Wednesday 18 August 2021

704 Police Scotland Officers On Watchlist

Members of the public made a staggering 3603 complaints about the conduct of Police Scotland officers.

The complaints dating back to 2016 range from assault, corruption, discrimination, excessive force, rudeness, failing to follow procedures, neglect of duty, harassment, and traffic violations.

It seems the bad apples at untrustworthy Police Scotland have become so rotten that bosses have had to set up a a secret watchlist of over 700 ­officers who are the subject of repeated complaints about their conduct.

On the face of it you could say, hey, at least they're keeping these bad apples under a watchful eye. After all, Police Scotland do say that they "intervene timeously and take appropriate action to address issues and develop performance, reduce future complaints and improve service delivery to the public".

But what they DON'T tell you is that it's Police Scotland’s very own 'Professional Standards Unit' who are doing the watching and the investigating. 

That's right folks, they're investigating themselves (as usual).

They must truly think the Scottish public are stupid.

Don't hold your breath waiting for these complaints to be held up.