Friday 19 November 2021

Sicko Sergeant Tries to Sexually Abuse 10 Year Old Girl While On Duty

Police Scotland Sergeant Paul Bucknall asked a mum if she would be willing to "share" her daughter.

Thank God he was actually talking to undercover police officers in England who reported him to officers in Scotland.

He admitted repeatedly sending sexual messages that were "grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character".

He even spoke of his desire to abuse youngsters while online in Cathcart police station, in Glasgow!

What a scum-bag.

And guess what happened to him when he appeared in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court? 

Did they put him in jail and thrown away they key?

Errrmmm, no.

He got 225 hours community service.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Dozens of Police Scotland officers and staff facing charges including sex crimes

The Daily Record has conducted an investigation in to crimes and corruption in Police Scotland. 

Turns out 44 individuals who work for Police Scotland are facing criminal prosecution for allegations including threatening or abusive behaviour, sending threatening texts and sexual messages, fraud, and firearms offences.

Five Police Scotland officers have appeared in the dock so far this year - Sergeant Paul Bucknall and constables Fraser Ross, Alan Mitchell, Richard Scott and Alexander Murphy.

Of course, as expected, the high-heid-yins have immediately jumped to Police Scotland's defence in record quick time, they couldn't wait to impress on us that the DOZENS of Police Scotland officers and staff facing criminal charges are but a tiny minority of bad apples.

Yeah right.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Speirs has said: “Police Scotland has a strong bond with the public we serve..." and the Scottish Government has said: “Scotland is well served by its officers..."

Move along folks, nothing to see here...

Monday 15 November 2021

Police Scotland Officer caught sending indecent images to a sex assault victim

If you ever wondered the type of sicko's Police Scotland attract in to their ranks, then wonder no more.

Police Scotland officer David Taylor has pleaded guilty to 4 charges of targeting crime victims with sex texts and naked selfies after investigating cases. 

He sent indecent images to a sex assault victim and stalked her.

He sent indecent communications to a domestic abuse victim.

He sent indecent images to a domestic abuse survivor.

What a louse bag.

Remember, this is YOUR Police Scotland. You pay for people like David Taylor. 

These are the type of people we, the public, are supposed to be able to rely on to keep us safe. 

These are the types of people Police Scotland recruit. 

These are the types of people who put a uniform on every day and wag their haughty fingers at us while claiming to represent the moral high ground. 

No wonder the Scottish public do not trust Police Scotland.


Tuesday 12 October 2021

Sexist, Testosterone Fuelled, Misogynist Thugs With Guns Roaming Our Streets

Imagine a woman finding herself face to face with a group of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs? It's an awful thought.

Now imagine a woman finding herself face to face with a group of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs armed with guns? That's a horrific thought.

So what if I told you that those sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs with guns were Police Scotland officers? That would be a truly disgraceful and unimaginable thought.

Yet it happened to former firearms officer Rhona Malone...and a tribunal has just agreed with her.

Worse still, the tribunal found that much of the evidence it heard from Police Scotland witnesses including testimony from high-ranking police officers and senior members of staff was NOT CREDIBLE. 

Yip, turns out Police Scotland are liars, and the liars go right to the top.

Who'd have thunk it!

In particular the tribunal found the evidence of Chief Supt Andrew McDowell "implausible" and the actions of Police Scotland official Alasdair Muir "neither honest nor reasonable".

Nuff said.

Of course, Police Scotland trotted out their standard template fake apology saying they would address the issues raised in the judgement "as a matter of urgency", but as per usual the apology only came AFTER Rhona took them to a tribunal and Police Scotland lost the case. 

All the way through this case and right to the bitter end Police Scotland lied and fought like the corrupt pond life they are to make this tribunal go their way. Disgusting.

So there you have it, a bunch of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic, thugs with guns - this is YOUR Police Scotland!

And they don't care about it one bit. 

Officers will lie and cover up for each other if anyone dares to criticise them, even senior officers.

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are rotten to the core.

Is anyone really surprised?

Friday 10 September 2021

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone's Hollow Apology

Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone has apologised to the families of Lamara Bell and John Yuill. 

John and Lamara died in a crash on the M9 which was not investigated for three days despite being reported to police.

The apology from the Chief Constable comes more than six YEARS after the incident happened.

The apology also comes one DAY after Police Scotland were fined £100,000 by a court after admitting faults that "materially contributed" to Lamara's death.

If the Chief Constable had been truly sorry, why did he wait 6 years to apologise?

That's easy. He only apologised when the court ruled against his police force and fined them (by which I mean they fined you and I, the tax-payers because we pick up the £100k fine).

That to me is the epitome of a hollow apology.

