Wednesday 30 June 2021

Police Scotland are not welcoming, not friendly and not proportionate

Police Scotland have announced that their policing of protests at the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow this November will be "welcoming, friendly and proportionate".

Hmmmm, I thought that's how policing was always supposed to be? 

So why are they having to tell us this?

Oh that's easy. It's because:

Police Scotland are not usually welcoming.

Police Scotland are not usually friendly.

Police Scotland are not usually proportionate.

The very fact that they have to come out and emphasise to all and sundry just how welcoming, friendly and proportionate they plan to be with members of the Scottish public exercising their democratic right to peaceful protest tells you everything you need to know about this shower of deadbeats. 

Good honest decent members of the public already know that untrustworthy Police Scotland are anything but welcoming, anything but friendly and anything but proportionate.