Tuesday 29 December 2020

Why People In Authority Keep Breaking Their Own Rules

So Wee Nippy Krankie got caught last week breaking her own Beijing Boak rules...and not one single person in the opposition parties in the Scottish parliament pulled her up about it. 

Despite a photograph of Wee Nippy without a mask being splashed over every newspaper and TV news station in the country, there was a deafening silence from the Scottish Conservatives, Labour, the Greens, and the Lib-Dems at PM Questions last week.

Hmmm, very strange.

Because politics is very tribal, it's brutal. Opposition parties lie in wait, like tigers, ready to pounce on the slightest 'mistake' of their counter-parts in Government. 

Yet the Scottish Parliament chamber fell silent last week. How bizarre, especially when it was about the virus, a subject normally so important to them that our whole economy has had to be shut down and people's livelihoods destroyed in its name?

Could it be that the only reason why such a breach of the rules - by the person who makes the rules - was ignored by all the other politicians is because they too have been secretly breaching the rules? 

Think about it. 

It would be highly embarrassing if you were to call for the head of the First Minister for doing something which is later revealed you were doing too.

So maybe now it makes sense. 

Instead of forming a circular firing squad, they all agreed beforehand that, in this particular case, it would be best for all of them to stay silent. 

That's why every single one of them from every single party 'slung it a deafie'.

But the story doesn't end there. 

It begs yet another question.

Why do we see so many important and influential people in authority breaking the very rules that they impose on us? 

You have to admit it's a fair question, because the list of people who have broken virus rules reads like a who's-who of our top scientists, doctors and politicians:

Nicola Sturgeon, Prof. Neil Ferguson (aka Professor Lockdown), Dr Catherine Calderwood, MP Margaret Ferrier, Labours Jeremy Corbyn, Robert Jenrick, Stephen Kinnock, and PM Adviser Dominic Cummings all got caught breaking virus rules...and I suspect this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. 

Bear in mind, these are only the ones who got caught. We know politicians never admit to anything or apologise for anything unless they actually get caught. How many more rule breakers could we add to that list who didn't get caught? 

And I've been wondering what makes them do it? 

The answer could be simpler than you think. 

Those in a position of power may have just looked at the virus figures and stats and concluded that the threat from the old Beijing Boak is not quite as serious as the official line they are obliged to push.

Because the latest figures and stats for Scotland reveal that on 23rd December there were 56 patients in Scottish ICU's with the virus. That's not very many when you consider that we have 585 ICU beds available for virus patients in Scotland (plus the 1000 bed Louisa Jordan hospital at Glasgow's SECC). 

When there are 1585 ICU beds available in Scotland for virus patients, yet only 56 of those beds are being used, surely it’s perfectly reasonable to ask what’s going on?

The two main excuses I’ve heard from our political leaders as to why lockdowns are necessary is to: 

1) Protect the NHS 
2) Stop the virus spreading

That just doesn't make sense. How can any of those be true? 

Because we know that the NHS in Scotland is only using a small fraction of the 1585 ICU beds they have available, so the NHS is nowhere near bursting at the seams. It is clearly not in need of “protecting”. 

And as we have also learned from past experience, lockdowns do not stop the virus spreading, they only stop it spreading during the period of lockdown (after which the virus resumes where it left off). 

So the question still remains, WHY have we been under constant lockdowns since March? 

We are regularly reminded in every newspaper and every TV news station that there has been over 70,000 deaths in the UK from this virus. But they don't seem so keen to mention that deaths of people aged under 60 years old with no underlying health issues is less than 600.

This virus is very infectious and very nasty but the figures show that it does NOT kill the majority of people. The survival rate, the percentage of the population who do NOT die from this virus is more than 99.9%. Is it really proportionate to destroy a whole country because of a disease which has a 99.9% survival rate (and now a vaccine on its way for the other 0.1%)?

While I do think it's fair to say that the NHS is certainly under some degree of pressure, it also should be noted that this is almost entirely due to poor management, inefficiency, and years of underfunding by successive Governments. 

To say it's on its knees, or it's near to collapse, or it's NOT able to cope, just doesn't seem to hold true. The figures just don't bear that out. 

It's simply untrue to say that lockdowns are proportionate with circumstances and figures such as these. 

As time goes by, maybe we're now starting to figure out WHY many of those in authority continue to break the virus rules they impose on us: They simply don't feel the dangers are as bad as they've been telling us they are.  

This would also explain why they don't seem too keen to condemn any of their colleagues who get caught breaking the rules. If they give a 'pass' to their colleagues when they get caught breaking rules, then their colleagues are obliged to do the same for them if they get caught in the future. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, and all that

I just wish they would be more honest with the public.

We, the public, are totally scunnered with it all. We are being continually locked down and it's destroying our economy, our jobs, our lives, and our livelihoods. These lockdowns cannot possibly be about protecting the NHS, nor can they be about protecting the majority of the population from a virus which has such a teeny weeny chance of killing them. 

We're fed up with those in authority forcing us in to these lockdowns. It's such a DISPROPORTIONATE action given how minuscule the danger is to the majority of the population.

Oh, and while I'm at it, we're also fed up with these restrictions being imposed on us by law

Since when did our Police become enforcers for the ideas and whims of politicians and scientists?