Even the words the Chief Constable used are sickening and patronising:

"Lamara Bell and John Yuill’s deaths were a tragedy and my thoughts today are with their children, families and friends. The preservation of life and helping people who are in crisis go to the heart of our duty to keep people safe. Police Scotland failed Lamara and John in that duty, and for that I am sorry."

Let me translate that statement.

Police thoughts are NEVER with the children, family, and friends of those they've wronged. Police thoughts are always about how they can cover their own bahookies when things go belly-up. 

Rest assured there weren't too many 'thoughts' six years ago when it happened. These heart-felt 'thoughts' only surfaced after the court kicked Police Scotland's rear end over this fiasco.

As for the claims that 'the preservation of life and helping people who are in crisis go to the heart of police's duty to keep people safe', that's just the type of bluster and crap you'd expect from a cheap used car salesman. 

Anyone with a brain knows that policing today is far more interested in targeting the Scottish public to get as many arrests and charges as possible to make it appear like they're doing a great job keeping us all safe.

Just ask any motorist who's been at the receiving end of this shower of vindictive deadbeats.

Here's a perfect example of what I mean. When a woman is driving home late at night, alone, and sees a police car in her rear-view mirror does she feel safe, or does she feel anxious?

Nuff said.

So here we go again with untrustworthy Police Scotland. 

Just hollow apologies from hollow people who make hollow promises to the Scottish public and think we're stupid enough to believe them.

Monday 30 August 2021

Police Scotland Pay To Hide Their Corruption From The Public

Police Scotland have paid out over £200,000 in NDA's in the last 2 years to their own officers. Why? Well, to buy their 'silence' it would seem.

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) are usually nothing much to worry about. Many companies ask their workers to sign NDA's as part of the terms of their employment to prevent them 'disclosing' trade secrets. Similarly, some companies will often ask employees to sign an NDA about, say, a new product that's about to hit the market, so they can keep it under wraps until the big launch date.

But when we see a different type of organisation, an organisation like Police Scotland making their employees (ie Police officers) sign these non disclosure agreements AND pay them hundreds of thousands of £££'s to NOT reveal stuff, eyebrows must be raised. 

What are they trying to hide?

That's pretty obvious I would think. 

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are spending YOUR money to buy the silence of officers who they're scared stiff will spill the beans about what really goes on behind closed doors inside the police service.

Anyone with any experience of suing the Police (and I personally do) knows that when Police want you to sign an NDA it's because they've done something wrong. 

Moreover, if they'll actually PAY you to sign that NDA, then rest assured it's because they've done something very, very, very, very wrong which they don't want the public to find out about. 

An NDA to the Police is nothing more than a bribe to you to not tell anyone about their corruption and wrong-doing.

Of course they like to spin it a little differently. They prefer to push the (false) narrative that if the public were to find out how much wrong-doing exists within the corrupt Police Scotland organisation it would harm public confidence in the Police. 

What planet do these eejits live on? The Scottish public ALREADY have very little confidence in Police Scotland, sheeeez!

So basically here's how it all works:

1. Untrustworthy Police Scotland get caught being very naughty little Plods.

2. As part of the settlement they give to the poor bugger they stitched up, he must sign an NDA.

3. The Scottish public never get to know what naughty little PC Plods they've been. 

It's hush money, pure and simple.

But in this particular case it's worse. Much worse. 

Because in this case they have made their OWN officers sign these NDA's...and paid them more than £200k of taxpayers money to do it.

If that's not bribing your own Police officer colleagues to buy their silence I don't know what is.

Monday 23 August 2021

Corruption In Police Scotland Just Cost YOU £6.3 million

Police Scotland have paid out £6.3m to former Rangers owner Charles Green for wrongful prosecution.

They arrested him was because they were running out of time to make a case against other people they had been investigating at the time. Making a “new” arrest and tying it to the other case gave them an extra 12 months extension for their other investigation.

That’s right folks, these disgusting low-life scum bags at untrustworthy Police Scotland arrested an innocent man just so they could buy some more time to extend an investigation in to another case. 

They were happy to destroy Charles Greens life, just so they could corruptly extend another investigation. 

This is your police force. This is Police Scotland. This is how they behave.

Now, if you’re just an average Joe, you have to take things like this on the chin. Corrupt police officers break rules and break laws to illegally stitch up innocent members of the public every day. The police know ordinary folks like you and I don’t have the funds to take them on and expose their corruption, so they make false arrests and malicious prosecutions against the Scottish public every day, all safe in the knowledge that you will never be able to afford to hold them to account for their corruption.

These bent coppers know fine well they’ll never get caught. They are the lowest form of pond life you’ll ever come across, and Police Scotland is riddled with these types, from the bottom to the very top.

So full kudos to Charles Green for taking these disgusting pieces of human garbage on and winning £6.3m from them.

