Friday 19 March 2021

COPFS, Truth Or CYA?

*IMPORTANT - A court order is currently in place which restricts some reporting on this subject. Please note the only names mentioned in this article are David Davis, Nicola Sturgeon, and Alex Salmond.

David Davis MP has really set the cat among the pigeons.

On Tuesday he used Parliamentary privilege in Westminster to criticise Nicola Sturgeon’s governments handling of the Alex Salmond case. 

The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service are not happy with David Davis at all.

And I find that strange. 

Because David Davis is just trying to get to the truth. You’d think an organisation like the COPFS would welcome any attempts to get to the truth with open arms?

But curiously the COPFS don’t seem to be interested in any of the information David Davis revealed in Parliament.

What they are interested in however is where David Davis got his information from. 

At the time of writing this, reports are coming out in the press that the Lord Advocate is considering launching an investigating in to David Davis and, in particular, who the whistleblower is who gave him the information. 

Hmmm. I thought whistleblowers were supposed to be good? I thought whistleblowers were supposed to be encouraged to come forward? I thought organisations like the COPFS loved whistleblowers? Seems not (well, not in this case anyway).

So let me just try and straighten out this curious paradox. Bear with me here…

The way I’m seeing it (if indeed I'm seeing it correctly), is that it would appear to be the Lord Advocate who is the head of the COPFS, appointed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and who is a Scottish Government Cabinet member is NOT interested in information a well respected member of the British Parliament has discussed relating to his own Crown Office’s failed prosecution against Alex Salmond…

Nor does the Lord Advocate appear to be interested in any Government interference the whistleblower and/or David Davis MP may have alleged in to a criminal case by the same Government who appointed him to the Lord Advocates job and who’s Cabinet he sits in…

However the Lord Advocate DOES appear to be interested in where David Davis got his information from, information which seems to make allegations that could be potentially damaging to the COPFS, or the Lord Advocate, or the Government who appointed him and who's Cabinet he sits in.

Surely the COPFS - who failed miserably in their case against Alex Salmond - cannot still be pursuing him for a case they've already lost against him? 

Surely the COPFS cannot be taking sides with the Government which appointed their boss, the Lord Advocate? 

Please tell me this isn’t so?

Because if it is, and what I think is going on IS going on, then this will be totally shocking, even by COPFS standards (and COPFS standards ain't that high, trust me on that one).

“It’ll aw come oot in the waash” as ma’ wee granny used tae say.

You know folks, it’s a sad day for democracy and justice when the COPFS can haul a former First Minister of Scotland in to a court of law and try to throw him in jail over a bunch of charges which we subsequently discover he was innocent of all along. 

It’s an even sadder day when the Government and the COPFS don’t seem to want to accept that they failed in their pursuit of an innocent man, Alex Salmond, and don't want to admit they called this one wrong, even when the court has told them they got it wrong. 

But saddest of all is when a member of the British Parliament, David Davis, a former Secretary of State, Minister of State, Party Chairman, and campaigner for civil liberties and member of the Privy Council stands up in Westminster and tries to shine some light on the Crown Office and Scottish Governments pursuit of Alex Salmond…and all the Lord Advocate wants to do is find out where David Davis got the information from, not whether the information is true or how the COPFS and the Scottish Government came to be embroiled in the persecution of an innocent man in such a brutal and ruthless way.

I’m smelling something here and I don’t like it.

Perhaps it’s because I have experience of what happens when the Crown Office fail in a prosecution. 

My experience tells me that instead of going after the real criminal in these cases, the COPFS always stick like glue to their line of attack against the innocent person they originally (wrongly) targeted. They never admit they got it wrong. In their eyes you’re always guilty - you just “got away with it” as far as they're concerned. 

They are truly disgusting people the COPFS. They pursue innocent people with a vengeance and viciousness like you cannot imagine, especially if you dare to stand up and criticise them as I did. They don’t like that at all.

As far as I’m aware there are still some ongoing investigations in to the COPFS handling of the failed case against Salmond and the Scottish Governments alleged part in it, if any, so I cannot go in to any more details right now as not only would it be wrong, it would be illegal. 

Therefore I’ve only reported here today my opinions on what I believe may be going on based on my experiences with the COPFS and based on the information on this subject which is widely available in the press and in the public domain and which is not restricted from reporting.

However I will have a lot more to say on this matter at a later date. 

And by that I mean a LOT more. 

Because whenever I get a whiff that there may be a conflict of interest regarding the COPFS and I see them scrambling about displaying CYA type behaviour (especially after they’ve failed in a prosecution case) I smell a rat. I suspect something may not be quite as it seems.

So let's see if I'm right. 

Maybe it’s just my nature…or my experiences of dealing with those horrible cretins in the COPFS... or probably a bit of both.

But whatever it is that's going on, watch this space…