Saturday 26 June 2021

Glasgow City Council Farce

It’s official. Glasgow City Council’s IT system is a farce. 

That’s not me saying it, it’s their own Lord Provost Philip “The Brat”.

While children all over the country have successfully got through a difficult last year using free platforms like Zoom and FaceTime to hold meetings with their teachers and friends, the children at GCC (aka “the greetin’ face cooncillors”) couldn’t hold an online meeting because of dropouts, glitches, crashes and goodness knows what else.

Philip “The Brat” eventually adjourned the online meeting calling it a farce (but stopped short of calling himself the same - what a shame, I was looking forward to that).

So why didn’t they just use Zoom to hold their meeting? I mean Zoom works great and it’s free and is clearly better than Glasgow City Council’s presumably mega-expensive basket case of an IT system?

Who knows. That would probably have been too sensible for these numpties.

Sources say that after the failed online meeting Philip then tried to get everyone to meet up at a local brewery for a piss-up but struggled to organise that too.

Ok, I made that last bit up…