Saturday 20 March 2021

The Police Scotland Blame Game

We have been told today by the SPF that between 30 and 40 Police Scotland officers who were in George Square a fortnight ago policing the Rangers football fans cup celebrations have caught the old Beijing Boak.

They caught it from Rangers fans.

Did they? 

Did they really? 

Are you absolutely sure about that?

I’m not being flippant. It’s a serious and genuine question.

Because back in October last year I caught the old Kung Flu myself. Thing is, I hadn’t been out and about. I hadn’t been to bars, cafes, restaurants, I hadn’t been to see friends, I hadn’t been celebrating with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Yet I still caught it.

So where did I get it from?

Good question, I'm still asking myself that.

The only place I had been outside the four walls of my own house was the supermarket, and even then I wore a mask at all times.

So unless I got the virus from my old Windows 95 computer that hasn’t had its Norton AV updated since the three-month free trial expired more than two decades ago, I must’ve caught it in a supermarket. 

There is no other explanation.

So to circle back to my original question, are they absolutely definitely sure that these 30/40 police officers caught the virus from Rangers fans in George Square?

Could they have caught it, like I did, in a supermarket?

Could they have caught it from a work colleague at the police station or sitting beside them in the paddy wagon?

Could they have caught it from one of their kids who recently went back to school?

Could they have caught it from someone they stopped for having his drivers window down and blaring his Barry Manilow cassette too loudly from inside his Granada Ghia?

Could they have caught it from sneaking a chip off the wee guy they arrested last week for being drunk in charge of a fish supper? 

I pose these questions because when we get infected with this virus, the one thing we DO know is that we DON’T know exactly where we got it. 

That’s just a fact. It’s the way it is. It’s the way this virus spreads. It’s why we have Track & Trace.

So if untrustworthy Police Scotland, or the SPF, or the Scottish Government, or anyone else, wants to claim that these 30/40 police officers absolutely, definitely caught the virus from Rangers fans in George Square a fortnight ago, then I'm sorry, the facts just don't support this. 

And if they're making claims with no facts to support it, I’m now curious as to what their real motive is for saying this. What are they angling towards? There must be some angle because we know police ALWAYS have an ulterior motive for everything. 

What's going on? 

I don't know, but I hope we find out soon.

Because if they DO decide to stick to this unsubstantiated claim about where they got the old Beijing Boak then we may have to start asking even more searching questions. Questions like whether wearing masks actually works, because every police officer I saw in the footage from that day in George Square was wearing a mask.

Then where do we go from there?

Do we ban supermarkets from opening because people like myself got the old Kung Flu in a supermarket? 

Do we stop wearing masks because masks didn’t stop Police Scotland officers getting it a fortnight ago in George Square?

No, of course we don’t. Because we’re sensible.

We know that masks, even with the gaps around them, still help reduce aerosol particles from flying around and that's a good thing.

We know that we have to eat to stay alive, so visiting a supermarket is just one of those necessary risks we need to take in life.

We know that when you place police officers in an area like George Square when there is a large gathering or protest going on, it isn’t exactly the safest place for those officers to be. 

But we also know that there is simply NO evidence to prove that George Square was definitely where all these 30/40 officers caught the virus. Sorry if the SPF don't like that fact, but it is a fact.

Why can’t the police just accept the same thing every sensible person in the land has long realised - that this virus is very real, it exists, it’s infectious, it’s nasty, you can catch it anywhere and you’ll never know where you go it. 

Just try to be like the rest of us, do your job and get on with it and your life as safely as you can. 

That’s all any of us can do.

For goodness sake STOP trying to play politics with this virus. 

Police Scotland have done enough 'politicking' already with this virus, positioning themselves as 'virus enforcers' for their political masters, throwing their weight around against the public, using it as an excuse to arrest innocent members of the public for buying easter eggs or sitting alone on a park bench drinking coffee etc (I could go on).

The level of trust the public have in Police Scotland is at an all-time low.

If police are going to start accusing people of giving them the old Kung Flu when they have no evidence to back it up then…

Oh….hang on…wait a minute. 

I’ve just realised something. 

Untrustworthy Police Scotland go around accusing people of things every day without any evidence

Hmmm, so I suppose this is actually no different from the way they always behave.

Ahh, now it makes sense. 

OK, move along folks, nothing to see here.

Just a few dozen PC Plods with Bejing Boak which they got from George Square in Glasgow...or maybe it was George the desk Sergeant at Shettleston...or George at Asda. 

Whatever <yawn>