Except the £6.3m didn't come from them. It didn’t cost Police Scotland. It cost YOU, the Scottish public. You, the tax payer, footed the £6.3m bill.

Meanwhile corrupt Police Scotland, rotten to the core, continues to vindictively pursue innocent members of the public as normal and with complete impunity. Because even when they get caught red-handed they still remain totally unaccountable. And boy don’t they know it.

No wonder all these bent coppers in Police Scotland are laughing at us, the Scottish public. 

They know they’re untouchable and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Are Police Scotland Officers Racists?

Freedom Of Information requests have shown that 412 Police Scotland officers were subject to allegations of racism in the last 6 years.

The figures also show that the number of incidents have been rising in the last three years.

So how many out of the 412 officers do you think have been disciplined? 

Go on take a guess? 300? 200 maybe?

Nope. The number of officers disciplined was just 9.

Shocking eh?!

So how many out of the 412 officers do you think have been dismissed?

OK, I'll save you the guessing game. The answer is 0.

That's right, zero, zilch, none.

Out of the 412 officers who had allegations of racism made against them NONE have been dismissed and only NINE have been disciplined.

So...I suppose this must mean Police Scotland are not racist then?

Unless they investigated themselves that is...

(*Spoiler Alert...they did).

Friday 20 August 2021

Why Are The COPFS Not Keen To Prosecute Lockdown Cases?

The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service has dropped the case against celebrity rap music artist AB CJECK who was accused of breaching virus rules on house party's.

And I'm wondering why they dropped the case? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Because my sources are telling me that this is happening an awful lot. The corrupt COPFS seem to be dropping an unusually high number of these cases.

Could it be connected to the fact that their counterparts, the CPS in England, have also been reluctant to prosecute these types of cases?

Could it be because the Supreme Court of Spain have recently ruled that virus lockdown laws were actually unlawful? Did the COPFS know that our lockdown laws were unlawful too and know they may have to reverse every case and refund every fine if and when the UK Supreme Court arrives at the same decision?

My sources tell me that the only cases of this type the COPFS are prosecuting are when other charges are present. So it appears to be that they've been adding virus charges to a list of pre-existing charges in the hope of getting a few convictions 'under the radar' so to speak.

I wonder if this all to do with legal precedent?  I wonder if the Crown Office are scared a precedent will be set if a lockdown breach charge gets to court and is thrown out? 

Surely the COPFS wouldn't con the Scottish public and squeeze money out of them from fines by threatening to prosecute them if they don't pay under a law they know is unlawful? 

Hmmmm, so many questions, and I'm still left wondering...wondering whether untrustworthy Police Scotland has been colluding with their buddies at the corrupt Crown Office to strong-arm the public in to paying fines for charges they know won't stand up in court?

Wednesday 18 August 2021

704 Police Scotland Officers On Watchlist

Members of the public made a staggering 3603 complaints about the conduct of Police Scotland officers.

The complaints dating back to 2016 range from assault, corruption, discrimination, excessive force, rudeness, failing to follow procedures, neglect of duty, harassment, and traffic violations.

It seems the bad apples at untrustworthy Police Scotland have become so rotten that bosses have had to set up a a secret watchlist of over 700 ­officers who are the subject of repeated complaints about their conduct.

On the face of it you could say, hey, at least they're keeping these bad apples under a watchful eye. After all, Police Scotland do say that they "intervene timeously and take appropriate action to address issues and develop performance, reduce future complaints and improve service delivery to the public".

But what they DON'T tell you is that it's Police Scotland’s very own 'Professional Standards Unit' who are doing the watching and the investigating. 

That's right folks, they're investigating themselves (as usual).

They must truly think the Scottish public are stupid.

Don't hold your breath waiting for these complaints to be held up.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Overturn every conviction NOW

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are STILL failing to meet official standards for gathering evidence from mobile devices like phones and iPads 4 YEARS after the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ordered them.

Despite extracting data from thousands of electronic devices at their cyber-kiosks and specialised digital forensic hubs each year (data such as contacts, photos, emails and private messages), the ICO say Police Scotland may have broken data protection and human rights laws.

Just as worrying, the ICO found that Police Scotland can NOT demonstrate to externally validated standards that it is using extraction methods which produce reliable results. 

Many miscarriages of justice have most likely occurred.

This is abominable.

As someone who has actually had his mobile phone interrogated by the scum at untrustworthy Police Scotland a few years ago, I'm totally disgusted (oh and just for the record, they found NOTHING on my mobile phone because I had done absolutely nothing wrong - it was just a false accusation by a greedy ex girlfriend out for revenge).

Every single case the COPFS have prosecuted which relied on mobile device data extracted by Police Scotland MUST be reviewed immediately.

