Sunday 21 March 2021

The Crown Office Are Cnuts

King Canute / Cnut The Great

Most of you will have read posts in this blog where I liken the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service to King Canute.

The common legend of King Canute describes him as being a deluded monarch who believed he was so powerful that he could stop the tide coming in (*spoiler alert - he couldn’t).

When I see the COPFS pushing the boundaries of their authority by doing such things as, ooh, let’s see…trying to launch investigations against an MP like David Davis who can’t be prosecuted because he has Parliamentary Privilege…and trying to dictate to a Parliamentary Committee what they can and can’t see…it’s not hard to figure out why I liken these idiots in the COPFS to King Canute.

They think they’re powerful, but they’re not. They think they have almighty authority, but they haven’t. They think they can order people around and do what they like to them, but they can’t.

Notice all the similarities to King Canute now? 

Just like King Canute, the Scottish Crown Office are so delusional they don’t even know they’re, well, delusional!

But did you know that ‘Canute’ is not the original spelling of the name?

The original spelling of ‘Canute’ is ‘Cnut’. 

He was Danish born and went on to became King of Denmark, England, and Norway. His proper 11th century name and title is actually ‘Cnut The Great’.

So there you go, a wee history lesson to show that King Canute is actually King Cnut.

Which is quite fitting, because the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service will always be a bunch of Cnuts to me.

How apt.

Saturday 20 March 2021

The Police Scotland Blame Game

We have been told today by the SPF that between 30 and 40 Police Scotland officers who were in George Square a fortnight ago policing the Rangers football fans cup celebrations have caught the old Beijing Boak.

They caught it from Rangers fans.

Did they? 

Did they really? 

Are you absolutely sure about that?

I’m not being flippant. It’s a serious and genuine question.

Because back in October last year I caught the old Kung Flu myself. Thing is, I hadn’t been out and about. I hadn’t been to bars, cafes, restaurants, I hadn’t been to see friends, I hadn’t been celebrating with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Yet I still caught it.

So where did I get it from?

Good question, I'm still asking myself that.

The only place I had been outside the four walls of my own house was the supermarket, and even then I wore a mask at all times.

So unless I got the virus from my old Windows 95 computer that hasn’t had its Norton AV updated since the three-month free trial expired more than two decades ago, I must’ve caught it in a supermarket. 

There is no other explanation.

So to circle back to my original question, are they absolutely definitely sure that these 30/40 police officers caught the virus from Rangers fans in George Square?

Could they have caught it, like I did, in a supermarket?

Could they have caught it from a work colleague at the police station or sitting beside them in the paddy wagon?

Could they have caught it from one of their kids who recently went back to school?

Could they have caught it from someone they stopped for having his drivers window down and blaring his Barry Manilow cassette too loudly from inside his Granada Ghia?

Could they have caught it from sneaking a chip off the wee guy they arrested last week for being drunk in charge of a fish supper? 

I pose these questions because when we get infected with this virus, the one thing we DO know is that we DON’T know exactly where we got it. 

That’s just a fact. It’s the way it is. It’s the way this virus spreads. It’s why we have Track & Trace.

So if untrustworthy Police Scotland, or the SPF, or the Scottish Government, or anyone else, wants to claim that these 30/40 police officers absolutely, definitely caught the virus from Rangers fans in George Square a fortnight ago, then I'm sorry, the facts just don't support this. 

And if they're making claims with no facts to support it, I’m now curious as to what their real motive is for saying this. What are they angling towards? There must be some angle because we know police ALWAYS have an ulterior motive for everything. 

What's going on? 

I don't know, but I hope we find out soon.

Because if they DO decide to stick to this unsubstantiated claim about where they got the old Beijing Boak then we may have to start asking even more searching questions. Questions like whether wearing masks actually works, because every police officer I saw in the footage from that day in George Square was wearing a mask.

Then where do we go from there?

Do we ban supermarkets from opening because people like myself got the old Kung Flu in a supermarket? 

Do we stop wearing masks because masks didn’t stop Police Scotland officers getting it a fortnight ago in George Square?

No, of course we don’t. Because we’re sensible.

We know that masks, even with the gaps around them, still help reduce aerosol particles from flying around and that's a good thing.

