Thursday 18 March 2021

Police Need Their Arm Twisted Before They’ll Do Their Job

Yesterday I wrote about how Lothian Buses were forced to withdraw their evening services because Police Scotland could not protect the public from antisocial youths who were vandalising the buses by smashing rocks through the windows. 

I have some good news. 

Tonight the bus services are to resume. 

The public backlash against untrustworthy Police Scotland has been so damning, they've been forced to step up and give the public (and Lothian Buses) the help, support, and protection they are entitled to. 

But what an outrage it is when we, the Scottish public, need to twist the police's arms so far up their backs before they relent and agree to do the job we pay them to do. 

Its a disgrace. 

Police Scotland are a disgrace. 

We have 17,000 police officers in Scotland, all extremely well paid, and all with extremely generous pension perks. All we ask is that they do some work for it. 

Yet when we ask them to do their job, they recoil, appalled, and look at us in total disbelief that we should have the gall to expect such a thing from them. 

How dare we ask them to help, support, and protect the public!  

So I have a message for untrustworthy Police Scotland. 

You are public servants. If you dont understand what that means, allow me to educate you. 

It means exactly what it says on the tin - we are the public, you are our servants. 

So when Lothian Buses and the public demand that you do your job and 'serve' us, you need to listen to us and listen very carefully. 

Because even though you may be happy sitting on your fat bahookies eating doughnuts and doing sod all (while we pay you to do sod all), we're not happy. 

We're not happy that you ignore us and only grudgingly jump in to action when we, the public, twist your arm so far up your back you have no choice left but to act. 

What a bunch of wasters and leeches.