And every case where they used evidence extracted from mobile devices which ended in a successful prosecution MUST be overturned.

We're waiting...

What's that...?

Hmmm, crickets... 

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Will The Lord Advocate Prosecute His Boss?

Police Scotland has received a number of complaints about donations made to the SNP.

It comes on top of Douglas Chapman quitting as SNP treasurer and Joanna Cherry quitting over the lack of financial information, transparency, and scrutiny.

So a formal investigation in to SNP finances has been launched. Police Scotland have said: "After assessment and consultation with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, we will now carry out an investigation".

So far so good. Sounds all above board doesn't it?

Hmmm, well, no, not if you look at how the organisations involved in this investigation are incestuously connected.

1. Police Scotland (who are conducting the investigation in to the SNP) take orders from their bosses at the COPFS.

2. The COPFS take orders from their boss, the Lord Advocate.

3. The Lord Advocate is appointed by the First Minister.

4. The First Minister is the head of the SNP (who are being investigated).

A five year old could join the dots.

So what's the chances the Lord Advocate will hold the party to account who gave him his £127,765 a year job?

Answers on a postcard please...

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Did The COPFS Go Easy On One Of Their Own?

Anyone who has sat in the public gallery of a court in Scotland and watched even just a handful of trials will be more than aware that Procurator Fiscals rely on Police Scotland officers to take the stand as witnesses to help them get successful prosecutions. 

If you've seen as many cases as I have you'll also know that every day trials collapse because the police go in to the witness stand and blatantly lie about what happened.

So do these police liars ever get held to account?


The Sheriff dismisses the case, then they all shuffle their papers and move on to the next case.

It is an accepted part of our justice system in Scotland that the police will regularly lie under oath to help the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service prosecute innocent members of the public, no one blinks an eye about it.

The question is whether the COPFS then feel they owe a debt of gratitude to their best buddies in Police Scotland when the shoe is on the other foot and it's a police officer who is in the dock?

In other words, do the COPFS go easy when it's "one of their own"?

PC Fraser Ross Ross recently resigned from Police Scotland in disgrace after being convicted of four domestic abuse charges. He regularly physically and mentally abused his girlfriend during a 6 year period. He beat her up repeatedly, kneeing her, hitting her, and suffocating her. He head-butted and strangled her, called her pathetic, paranoid, insecure, and a bitch. He even threatened to push her "down the f*cking stairs". What a charmer.

Many members of the Scottish public who have had dealings with untrustworthy Police Scotland will have come across aggressive and arrogant coppers like PC Fraser Ross.

His poor girlfriend, the recipient of his abuse, has a heart condition and was absolutely terrified of him.

PC Fraser Ross plead not guilty. 

But his ex-girlfriend had made secret recordings of the abuse. 

He was found guilty by Sheriff Ross MacFarlane.

So was justice done?

I don't believe so, and neither does Sheriff MacFarlane.

The good Sheriff said PC Fraser Ross' crimes were "appalling" and "inexcusable" for someone serving as an officer with Police Scotland. 

Sheriff MacFarlane also went on to vent his frustration that PC Ross would likely be out after 6 months. The Sheriff said:

"I take the view you [Ross] need to be under the purview of the court for a longer period than that. This case deserves a prison sentence, but I have to take everything into account."

What the Sheriff was referring to here was the COPFS opting to try Ross on the lesser summary procedure rather on the more serious solemn procedure. 

You see, if the COPFS had opted for solemn procedure Ross would have gone on trial before a jury and could have been jailed for up to five years for his crimes. 

But the COPFS didn't do this. 

Instead, they opted for the lesser summary procedure.

In the Sheriffs view, by doing this the COPFS had effectively blocked Sheriff Macfarlane from giving Ross the heavier sentence he deserved.

Which, of course, begs the question, did the COPFS go easy on one of their own?

The COPFS say no.

As the famous riposte goes "they would say that, wouldn't they"... 

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Why The Public Are Reluctant To Be Witnesses For The COPFS

I have been contacted by a member of the public. She says she asked Police Scotland for help, but instead of getting the help she expected she found herself targeted by Police Scotland and the Crown Office...all because she refused to lie for the police and Procurator Fiscal in court on the witness stand to help get someone prosecuted. 

Long story short, it seems she had a bit of a fall out with her partner, nothing major she says, but she called the police knowing that the mere attendance of police would be enough to de-escalate the situation. 

But instead of de-escalating the situation, she says the police made it worse. They turned up with their usual heavy handed attitude, only interested in trying everything possible to escalate the situation in her opinion. They were only interested in trying to squeeze an arrest out of the situation to justify the call-out and make their trip worthwhile. 

So her partner was arrested. 