We know that we have to eat to stay alive, so visiting a supermarket is just one of those necessary risks we need to take in life.

We know that when you place police officers in an area like George Square when there is a large gathering or protest going on, it isn’t exactly the safest place for those officers to be. 

But we also know that there is simply NO evidence to prove that George Square was definitely where all these 30/40 officers caught the virus. Sorry if the SPF don't like that fact, but it is a fact.

Why can’t the police just accept the same thing every sensible person in the land has long realised - that this virus is very real, it exists, it’s infectious, it’s nasty, you can catch it anywhere and you’ll never know where you go it. 

Just try to be like the rest of us, do your job and get on with it and your life as safely as you can. 

That’s all any of us can do.

For goodness sake STOP trying to play politics with this virus. 

Police Scotland have done enough 'politicking' already with this virus, positioning themselves as 'virus enforcers' for their political masters, throwing their weight around against the public, using it as an excuse to arrest innocent members of the public for buying easter eggs or sitting alone on a park bench drinking coffee etc (I could go on).

The level of trust the public have in Police Scotland is at an all-time low.

If police are going to start accusing people of giving them the old Kung Flu when they have no evidence to back it up then…

Oh….hang on…wait a minute. 

I’ve just realised something. 

Untrustworthy Police Scotland go around accusing people of things every day without any evidence

Hmmm, so I suppose this is actually no different from the way they always behave.

Ahh, now it makes sense. 

OK, move along folks, nothing to see here.

Just a few dozen PC Plods with Bejing Boak which they got from George Square in Glasgow...or maybe it was George the desk Sergeant at Shettleston...or George at Asda. 

Whatever <yawn>

The Crown Office Clowns Are At It Again

Oh dear, looks like the circus is back in town and the clowns at the COPFS are at it again. 

Seems they just can't help themselves and those stupid insufferable snobs who make up our corrupt Crown Office are trying to get above their station again, despite being slapped down about a similar thing the other day.

Not content with having wrongly and illegally threatened to investigate David Davis MP for speaking up against them in the U.K. Parliament (which they can't do of course because he has Parliamentary Privilege), the jackboot brigade at the COPFS have now ordered The Spectator magazine to retract an article they wrote criticising them or face a £50,000 fine. 

I use the figure £50,000 but in reality there's no cap on that figure and legal costs could easily take the actual cost to 10 times that amount if The Spectator don't comply. 

The Spectator can't afford that amount of money so they'll probably have to comply with the Crown office's dubious demands. 

In essence, what's really going on is that the COPFS are warning the Spectator that if they don't play ball and stop criticising them, they'll bankrupt them and destroy their business. 

Hey, how many times have I told you that these people in the COPFS are nasty, vicious and vindictive  people.

And it gets even crazier. 

Not only have the COPFS ordered the article they don't like to be taken offline, they've also ordered the magazine to delete a copy of the article which is residing on an internet history website (based somewhere in California we think) which The Spectator don't own, don't know anything about, and have zero control over. 

Internet archives (they used to be called 'way back' machines back in my day) take snap shots of websites and store them for future posterity. They have been part of the internet for as long as I can remember, well over 20 years at least, but the thicko's at the COPFS have no idea what these archives are or how they work. 

The COPFS don't realise that these history retaining archive sites are the online equivalent of people keeping copies of old newspaper articles under their sofa. The information will ALWAYS be out there somewhere in the world archived and ready to be retrieved by future generations at a later date. Neither the Spectator or anyone can control or stop it.

Yes, of course you can delete a blog post or a tweet or a web page from the internet, but there will always be snapshots and copies of them out there in cyberspace.

But that's only one part of this bizarre spat between the COPFS and The Spectator.

A Crown spokesperson has now come out said: 

"Where the Crown becomes aware of issues of potential contempt of court, these will be considered carefully and action will be taken if considered appropriate."

OMG! Where the hell do they get these half-wit spokespersons from?

So let's get this straight...the Crown Office are actually threatening journalists from The Spectator with a contempt of court order. 

Hmmm, that doesn't sound much like freedom of speech or a journalists right to speak truth to power?

Even more bizarre is the idea that the COPFS have the authority to threaten them with contempt of court.

What court would that be exactly?

