Friday 19 March 2021

Corrupt Crown Office Close Ranks Against Judge-Led Enquiry

The Crown Office have refused to release files relating to the £24m Duff & Phelps prosecution case. 

At first glance there’s nothing unusual with the COPFS not wanting to release information about an ongoing case they're prosecuting. 

Except this is not an ongoing case and it is not being prosecuted. 

This case is over. It has already been decided. It's done and dusted. 

So there is no reason for the COPFS to be hiding stuff, is there?

Aha, this is where it all comes out in the wash...

You see the files the COPFS are refusing to release are files David Whitehouse and Paul Clark from Duff & Phelps require to help a judge-led investigation in to the despicable behaviour of the COPFS in their failed prosecution against them. 

Hmmm, so now we know why the Crown Office don't want them released!

You see the COPFS have already had to pay out £24m in damages to the two Duff & Phelps employees, and have already had to publicly admit that the prosecution they led against the two men was purely malicious (which is exactly why a judge-led enquiry in to the COPFS malicious behaviour has now been deemed necessary). 

So let’s just think about all of this for a moment. 

The COPFS - the very people we entrust to deal out justice - are doing everything they can to pervert and escape justice by hiding information from a judge because THEY are the ones under investigation now, and they don't like it! 

I’ve written about this sort of thing countless times before. The COPFS are seriously vicious and vindictive people. They close ranks and protect themselves and will pursue you with a vengeance if you try to criticise them, expose their corruption, or stand up to them in any way. 

I know, because I’ve been through it with them. 

I was falsely accused of a crime, the COPFS knew fine well the accusations were false, yet they still pulled every dirty trick in the book to try and prosecute me. 

But I fought back. I demanded my day in court. I took them on - me, a layman with no formal legal training - and I won. 

This obviously humiliated them so they absolutely hate me for it to this day. 

Therefore it’s no surprise to me that even after the Crown Office have admitted they led a malicious prosecution against David Whitehouse and Paul Clark from Duff & Phelps and paid them £24m in damages, they STILL will not allow these innocent men to criticise them in any way. 

Hell, they don’t even want to allow a judge in an enquiry to see the full details of their disgusting, vile and vicious pursuit of these two men. 

It’s beyond belief. 

Sadly this won’t be any surprise to anyone who’s already been on the receiving end of the pond life creatures who swim in the cesspool we call the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service. 

I’m not surprised by this, nor will my regular readers. 

This is just how the charlatans at the COPFS operate.

Good, honest, decent members of the Scottish public everywhere should be disgusted and outraged at the behaviour of the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service.