The next bombshell came when she discovered the police had lied on their statements to 'exaggerate' what had happened. She was further astounded to discover that the COPFS was happy to go along with the police lies because the lies would help give them more chance of getting a conviction in court!

She claims the COPFS put pressure on her, as a witness, to say things in the witness stand which just didn't happen. 

She, quite rightly, refused to lie for the police and the COPFS. 

So the COPFS turned on HER. They started to threaten HER and go after HER, the witness! 

Hi <name withheld by request>

Thank you for your email. 

As you correctly point out, the public have no idea how these disgusting individuals at the Crown Office operate. The public think police arrest the bad guys and Procurator Fiscals prosecute them and get them off our streets. If only the public knew the half of it!

Your situation is just terrible, but alas not uncommon. 

We expect police and the COPFS to put pressure on criminals, not innocent members of the public like you who's only crime in this case appears to be to ask them for help and assistance. 

In the old days police would help, support, and protect the public. If a situation needed de-escalating they would do just that. But those days are long gone. 

Today the police and the Crown Office operate to achieve targeted outcomes. They deny this of course. The police aim to get a tangible result from every situation they get called out to, and the Crown Office aim to prosecute as many members of the public as they can. They view higher arrest and prosecution numbers as justification to demand more money and budget increases. 

The problem is, the more money they get, the more arrests and prosecutions they need to justify the money...and so a vicious cycle is created. 

Eventually they run out of bad guys to prosecute but they still need to keep the numbers up. So they move on to targeting otherwise innocent members of the public. Targeting innocent people like you is how they justify their existence. The Scottish public are just fodder for them. Superfluous and expendable. As long as they can point to lots of arrests and lots of prosecutions they can stand up and say "look what a wonderful job we're doing keeping everyone safe". This is usually quickly followed by "give us more money and we'll keep even more people safe".

When the police get called out to any given situation, they need to justify the time, effort and resources they use responding to that situation. After the report is sent to the PF, the COPFS, in turn, have to do the same. That's how this all works. So that's why, even though you only wanted the police to help you de-escalate the situation to everyone's benefit, they had a lot more in mind, much more. They wanted an arrest. 

The police and COPFS need to arrest, charge, and prosecute as many people as possible to keep the numbers game going, it's just the way it is. Sadly, many people I know, like you, have found themselves to be pawns in their game, their scam, and when you try to walk away from their cruel, unfair, and unjust shenanigans, they then turn on you and go after you. It's just the type of people they are.

This also explains why both the police and the COPFS were more interested in prosecuting your partner than helping you in any way.

You talk of the callousness of Procurator Fiscals. I agree totally. They are horrible, vicious, vindictive people who only work in the Crown Office because they're not good enough to "cut it" out there in private practice. When an organisation like the COPFS recruits solicitors from the bottom of the food chain this is just the sort of low lifes they attract. Solicitors who work in the Crown Office are generally scraped from the bottom of the barrel.

Of course, these misfit solicitors are so thick that they actually think the COPFS is a highly prestigious job (excuse me while I laugh). Usually they can't wait to join in the "COPFS culture" with the other misfits who already work there. Within a week of getting the job, their Easterhouse accent usually gets dropped and they stick a couple of marbles in their mouth and pretend they were brought up in Newton Mearns. By the second week their index finger has become super-flexible from the amount of wagging it at every stray cat who walks by. By week 3 their nose is firmly in the air and they can be found strutting around the COPFS office wearing their invisible cloak of respectability, exuding importance and authority, and proudly claiming they do a better job than Batman & Robin of keeping the mean streets of Scotland safe. 

They are totally delusional of course. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious.

But this is why when cases get thrown on to Procurator Fiscal's laps, they'll prosecute them even if they know the accused person is innocent and even if they know they have no chance of winning the case. It's just a numbers game to them. They'll say there's a sufficiency of evidence when there's not. They'll say it's in the public interest to prosecute when it's not. They'll find any excuse to prosecute you unless you're a friend or connection of theirs of course, ah yes, that's a different story altogether, all of a sudden there is NO sufficiency of evidence and it's NOT in the public interest to prosecute. 

They will try to destroy anyone who tries to stand in their way, no matter who you are. Any ideas that these people have any intention of giving you help, support, protection or justice is purely a myth. You are unimportant to the police and you are unimportant to the Crown Office. These people have no moral compass. None. 

In your case, their only interest in you appears to be because you phoned them and they saw this as an opportunity to arrest and prosecute someone, anyone and use you as a witness to achieve it. The minute you said you did not want the unjust and dishonest outcome that THEY wanted, they turned on you. This is what they do. From their perspective, how dare you waste their time, how dare you ask for their help, how dare you insist they remedy the situation in the most appropriate way possible for everyone concerned. Oh no, you must be taught a lesson now, made an example of. If they can't get your partner they'll get you. As long as they prosecute somebody, anybody, that's all they're interested in. You are unimportant to them and it sounds like you've discovered this.

