Thursday 10 December 2020

NHS Workers £500 Bonus

The Scottish Government have announced that NHS workers will be given a £500 bonus for all the hard work they've done this year. 

On the surface this seems very admirable, very fair, very well deserved. 

But is it really? Let's look a little bit closer (please hear me out on this one). 

Unlike many people in this country, NHS workers have worked continuously in their jobs since March, during which they’ve earned 100% of their wages. More importantly, the majority of NHS workers do NOT work directly with virus patients so they are not at any more risk than any other member of the public in any other job. 

I absolutely don’t begrudge a £500 bonus to a doctor or a nurse or a porter or a cleaner or anyone who has spent the last 8 months decked out head to toe in PPE while going in and out of the ICU every day - these NHS workers have gone beyond the call of duty and I salute every single one of them. 

What I DO object to is a £500 bonus going to: 

NHS directors, assistant directors, governors, assistant governors, non executive directors, operational directors, clinical directors, pharmacy managers, care directors, medical trainers, R&D managers, innovation directors, revalidation managers, strategic clinical managers, quality issue directors, risk managers, health and safety directors, charity fund managers, clinical governance directors, auditors, commission and contracting directors, informatic and business intelligence managers, planning managers, insurance managers, “freedom to speak up guardians” (and no, I didn’t make that one up!), health and well being managers, equality and diversity managers, payroll staff, occupational health managers, staff engagement managers, performance tracking teams and their managers, and the heads of communication teams.

So I've got a better idea.

Do a survey. Ask every single NHS worker how many times, since March, they have donned full PPE and interacted with virus patients? 

I think you'll find that most of the NHS employees will answer “never”, because most work in admin areas, not on the front line.

Then you give a £500 bonus to the wonderful doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners etc who deserve it. And you give NOTHING to the others who have never been within a mile of a virus patient, especially those bureaucratic middle-management type leaches who suck up all the cash and squeeze the life out of the NHS. 

Tell them that they’re lucky to have a job, lucky to have been gainfully employed with 100% wages for the last 9 months while many other workers in our country have been left unemployed, penniless, and unable to feed their families

So will the Scottish Government give the £500 bonus ONLY to the workers in the NHS who deserve it?

No chance.

Because if you dare to criticise anything or anyone in the NHS or the Governments response to the dreaded Beijing Boak in any way these days, you’re labeled a conspiracy theorist who wants to kill granny, a piece of scum who doesn’t support all our brave wonderful NHS angels risking their lives to save us.

Meanwhile the fat-cats in the NHS continue to get fatter - at our expense.