Because the COPFS are not a court. They cannot make decisions that a court makes. They don't have the authority of a court. The can't act as a court. A court is above them. The Crown office is beneath the power and authority of a court.

Don't believe me? Just walk in to any court in Scotland and watch how the Procurator Fiscal sooks up to the Sheriff and kisses his bahookie at every opportunity. It'll gie ye' the dry boak!

You'll soon realise who has the authority in a court of law (*Hint - and it's not the COPFS).

The behaviour of the Scottish Crown office towards the Spectator magazine is exactly what David Davis MP was talking about the other day when he criticised the COPFS. 

They are seriously over stretching their authority. They seem to think they can tell people what they can and can't say and what they can and can't print. 

They even tried to tell a parliamentary committee what they could and couldn't see. 

Yes, you read that correctly, the COPFS threatening a Parliamentary Committee for goodness sake!

Sheeez! Who the hell do these half-wits in the Crown Office think they are?

The most comical vision for me of the last week has been imagining the COPFS all huddled together in some wee room, somewhere in Scotland, plotting (and believing) that they can march down to the UK parliament, burst in, and arrest David Davis MP for saying unkind things about them...despite the fact that he has Parliamentary Privilege and, well, the COPFS have NO authority to do that. Zero authority, none whatsoever.

What a bunch of tossers. I just find it hilarious that these half-wits may have thought - even for a second - that they could do this. 

Do the COPFS realise everyone's laughing at them? 

Do they have even so much as an ounce of self-awareness to know that they are the laughing stock of the whole country? They are the emperor with no clothes. King Canute ordering the tide out.

Honestly, these numpties are unbelievable. Where the hell do they get this bizarre air of self importance from? It's astonishing. People all around the UK are literally scratching their heads at their antics.

Procurator Fiscals have no real power or authority, yet a culture has been allowed to fester in this little bubble they live in over at the COPFS where they seem to think they do. They stick marbles in their mouth and swan around like little Demagogues wagging their finger at every stray cat that passes them in the street, totally unaware that the cat doesn't give two hoots about them or their finger.

These are seriously delusional people. It's painfully pathetic to watch.

The COPFS really needs to be brought back down to earth because they've completely forgotten their lowly humble place in our society as public servants. This culture of trying to throw their weight around in excess of the little authority they have is becoming tiresome.

Will someone please, please, for goodness sake, tell these idiots that they are NOT important people, they have No power over anyone, and their only real useful function is to act as a prosecution service in a court of law. 

(*Note - before anyone writes to me to point out that the COPFS also investigate sudden deaths, they don't really if the truth be known, the coroner does all that - 'deid boadies' and the sight of blood are too much for the delicate stomachs of the snowflakes who float around the COPFS).

So let's send them a strong message. Let's tell them in no uncertain terms that they are NOT the law, they are NOT a court, they cannot issue court orders, and they have NO authority whatsoever in a court.

It's time the Scottish COPFS got back to doing what they do best: loitering around Sheriff Court corridors co-ercing police officers to lie in the witness stand so they can get some wee guy fae the local cooncil scheme 'done' for being drunk in charge of a fish supper.

Now that's what the COPFS really excel at.

Know your place COPFS. Stop trying to get above your station and stop trying to play with the big boys. 

You're not in their league. Not even close.

Friday 19 March 2021

David Davis Schools The Scottish COPFS And Humiliates PF’s

In an interview with The Spectator’s Andrew Neil yesterday (link at the bottom of this page), David Davis MP completely humiliated the cocky and arrogant Scottish Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service…again.

I say ‘again’ because on Tuesday Mr Davis got right ripped in to the COPFS in his speech in the Westminster Parliament. 

In yesterdays interview David Davis doubled-down on his criticism of the behaviour of the Crown Office. He berated them for trying to stretch their powers to the limit. He spoke about how they seem to think they they can go around badgering journalists, lawyers, even Holyrood committees(!) telling them they can’t summon this, they can’t do that, they can’t publish this, they won't allow that etc.

Mr Davis made it clear to the COPFS in no uncertain terms that they are not a court, they are a prosecuting service.

Know your place Lord Advocate. 