The corruption in Police Scotland and the Crown Office is not only rife, it goes right to the top. 

Unfortunately there's nothing you or I can do about it. All we can do is expose them publicly and make sure people at least know about it.

Let me know the URL of the blog post you wrote and I'll be happy to link to it from the Moroculous blog.

Anything at all which spreads the word about these people and how they behave has to be good.

Best Regards


Police Scotland are not welcoming, not friendly and not proportionate

Police Scotland have announced that their policing of protests at the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow this November will be "welcoming, friendly and proportionate".

Hmmmm, I thought that's how policing was always supposed to be? 

So why are they having to tell us this?

Oh that's easy. It's because:

Police Scotland are not usually welcoming.

Police Scotland are not usually friendly.

Police Scotland are not usually proportionate.

The very fact that they have to come out and emphasise to all and sundry just how welcoming, friendly and proportionate they plan to be with members of the Scottish public exercising their democratic right to peaceful protest tells you everything you need to know about this shower of deadbeats. 

Good honest decent members of the public already know that untrustworthy Police Scotland are anything but welcoming, anything but friendly and anything but proportionate.

Saturday 26 June 2021

Glasgow City Council Farce

It’s official. Glasgow City Council’s IT system is a farce. 

That’s not me saying it, it’s their own Lord Provost Philip “The Brat”.

While children all over the country have successfully got through a difficult last year using free platforms like Zoom and FaceTime to hold meetings with their teachers and friends, the children at GCC (aka “the greetin’ face cooncillors”) couldn’t hold an online meeting because of dropouts, glitches, crashes and goodness knows what else.

Philip “The Brat” eventually adjourned the online meeting calling it a farce (but stopped short of calling himself the same - what a shame, I was looking forward to that).

So why didn’t they just use Zoom to hold their meeting? I mean Zoom works great and it’s free and is clearly better than Glasgow City Council’s presumably mega-expensive basket case of an IT system?

Who knows. That would probably have been too sensible for these numpties.

Sources say that after the failed online meeting Philip then tried to get everyone to meet up at a local brewery for a piss-up but struggled to organise that too.

Ok, I made that last bit up…

Sunday 23 May 2021

Scotland’s Lord Advocate Resigns

Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC and Solicitor General Alison Di Rollo QC are resigning.


Please take the rest of your motley crew at the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service with you when you go.

And don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.

Sunday 21 March 2021

The Crown Office Are Cnuts

King Canute / Cnut The Great

Most of you will have read posts in this blog where I liken the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service to King Canute.

The common legend of King Canute describes him as being a deluded monarch who believed he was so powerful that he could stop the tide coming in (*spoiler alert - he couldn’t).

When I see the COPFS pushing the boundaries of their authority by doing such things as, ooh, let’s see…trying to launch investigations against an MP like David Davis who can’t be prosecuted because he has Parliamentary Privilege…and trying to dictate to a Parliamentary Committee what they can and can’t see…it’s not hard to figure out why I liken these idiots in the COPFS to King Canute.

They think they’re powerful, but they’re not. They think they have almighty authority, but they haven’t. They think they can order people around and do what they like to them, but they can’t.

Notice all the similarities to King Canute now? 

Just like King Canute, the Scottish Crown Office are so delusional they don’t even know they’re, well, delusional!

But did you know that ‘Canute’ is not the original spelling of the name?

The original spelling of ‘Canute’ is ‘Cnut’. 

He was Danish born and went on to became King of Denmark, England, and Norway. His proper 11th century name and title is actually ‘Cnut The Great’.

So there you go, a wee history lesson to show that King Canute is actually King Cnut.

Which is quite fitting, because the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service will always be a bunch of Cnuts to me.

How apt.

Saturday 20 March 2021

The Police Scotland Blame Game

We have been told today by the SPF that between 30 and 40 Police Scotland officers who were in George Square a fortnight ago policing the Rangers football fans cup celebrations have caught the old Beijing Boak.

They caught it from Rangers fans.

Did they? 

Did they really? 

Are you absolutely sure about that?

I’m not being flippant. It’s a serious and genuine question.

Because back in October last year I caught the old Kung Flu myself. Thing is, I hadn’t been out and about. I hadn’t been to bars, cafes, restaurants, I hadn’t been to see friends, I hadn’t been celebrating with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Yet I still caught it.

So where did I get it from?

Good question, I'm still asking myself that.

The only place I had been outside the four walls of my own house was the supermarket, and even then I wore a mask at all times.

