Wednesday 14 July 2021

Overturn every conviction NOW

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are STILL failing to meet official standards for gathering evidence from mobile devices like phones and iPads 4 YEARS after the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ordered them.

Despite extracting data from thousands of electronic devices at their cyber-kiosks and specialised digital forensic hubs each year (data such as contacts, photos, emails and private messages), the ICO say Police Scotland may have broken data protection and human rights laws.

Just as worrying, the ICO found that Police Scotland can NOT demonstrate to externally validated standards that it is using extraction methods which produce reliable results. 

Many miscarriages of justice have most likely occurred.

This is abominable.

As someone who has actually had his mobile phone interrogated by the scum at untrustworthy Police Scotland a few years ago, I'm totally disgusted (oh and just for the record, they found NOTHING on my mobile phone because I had done absolutely nothing wrong - it was just a false accusation by a greedy ex girlfriend out for revenge).

Every single case the COPFS have prosecuted which relied on mobile device data extracted by Police Scotland MUST be reviewed immediately.

And every case where they used evidence extracted from mobile devices which ended in a successful prosecution MUST be overturned.

We're waiting...

What's that...?

Hmmm, crickets...