Tuesday 8 October 2019

Police Officer Drives While 5 Times Over The Limit

Police Officer Allison Heap drove to work at an Inverness police station while drunk.

When she arrived, her colleagues could smell alcohol on her breath. She was breathalysed and found to be FIVE times over the limit.

At Inverness Sheriff Court she apologised for her "error of judgement" and received a 16 month driving ban and an £800 fine.

On the face of it, it would seem justice was done. Even police officers are not above the law.

Except that there's still a niggling question about this case that I'd really like answered.

She was FIVE times over the limit when she arrived at the station. So surely her fellow police officer colleagues must've smelled the booze off her immediately? After all, police officers are very experienced at sniffing out alcohol on peoples breath.

So my question is why did it take them nearly TWO HOURS before they breathalysed her?

It's a legitimate question, because if the police stop you in your car and suspect you've been drinking, you get breathalysed right there and then, on the spot, IMMEDIATELY.

Could it be that her police officer cronies were trying to buy her a bit of time in the hope that the longer they left it before breathalysing her the more chance she would sober up enough to hopefully then pass the breath test? After all, at this particular point in the time-line they didn’t actually know just how much over the limit she really was.

This case illustrates everything that is wrong with untrustworthy Police Scotland.

The public know that if the police want to 'do' you for something, anything, they'll pull out all the stops and use every dirty trick in the book to find a way to arrest you and charge you.

Similarly, if they DON'T want to 'do' you, they'll pull out all the stops and use every dirty trick in the book to find a way NOT to arrest you and charge you.

In the case of their good buddy, officer Heap, it certainly looks like they got caught between a rock and a hard place. She was so far over the limit that even two hours later there was still more than enough alcohol inside her for her to fail a breath test. So they had no choice left but to 'do' her.

But by all accounts, it looks like officer Heap’s cronies at Police Scotland did their very best to delay that breath-test for as long as they could to give her every chance to pass it.

I seriously doubt you or I or any other member of the public would be given that same opportunity.