So unless I got the virus from my old Windows 95 computer that hasn’t had its Norton AV updated since the three-month free trial expired more than two decades ago, I must’ve caught it in a supermarket. 

There is no other explanation.

So to circle back to my original question, are they absolutely definitely sure that these 30/40 police officers caught the virus from Rangers fans in George Square?

Could they have caught it, like I did, in a supermarket?

Could they have caught it from a work colleague at the police station or sitting beside them in the paddy wagon?

Could they have caught it from one of their kids who recently went back to school?

Could they have caught it from someone they stopped for having his drivers window down and blaring his Barry Manilow cassette too loudly from inside his Granada Ghia?

Could they have caught it from sneaking a chip off the wee guy they arrested last week for being drunk in charge of a fish supper? 

I pose these questions because when we get infected with this virus, the one thing we DO know is that we DON’T know exactly where we got it. 

That’s just a fact. It’s the way it is. It’s the way this virus spreads. It’s why we have Track & Trace.

So if untrustworthy Police Scotland, or the SPF, or the Scottish Government, or anyone else, wants to claim that these 30/40 police officers absolutely, definitely caught the virus from Rangers fans in George Square a fortnight ago, then I'm sorry, the facts just don't support this. 

And if they're making claims with no facts to support it, I’m now curious as to what their real motive is for saying this. What are they angling towards? There must be some angle because we know police ALWAYS have an ulterior motive for everything. 

What's going on? 

I don't know, but I hope we find out soon.

Because if they DO decide to stick to this unsubstantiated claim about where they got the old Beijing Boak then we may have to start asking even more searching questions. Questions like whether wearing masks actually works, because every police officer I saw in the footage from that day in George Square was wearing a mask.

Then where do we go from there?

Do we ban supermarkets from opening because people like myself got the old Kung Flu in a supermarket? 

Do we stop wearing masks because masks didn’t stop Police Scotland officers getting it a fortnight ago in George Square?

No, of course we don’t. Because we’re sensible.

We know that masks, even with the gaps around them, still help reduce aerosol particles from flying around and that's a good thing.

We know that we have to eat to stay alive, so visiting a supermarket is just one of those necessary risks we need to take in life.

We know that when you place police officers in an area like George Square when there is a large gathering or protest going on, it isn’t exactly the safest place for those officers to be. 

But we also know that there is simply NO evidence to prove that George Square was definitely where all these 30/40 officers caught the virus. Sorry if the SPF don't like that fact, but it is a fact.

Why can’t the police just accept the same thing every sensible person in the land has long realised - that this virus is very real, it exists, it’s infectious, it’s nasty, you can catch it anywhere and you’ll never know where you go it. 

Just try to be like the rest of us, do your job and get on with it and your life as safely as you can. 

That’s all any of us can do.

For goodness sake STOP trying to play politics with this virus. 

Police Scotland have done enough 'politicking' already with this virus, positioning themselves as 'virus enforcers' for their political masters, throwing their weight around against the public, using it as an excuse to arrest innocent members of the public for buying easter eggs or sitting alone on a park bench drinking coffee etc (I could go on).

The level of trust the public have in Police Scotland is at an all-time low.

If police are going to start accusing people of giving them the old Kung Flu when they have no evidence to back it up then…

Oh….hang on…wait a minute. 

I’ve just realised something. 

Untrustworthy Police Scotland go around accusing people of things every day without any evidence

Hmmm, so I suppose this is actually no different from the way they always behave.

Ahh, now it makes sense. 

OK, move along folks, nothing to see here.

Just a few dozen PC Plods with Bejing Boak which they got from George Square in Glasgow...or maybe it was George the desk Sergeant at Shettleston...or George at Asda. 

Whatever <yawn>

The Crown Office Clowns Are At It Again

Oh dear, looks like the circus is back in town and the clowns at the COPFS are at it again. 

Seems they just can't help themselves and those stupid insufferable snobs who make up our corrupt Crown Office are trying to get above their station again, despite being slapped down about a similar thing the other day.

Not content with having wrongly and illegally threatened to investigate David Davis MP for speaking up against them in the U.K. Parliament (which they can't do of course because he has Parliamentary Privilege), the jackboot brigade at the COPFS have now ordered The Spectator magazine to retract an article they wrote criticising them or face a £50,000 fine. 

I use the figure £50,000 but in reality there's no cap on that figure and legal costs could easily take the actual cost to 10 times that amount if The Spectator don't comply. 

The Spectator can't afford that amount of money so they'll probably have to comply with the Crown office's dubious demands. 

In essence, what's really going on is that the COPFS are warning the Spectator that if they don't play ball and stop criticising them, they'll bankrupt them and destroy their business. 

Hey, how many times have I told you that these people in the COPFS are nasty, vicious and vindictive  people.

And it gets even crazier. 