In fact he kicked the Lord Advocate and the COPFS so hard in the nether regions, their Kelvin Halls are now firmly stuck somewhere near the back of their throat and their eyes are watering so much the River Clyde has risen two inches (and it hasn’t even been raining). 

So what brought all this on? Why did David Davis feel he had to stand up and slap down the Lord Advocate and his motley crew of half-wits in the Crown Office yet again?

Well, it turns out that after annihilating the COPFS in his speech to Parliament on Tuesday, the Lord Advocate and his merry bunch of losers were so butt-hurt and enraged that they decided to beat the war drums and let it be known that they were now considering launching an investigation in to David Davis. 

They let it be known they intended going after him for the unkind things he said about them. How dare he!

So how did David Davis respond to this threat from the mighty Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service? 

Did he bow, scrape, and apologise to the COPFS? 

Did he panic and rush to hire a good QC? 

Did he agree to voluntarily turn himself in to the first police station north of Hadrians Wall?


He laughed at them.

That’s right folks. He laughed at them and told them to go read their law books. 

Because as a member of the UK Parliament, David Davis (and all MP’s) have a wee thing called ‘Parliamentary Privilege’. 

Parliamentary Privilege is enshrined in law. It allows any MP to say whatever the hell he wants about the COPFS (or anybody and anything else for that matter) within the walls of the Westminster Parliament. 

Parliamentary Privilege allows all MP’s to speak freely in House of Commons without risk or fear of prosecution. It gives them immunity from prosecution.

Everybody knows about Parliamentary Privilege. Everybody’s heard of it (except the doo-lally heid-cases in the Scottish Crown Office it would seem)! 

It’s an integral part of our democracy and is steeped in our law. 

Any 10 year old who’s ever seen an episode of PMQ’s on the telly can tell you that.

But unfortunately Scottish Procurator Fiscals in the Crown Office are not as intelligent as a 10 year old. They’re as thick as two short planks so don’t appear to be have been aware of the term 'Parliamentary Privilege'.

They are now!

Hilarious as it is to watch these so-called legal-eagle powerful justice supremos from the COPFS with their might and God-like authority squirm as everyone laughs at their oh-so-public humiliation by David Davis, the very fact that the COPFS may have actually believed - even for a moment - that they could go after a member of the UK Parliament for what he said in that Parliament just shows how totally out of touch and arrogant these idiots are.

I can just imagine the Lord Advocate surrounded by his bunch of misfit munchkin PF’s in some wee room inside an old dilapidated building in Edinburgh, slamming their fists on the table shouting out “How dare he” and “Does he know who we are”?

Well now you have your answer Mr Lord Advocate. 

Yes, David Davis knows exactly who you are. 

And so do I.

You’re a bunch of raggle-taggle misfits who’ve been scraped from the bottom of the legal barrel, given the title ‘PF Depute’ (which comes with slightly less prestige than the title ‘Deputy Dawg’), and have the charisma of the average Jeremy Kyle contestant...with a similar IQ to boot. 

That’s why you work for the Crown Office for salaries of £40k a year while the REAL solicitors out there are making £400k and upwards in private practice. 

You are so far down the food chain in legal talent and intellect you’re probably lucky the COPFS took you on. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that. 

Suffice to say, LA Law, you ain’t. 

So my question to the COPFS is a simple one. 

When you saw David Davis slating you on TV, did no one in your office think that it may be a good idea to have a wee check and see if you had any legal authority to go after him before you decided to throw a hissy fit and make your silly threats?

Surely someone who works in the Crown office must know a 10 year old who watches the telly that you could’ve texted on your Nokia 3310 and asked for advice?

Surely someone who works in the Crown Office knows how to bring up Google on your Blackberry and type in “THE LAW” and do a quick scan through the page 1 results?

Surely someone who works in the Crown Office owns a copy of ‘Law For Dummies’ (standard issue to ALL Scottish PF’s I would’ve thought)?.

I jest of course. 

We all know the COPFS knew fine well they had no legal jurisdiction whatsoever over David Davis and he was totally free to say anything he wanted about them in the UK Parliament.

Bottom line here is, the COPFS were just butt-hurt that he had a pop at them. Boo hoo hoo, fetch me a kleenex.

The REAL take away from this story is that these numpties in Scotlands Crown Office seem to have a misguided belief that they have some sort of high authority and are incredibly important people. They seem to believe that they wield immense power over anyone who dares to speak against them.

