Friday 5 March 2021

The Crown Office Is Not Fit For Purpose

So the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service is not fit for purpose.

And it's not just me who's saying it.

The former First Minister of Scotland is saying it.

The importance this cannot be understated. 

The First Minister of Scotland is the most senior Government official in the land. He/She is also the person who appoints the Lord Advocate, the head of the COPFS.

So when someone of the calibre and importance of Alex Salmond says it, we all better sit up and listen.

It's just unfortunate that thousands of innocent members of the Scottish public get railroaded every year by this motley crew at COPFS (with the help of their corrupt chums at Police Scotland) but never get any publicity when they call out the pond life creatures who operate the COPFS.

But at least they all know one thing now.

They're not alone.

People all up and down Scotland, from high and mighty to poor and vulnerable, are all discovering the same thing...Police Scotland cannot be trusted and the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service are corrupt to the core.

Good on Alex Salmond for helping expose these charlatans in a very public way and lets hope more people in positions of high public credibility like Mr Salmond will stand up and speak out and make the press report it.

My only worry now is for Alex Salmond. 

Because the disgusting individuals he has just exposed in the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service do NOT like being held to account. They don't like being criticised, not in any way shape or form.

And I have discovered - to my cost - that the people in the COPFS are very vicious, vindictive people. They will stop at nothing to crush anyone who tries to expose their corruption.

We've got your back covered here at Moroculous as much as we can Alex, so stay strong and go get 'em!