Sunday 21 March 2021

The Crown Office Are Cnuts

King Canute / Cnut The Great

Most of you will have read posts in this blog where I liken the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service to King Canute.

The common legend of King Canute describes him as being a deluded monarch who believed he was so powerful that he could stop the tide coming in (*spoiler alert - he couldn’t).

When I see the COPFS pushing the boundaries of their authority by doing such things as, ooh, let’s see…trying to launch investigations against an MP like David Davis who can’t be prosecuted because he has Parliamentary Privilege…and trying to dictate to a Parliamentary Committee what they can and can’t see…it’s not hard to figure out why I liken these idiots in the COPFS to King Canute.

They think they’re powerful, but they’re not. They think they have almighty authority, but they haven’t. They think they can order people around and do what they like to them, but they can’t.

Notice all the similarities to King Canute now? 

Just like King Canute, the Scottish Crown Office are so delusional they don’t even know they’re, well, delusional!

But did you know that ‘Canute’ is not the original spelling of the name?

The original spelling of ‘Canute’ is ‘Cnut’. 

He was Danish born and went on to became King of Denmark, England, and Norway. His proper 11th century name and title is actually ‘Cnut The Great’.

So there you go, a wee history lesson to show that King Canute is actually King Cnut.

Which is quite fitting, because the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service will always be a bunch of Cnuts to me.

How apt.