Tuesday 5 January 2021

Being On The Wrong Side Of History

I've had a lot of feedback about my article yesterday warning of the dangers of members of the public volunteering to be police informants and spying on their friends, family, and neighbours.

Most have been supportive and agree with me and only one person has disagreed.

The curious thing is, the person who disagreed with me is someone I know...and I would describe him as a pretty good, decent person! So it's surprising to me that he thinks it's ok to do this sort of thing to his fellow citizens. 

Now clearly he feels strongly about the virus and people spreading it around by breaking lockdown rules. He's one of those people who believes everything the government tell him and does everything the government tell him to do, and that's ok. I'm sure there are many people like him out there.

However I had to point out to him (and I'm posting it here for other like-minded people like him), that there’s already a debate raging about how legal these government imposed restrictions really are

There's already a debate about whether the government have the authority to curb freedoms and impose, at will, different restrictions on the public in different parts of the country. 

There’s already a debate about whether the police should be used to enforce these lockdown restrictions on behalf of the government. 

There’s already a debate about whether lockdowns work. 

There’s already a debate about whether masks work. 

There’s already a debate about whether the public can be legally compelled to wear masks. Because although the government claim the wearing of masks is enforceable by law, the 2 metre social-distancing restrictions are NOT enforceable by law (go figure!). 

Look, I’m sure it can be successfully argued that all of the above restrictions DO help to prevent the spread of the virus in their own individual ways. 

But whether all of these restrictions will stand the test of time IN LAW is much less certain. Because they are already being debated by legal scholars now as we speak.

People who believe in everything the government do and say and believe that this is all being enforced on the public properly and legally should be wary. Wary that they could end up being on the wrong side of history when we eventually emerge from this terrible nightmare and the day of reckoning comes (which it most certainly will). 

I personally believe it would be better to stay well away from that dubious online form where Police Scotland are advertising for informants to spy on their friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours. 

Let the police do their own job. Let them make their own mistakes. Let the police be on the wrong side of history, not you. 

Instead, be a part of the great Scottish public who respect their fellow citizens and voluntarily comply with virus restrictions because we know they help protect ourselves, our families, and others. 

Don’t be a part of something which is already being fiercely debated by legal scholars up and down this country. It's already a grey area in law and you may discover in the future that it's not as clear cut as you first thought. 

This may just come back to bite you on the bum.