting pieces of human garbage on and winning £6.3m from them.

Except the £6.3m didn't come from them. It didn’t cost Police Scotland. It cost YOU, the Scottish public. You, the tax payer, footed the £6.3m bill.

Meanwhile corrupt Police Scotland, rotten to the core, continues to vindictively pursue innocent members of the public as normal and with complete impunity. Because even when they get caught red-handed they still remain totally unaccountable. And boy don’t they know it.

No wonder all these bent coppers in Police Scotland are laughing at us, the Scottish public. 

They know they’re untouchable and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.