Wednesday 3 March 2021

Number Of Dirty Scottish Cops DOUBLES In 7 Years

The number of dirty cops in Scotland has doubled in the last seven years. 

No surprise there. I don't think anyone is going to be shocked by this story. Everybody knows untrustworthy Police Scotland are corrupt to the core and police officers are not even close to the calibre they were in days gone by.

And when you recruit people from the bottom of the barrel to be police officers the way police Scotland do, all you're really doing is handing uniforms to the human dregs of society.

Then you reap what you sow.

So, ok, we now know that we've now got twice as many dirty cops on our streets as we had a few years ago.

But how many of these dirty cops have they caught, charged, prosecuted, and managed to take off our streets? 

How many are still out there? 

What ranks are involved? 

Are they all at the bottom of the police food chain or does the corruption go right the way up to the very top?

We don't know, because they refuse to tell us.

So even though over 360 dirty cops were arrested last year compared to 136 just a few short years ago, Police Scotland and their buddies in the corrupt Crown Office are doing absolutely everything they can to hide the scale of the problem from the Scottish public.

Could this be because they don't want us to find out that the corruption in Police Scotland goes right up to the very top?

Or could it be because even though the number of dirty cops in Scotland has doubled, the number of them who actually end up charged has fallen from 50% to 5% so they don't want us to know that hardly any of these dirty cops are being prosecuted?

Probably both.

What we do know is that Police Scotland and the Crown Office have refused all Freedom of Information requests regarding this, claiming they do not hold data of the officers centrally and it would cost too much to trawl the records of all of its officers.

I laughed out loud when I heard that excuse! I mean, come on guys, Police Scotland know everything abut you and I, they photograph us 1000 times a day on their CCTV street cameras as you innocently go about your daily business, they draw up behind you in your car and immediately know from your number plate what your name is, address, DOB, driving licence number, insurance details, road tax, MOT, whether you have any convictions, or whether you are a person "of interest". All that information about you and I floods the computer screen in their little panda car automatically, they don't even have to request it, all because they just because they happen to be sitting behind you at the traffic lights.

So to claim that they don't know how many dirty cops are in their ranks and who they are is just plain lying to us.

And what reason would they have to lie to us?

Oh, plenty reasons, rest assured.

The corrupt COPFS really don't want to have to hold their police officer buddies to the same standard as you and I because Procurator Fiscals rely on police officers to lie in court for them every day to help them get convictions.

So if you're a dirty Police Scotland copper who has spent all your career lying in court to help the COPFS get convictions, then when it comes round to your turn in the dock, it's payback time...