Not only have the COPFS ordered the article they don't like to be taken offline, they've also ordered the magazine to delete a copy of the article which is residing on an internet history website (based somewhere in California we think) which The Spectator don't own, don't know anything about, and have zero control over. 

Internet archives (they used to be called 'way back' machines back in my day) take snap shots of websites and store them for future posterity. They have been part of the internet for as long as I can remember, well over 20 years at least, but the thicko's at the COPFS have no idea what these archives are or how they work. 

The COPFS don't realise that these history retaining archive sites are the online equivalent of people keeping copies of old newspaper articles under their sofa. The information will ALWAYS be out there somewhere in the world archived and ready to be retrieved by future generations at a later date. Neither the Spectator or anyone can control or stop it.

Yes, of course you can delete a blog post or a tweet or a web page from the internet, but there will always be snapshots and copies of them out there in cyberspace.

But that's only one part of this bizarre spat between the COPFS and The Spectator.

A Crown spokesperson has now come out said: 

"Where the Crown becomes aware of issues of potential contempt of court, these will be considered carefully and action will be taken if considered appropriate."

OMG! Where the hell do they get these half-wit spokespersons from?

So let's get this straight...the Crown Office are actually threatening journalists from The Spectator with a contempt of court order. 

Hmmm, that doesn't sound much like freedom of speech or a journalists right to speak truth to power?

Even more bizarre is the idea that the COPFS have the authority to threaten them with contempt of court.

What court would that be exactly?

Because the COPFS are not a court. They cannot make decisions that a court makes. They don't have the authority of a court. The can't act as a court. A court is above them. The Crown office is beneath the power and authority of a court.

Don't believe me? Just walk in to any court in Scotland and watch how the Procurator Fiscal sooks up to the Sheriff and kisses his bahookie at every opportunity. It'll gie ye' the dry boak!

You'll soon realise who has the authority in a court of law (*Hint - and it's not the COPFS).

The behaviour of the Scottish Crown office towards the Spectator magazine is exactly what David Davis MP was talking about the other day when he criticised the COPFS. 

They are seriously over stretching their authority. They seem to think they can tell people what they can and can't say and what they can and can't print. 

They even tried to tell a parliamentary committee what they could and couldn't see. 

Yes, you read that correctly, the COPFS threatening a Parliamentary Committee for goodness sake!

Sheeez! Who the hell do these half-wits in the Crown Office think they are?

The most comical vision for me of the last week has been imagining the COPFS all huddled together in some wee room, somewhere in Scotland, plotting (and believing) that they can march down to the UK parliament, burst in, and arrest David Davis MP for saying unkind things about them...despite the fact that he has Parliamentary Privilege and, well, the COPFS have NO authority to do that. Zero authority, none whatsoever.

What a bunch of tossers. I just find it hilarious that these half-wits may have thought - even for a second - that they could do this. 

Do the COPFS realise everyone's laughing at them? 

Do they have even so much as an ounce of self-awareness to know that they are the laughing stock of the whole country? They are the emperor with no clothes. King Canute ordering the tide out.

Honestly, these numpties are unbelievable. Where the hell do they get this bizarre air of self importance from? It's astonishing. People all around the UK are literally scratching their heads at their antics.

Procurator Fiscals have no real power or authority, yet a culture has been allowed to fester in this little bubble they live in over at the COPFS where they seem to think they do. They stick marbles in their mouth and swan around like little Demagogues wagging their finger at every stray cat that passes them in the street, totally unaware that the cat doesn't give two hoots about them or their finger.

These are seriously delusional people. It's painfully pathetic to watch.

The COPFS really needs to be brought back down to earth because they've completely forgotten their lowly humble place in our society as public servants. This culture of trying to throw their weight around in excess of the little authority they have is becoming tiresome.

Will someone please, please, for goodness sake, tell these idiots that they are NOT important people, they have No power over anyone, and their only real useful function is to act as a prosecution service in a court of law. 

(*Note - before anyone writes to me to point out that the COPFS also investigate sudden deaths, they don't really if the truth be known, the coroner does all that - 'deid boadies' and the sight of blood are too much for the delicate stomachs of the snowflakes who float around the COPFS).

So let's send them a strong message. Let's tell them in no uncertain terms that they are NOT the law, they are NOT a court, they cannot issue court orders, and they have NO authority whatsoever in a court.

It's time the Scottish COPFS got back to doing what they do best: loitering around Sheriff Court corridors co-ercing police officers to lie in the witness stand so they can get some wee guy fae the local cooncil scheme 'done' for being drunk in charge of a fish supper.

Now that's what the COPFS really excel at.

Know your place COPFS. Stop trying to get above your station and stop trying to play with the big boys. 

You're not in their league. Not even close.