Monday 1 March 2021

Your Son Could Be The Next Luke Mitchell

Last weeks Channel 5 TV documentary on the Jodi Jones / Luke Mitchell case has brought back to the fore the many injustices in this case. 

Most of us who have followed this case from the beginning have been well aware of the disgraceful way untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown Office conducted themselves.

There’s absolutely no doubt that this case must be reviewed without delay.

But the corrupt police and crown office don’t want a review. No way. They are completely against any review of this case. They don’t want anyone to look in to how they conducted themselves in this case. 

I think we can all guess why.

Because in the police and procurator fiscal professions they have a strong culture in which they prefer to see innocent people fined or jailed rather than they should face any criticism themselves. 

In fact their whole existence relies on arresting and convicting as many people as possible. 

To the police and the Crown Office, members of the public are beneath them. You’re fair game to them. If you happen to be innocent they don’t care because you are expendable. They hate the “wee guy”. 

They hate you. 

Wanna complain? Tough luck. It’s a closed shop. Police and the crown office always close ranks and protect each other. 

If that sounds like a despicable way for human beings to behave then it’s because the police and procurator fiscals are despicable human beings. 

You just need to visit the public gallery of any court anywhere in the country to quickly see that. 

Sadly what most people don’t realise is that these injustices are happening multiple times a day, every single day, in ALL our courts up and down the country. 

It’s mainly smaller convictions so you don’t hear about them in the newspapers or TV. Even on the VERY rare occasions when a major case is reported by the media and the police and crown office get exposed for lying and cheating, they stop the story in its tracks by using NDA’s to stop anything further becoming public knowledge. 

Of course, they always claim NDA's are just to help “protect public confidence” in what they do, but everybody knows the use of these NDA’s is to cover up their dastardly deeds becoming public knowledge. 

It’s nothing but a whitewash.

Innocent people are falsely convicted every day of criminal charges which the police and their buddies in the crown office have trumped up against them because they need to hit arrest and conviction targets.

They deny these targets exist (and officially they don’t) but every police officer and procurator fiscal worth his salt knows that if prosecutions were to drop, so would their budget and that means jobs losses for the boys and we can't have that.

Just follow the money. It’s not difficult.

So thousands of innocent members of the public have to take fake charges and wrongful prosecutions on the chin every day. They have to accept that the police are happy to regularly lie in court and the crown office are happy to knowingly fine or jail innocent members of the public just to keep the numbers up. 

Yes folks, it truly is a numbers game, no matter what they tell you. 

It’s the way the system is set up to work. Lots of arrests and prosecutions let’s them (falsely) claim they are doing a super-duper job of keeping us all safe.

It’s also exactly how Police Scotland and the COPFS would like the system to stay. Because it allows them to continue like this, completely unaccountable to anyone. 

Think about it for a moment. Who investigates the police?

Answer: The police. 

Who investigates the crown office? 

Answer: The crown office. 

Even the supposedly “independent” overseeing public bodies who are supposed to hold the police and the crown office accountable are littered with their ex colleagues, cronies, and insiders. 

A five year old could join the dots. 

These bodies are purely designed to give an “illusion” of overseeing and accountability. 

Rest assured, there is no accountability. 

They are a disgusting bunch of individuals, every single one of them. 

The majority of good honest decent people I speak to tell me they do not trust the police or procurator fiscals.

These days everybody knows someone the police and crown office tried to stitch up.

And do not think for one minute that it’s just a few bad apples either. 

Most police officers and Procurator Fiscals are corrupt to the core. Oh don’t get me wrong, they try to convince themselves - and anyone else stupid enough to listen to them - that they’re not. But they are. You see they feel that criminals don’t operate by a set of rules so it’s only fair that they should ignore rules too. 

It levels the playing field and makes sense as far as they’re concerned. In the bizarre little world they inhabit they are convinced they are doing a wonderful job getting all the bad guys off the streets.

Police and COPFS employees are seriously delusional people. It’s no wonder their profession attracts the very worst types of human dregs.

It’s no surprise either that when you have people in positions of authority who are rotten to the core, you get verdicts in courts up and down the country that are rotten to the core and innocent people suffer.

So is Luke Mitchell innocent?

I don’t know. 

But I do know that if it’s left up to untrustworthy Police Scotland and their motley crew of buddies at the corrupt Crown Office to find out, we’ll never know.

Luke Mitchell could be your son.

Worse still, your son could be the next Luke Mitchell.