They don’t.

And this week they had this pointed out to them by David Davis in the most humiliating and public way.

It was embarrassing to watch. I was ashamed to be Scottish and associated with these Crown Office clowns.

Yesterday Scotland’s Lord Advocate and his motley crew of Procurator Fiscals discovered that no matter how far up their own rectums their heads may be, at some point someone smarter than them is going to come along and force those heads to come back down.

And when they do, not only do they make you look like complete and utter fools, you're completely covered from head to toe in your own excrement.

David Davis is a member of the British Parliament, a former Secretary of State, Minister of State, Party Chairman, and campaigner for civil liberties and a member of the Privy Council.

So the next time you, Lord Advocate, feel the need to try and take on an intelligent man like David Davis (or any other person who has more than the double-digit IQ of your average PF), you might want to pause for a moment…

..and take a couple of laxatives. 

The David Davis Interview Starts At 47 Minutes In

Corrupt Crown Office Close Ranks Against Judge-Led Enquiry

The Crown Office have refused to release files relating to the £24m Duff & Phelps prosecution case. 

At first glance there’s nothing unusual with the COPFS not wanting to release information about an ongoing case they're prosecuting. 

Except this is not an ongoing case and it is not being prosecuted. 

This case is over. It has already been decided. It's done and dusted. 

So there is no reason for the COPFS to be hiding stuff, is there?

Aha, this is where it all comes out in the wash...

You see the files the COPFS are refusing to release are files David Whitehouse and Paul Clark from Duff & Phelps require to help a judge-led investigation in to the despicable behaviour of the COPFS in their failed prosecution against them. 

Hmmm, so now we know why the Crown Office don't want them released!

You see the COPFS have already had to pay out £24m in damages to the two Duff & Phelps employees, and have already had to publicly admit that the prosecution they led against the two men was purely malicious (which is exactly why a judge-led enquiry in to the COPFS malicious behaviour has now been deemed necessary). 

So let’s just think about all of this for a moment. 

The COPFS - the very people we entrust to deal out justice - are doing everything they can to pervert and escape justice by hiding information from a judge because THEY are the ones under investigation now, and they don't like it! 

I’ve written about this sort of thing countless times before. The COPFS are seriously vicious and vindictive people. They close ranks and protect themselves and will pursue you with a vengeance if you try to criticise them, expose their corruption, or stand up to them in any way. 

I know, because I’ve been through it with them. 

I was falsely accused of a crime, the COPFS knew fine well the accusations were false, yet they still pulled every dirty trick in the book to try and prosecute me. 

But I fought back. I demanded my day in court. I took them on - me, a layman with no formal legal training - and I won. 

This obviously humiliated them so they absolutely hate me for it to this day. 

Therefore it’s no surprise to me that even after the Crown Office have admitted they led a malicious prosecution against David Whitehouse and Paul Clark from Duff & Phelps and paid them £24m in damages, they STILL will not allow these innocent men to criticise them in any way. 

Hell, they don’t even want to allow a judge in an enquiry to see the full details of their disgusting, vile and vicious pursuit of these two men. 

It’s beyond belief. 

Sadly this won’t be any surprise to anyone who’s already been on the receiving end of the pond life creatures who swim in the cesspool we call the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service. 

I’m not surprised by this, nor will my regular readers. 

This is just how the charlatans at the COPFS operate.

Good, honest, decent members of the Scottish public everywhere should be disgusted and outraged at the behaviour of the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service.

COPFS, Truth Or CYA?

*IMPORTANT - A court order is currently in place which restricts some reporting on this subject. Please note the only names mentioned in this article are David Davis, Nicola Sturgeon, and Alex Salmond.

David Davis MP has really set the cat among the pigeons.

On Tuesday he used Parliamentary privilege in Westminster to criticise Nicola Sturgeon’s governments handling of the Alex Salmond case. 

The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service are not happy with David Davis at all.

And I find that strange. 

Because David Davis is just trying to get to the truth. You’d think an organisation like the COPFS would welcome any attempts to get to the truth with open arms?

But curiously the COPFS don’t seem to be interested in any of the information David Davis revealed in Parliament.

