Monday 7 December 2020

Scientists Or Activists?

Dr Anthony Fauci is not an idiot. 

He's a physician and immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. He also heads the USA's virus team. 

So when the illustrious Dr Fauci says the UK have been sloppy over their decision to approve their vaccine so soon and states that we have cut corners, then we should listen to him, shouldn't we?

Actually, no, we shouldn't listen to him. We should totally ignore him.

Because Fauci is a political activist rather than a doctor. He's a disgrace to his profession.

How do we know this? 

Well, because after Fauci went on national TV and criticised how quickly the UK Government had approved the vaccine, the UK Government immediately called him up and gave him a real roasting for his false claims - and, surprise surprise, the very next day, the bold Fauci retracted his statement and trotted out the usual political excuse that he was taken out of context and misunderstood.

He wasn't taken out of context and he wasn't misunderstood. He knew exactly what he was saying. And he knew exactly that what he was saying was untrue.

The real reason Fauci criticised the UK's vaccine approval process was because he wanted to be first to approve a vaccine. 

Fauci has quite an ego it seems. 

It really doesn't get more disgusting than this. Think about it. A doctor who cares more about winning a popularity contest than saving human lives. 

Fauci, it would seem, appears quite happy to see Britons continue to die for a wee bit longer, just as long as he can win the race to get a vaccine approved before us. 

It's disgusting. Fauci is disgusting.

Full marks to Jeremy Vine who I'm not usually a fan of. He aired both Fauci clips on TV, the one where Fauci criticised the UK for bringing the vaccine out too soon, then the other one of him retracting his statement after a 'wee word' from the UK government.

However Fauci is not alone.

The European Union made similar claims last week. They stated that Britain hadn’t properly checked and read through all the relevant papers they should have checked before approving the vaccine. 

Just like Fauci, the EU's statement was untrue. 

Their reason for criticising the UK was similar to Fauci. The EU were being criticised by their own member states for taking too long to give the vaccine approval. No surprise there of course, the EU have two speeds, dead slow and stop. Instead of the EU admitting that they are so full of red-tape they're slower than a week in Barlinnie, they lied to try and justify their inefficiency. They pretended they were being more meticulous than the UK and that's why it was taking them so long. Despicable.

Yes folks, politicians don't mind trading human lives for popularity. Welcome to the murky world of politics.

Anyway, pretty much every country with a vaccine has now approved it, so let's move on and talk about the actual vaccines themselves. 

I have a couple of questions. Not criticisms, just questions. I'm as happy as anyone that a vaccine is now available. Here they are:

1. Why did all these various big pharmaceutical companies - all creating different vaccines - all announce their vaccines in the same week? Surely after working separately on vaccines for many months it's a bit co-incidental that they all announced vaccines within days of each other? What were the chances of that happening?

2. Why were all the various vaccines all over the world all approved within days of each other? Was this just another co-incidence? What are the chances of that happening?

3. The United States Presidential Election took place on the 3rd November 2020 and a vaccine was announced on the 9th November 2020, just 6 days AFTER the US election,  If a vaccine had been announced 6 days BEFORE the US election could that have changed the election result? Fauci and the EU - who are no fans of Trump - have already demonstrated to us that they consider a vaccine to be more important to them politically than saving human lives. So is the holding back of announcing a vaccine until after the US election something they would do? I'm only asking...

Fauci and the EU have both publicly bad-mouthed the UK. They purposely harmed us just so they can score political points. They wanted to be first in the race to approve a vaccine and they didn't care that their comments may have helped erode the British publics confidence in the vaccine. 

Their comments could well discourage people in the UK who urgently need this vaccine from taking it, and that's not good. It could ultimately cost British lives. 

But do these doctor-activists like Fauci and the EU white coats care? 

Nope, doesn't seem so. 

It’s the same old story, they don’t care about anyone or anything, as long as it suits their agenda and their ego.