What they are interested in however is where David Davis got his information from. 

At the time of writing this, reports are coming out in the press that the Lord Advocate is considering launching an investigating in to David Davis and, in particular, who the whistleblower is who gave him the information. 

Hmmm. I thought whistleblowers were supposed to be good? I thought whistleblowers were supposed to be encouraged to come forward? I thought organisations like the COPFS loved whistleblowers? Seems not (well, not in this case anyway).

So let me just try and straighten out this curious paradox. Bear with me here…

The way I’m seeing it (if indeed I'm seeing it correctly), is that it would appear to be the Lord Advocate who is the head of the COPFS, appointed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and who is a Scottish Government Cabinet member is NOT interested in information a well respected member of the British Parliament has discussed relating to his own Crown Office’s failed prosecution against Alex Salmond…

Nor does the Lord Advocate appear to be interested in any Government interference the whistleblower and/or David Davis MP may have alleged in to a criminal case by the same Government who appointed him to the Lord Advocates job and who’s Cabinet he sits in…

However the Lord Advocate DOES appear to be interested in where David Davis got his information from, information which seems to make allegations that could be potentially damaging to the COPFS, or the Lord Advocate, or the Government who appointed him and who's Cabinet he sits in.

Surely the COPFS - who failed miserably in their case against Alex Salmond - cannot still be pursuing him for a case they've already lost against him? 

Surely the COPFS cannot be taking sides with the Government which appointed their boss, the Lord Advocate? 

Please tell me this isn’t so?

Because if it is, and what I think is going on IS going on, then this will be totally shocking, even by COPFS standards (and COPFS standards ain't that high, trust me on that one).

“It’ll aw come oot in the waash” as ma’ wee granny used tae say.

You know folks, it’s a sad day for democracy and justice when the COPFS can haul a former First Minister of Scotland in to a court of law and try to throw him in jail over a bunch of charges which we subsequently discover he was innocent of all along. 

It’s an even sadder day when the Government and the COPFS don’t seem to want to accept that they failed in their pursuit of an innocent man, Alex Salmond, and don't want to admit they called this one wrong, even when the court has told them they got it wrong. 

But saddest of all is when a member of the British Parliament, David Davis, a former Secretary of State, Minister of State, Party Chairman, and campaigner for civil liberties and member of the Privy Council stands up in Westminster and tries to shine some light on the Crown Office and Scottish Governments pursuit of Alex Salmond…and all the Lord Advocate wants to do is find out where David Davis got the information from, not whether the information is true or how the COPFS and the Scottish Government came to be embroiled in the persecution of an innocent man in such a brutal and ruthless way.

I’m smelling something here and I don’t like it.

Perhaps it’s because I have experience of what happens when the Crown Office fail in a prosecution. 

My experience tells me that instead of going after the real criminal in these cases, the COPFS always stick like glue to their line of attack against the innocent person they originally (wrongly) targeted. They never admit they got it wrong. In their eyes you’re always guilty - you just “got away with it” as far as they're concerned. 

They are truly disgusting people the COPFS. They pursue innocent people with a vengeance and viciousness like you cannot imagine, especially if you dare to stand up and criticise them as I did. They don’t like that at all.

As far as I’m aware there are still some ongoing investigations in to the COPFS handling of the failed case against Salmond and the Scottish Governments alleged part in it, if any, so I cannot go in to any more details right now as not only would it be wrong, it would be illegal. 

Therefore I’ve only reported here today my opinions on what I believe may be going on based on my experiences with the COPFS and based on the information on this subject which is widely available in the press and in the public domain and which is not restricted from reporting.

However I will have a lot more to say on this matter at a later date. 

And by that I mean a LOT more. 

Because whenever I get a whiff that there may be a conflict of interest regarding the COPFS and I see them scrambling about displaying CYA type behaviour (especially after they’ve failed in a prosecution case) I smell a rat. I suspect something may not be quite as it seems.

So let's see if I'm right. 

Maybe it’s just my nature…or my experiences of dealing with those horrible cretins in the COPFS... or probably a bit of both.

But whatever it is that's going on, watch this space…

Thursday 18 March 2021

Scottish Government Celebrate £70m Down The Drain?

The Louisa Jordan hospital is to close at the end of this month. 

You probably know that the Louisa Jordan hospital is actually the Glasgow SEC building which they converted in to a 1000 bed hospital for the old Beijing Boak. 

And you probably know that the total cost to the tax payer has been £70 million. 

What you may not know though is that the Louisa Jordan hospital never saw a single virus patient. 

Not one. 

Even more bizarre is that the politicians and journalists are all over the TV news channels today CELEBRATING the fact that the £70 million 'hospital' wasn’t needed. 

It’s as if the £70 million we poured down the drain on it is a WIN. 


Just as strange is that not one single journalist today has asked why it is that we’ve been in and out of lockdowns for a full year to “Protect The NHS”, yet this 1000 bed NHS hospital we built to 'Protect The NHS' never saw a single virus patient and was never needed?

How is it that this virus was a serious enough threat to lock us down and destroy our entire economy, but apparently not serious enough that we needed a single one of the 1000 beds in our purpose built virus hospital?

These are fair questions surely?

There are a couple of possible answers that come to mind, and I'm sure that, like me, you've probably thought about these possibilities too. 

Perhaps the Louisa Jordan was created at a cost of £70 million to give the 'illusion' that the Scottish Government were doing something to try and deal with the rapidly rising Beijing Boak. That's a reasonable possibility. 

Because it has certainly been suggested by people 'in the know' that there was never ever going to be enough NHS staff to run the Louisa Jordan as a virus hospital, so yes, it could have been a total white elephant purely designed to con the Scottish public in to believing that the Scottish government could take care of its population if the virus got really bad when in reality they couldn't.

So if it was built just to make politicians look good, then that's most definitely not good. But if it was built to stop the public panicking as they watched the virus deaths rise each day, that's a bit more palatable. 

Perhaps the Scottish government felt the only way to stop wide-spread panic in the population was to pretend that they had it all in hand, had it all covered, had plenty of ICU beds and ventilators, so hey everybody, don't worry, we've got it all under control, don't panic.

If that's indeed the case, then while it maybe isn't good that they lied to us, perhaps they could be forgiven just a teeny wee bit for doing so, especially under such unprecedented and extreme circumstances?

I don't know. 

But either way, I think if it's now the time to close the Louisa Jordan, it's now the time for some honest answers about it.

I'm actually prepared to hold my nose a wee bit and kinda accept (in some small way at least) that the government may have been a little bit economical with the truth. Especially if it was to help stop wide-spread panic and chaos in the population just long enough to get us through what has been quite simply the most difficult period for our country in my lifetime.

But I'm absolutely not ok if the Louisa Jordan hospital was a £70 million con job to make helpless and hapless politicians look good.

Police Need Their Arm Twisted Before They’ll Do Their Job

Yesterday I wrote about how Lothian Buses were forced to withdraw their evening services because Police Scotland could not protect the public from antisocial youths who were vandalising the buses by smashing rocks through the windows. 

I have some good news. 

Tonight the bus services are to resume. 

The public backlash against untrustworthy Police Scotland has been so damning, they've been forced to step up and give the public (and Lothian Buses) the help, support, and protection they are entitled to. 

But what an outrage it is when we, the Scottish public, need to twist the police's arms so far up their backs before they relent and agree to do the job we pay them to do. 

Its a disgrace. 

Police Scotland are a disgrace. 

We have 17,000 police officers in Scotland, all extremely well paid, and all with extremely generous pension perks. All we ask is that they do some work for it. 

Yet when we ask them to do their job, they recoil, appalled, and look at us in total disbelief that we should have the gall to expect such a thing from them. 

How dare we ask them to help, support, and protect the public!  

So I have a message for untrustworthy Police Scotland. 

You are public servants. If you dont understand what that means, allow me to educate you. 

It means exactly what it says on the tin - we are the public, you are our servants. 

So when Lothian Buses and the public demand that you do your job and 'serve' us, you need to listen to us and listen very carefully. 

Because even though you may be happy sitting on your fat bahookies eating doughnuts and doing sod all (while we pay you to do sod all), we're not happy. 

We're not happy that you ignore us and only grudgingly jump in to action when we, the public, twist your arm so far up your back you have no choice left but to act. 

What a bunch of wasters and leeches.