Tuesday 22 October 2019

Incompetent COPFS Backlog Of 14,000 Cases

The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) are in a little bit of trouble.

14,000 little bits of trouble to be exact. Because that's how many unresolved cases they've got in their current backlog.

A recent report in the Sunday Post newspaper revealed that the number of cases still to be 'marked' (i.e. decided on) has rocketed by more than two-thirds in recent years. These figures include 600 allegations of serious assault and attempted murder, 500 rape and other sexual crimes, 1,800 drug offences, over 5,000 cases of theft, and nearly 2,000 allegations of fraud.

That's one helluva backlog.

Brian McConnachie QC blames a lack of staff at the COPFS and says: "The statistics would appear to suggest there is insufficient staff to mark cases" and that "serious matters to be dealt with in the sheriff court, are simply no longer prosecuted."

Donald Findlay QC on the other hand blames the Scottish Government and says the government "just doesn’t care" because there are "no votes in it". He also reckons "the series of incompetents who have been so-called justice minister beggars belief."

But there's another reason why the Crown Office have found themselves in this incredible mess.

I believe that this backlog of cases has mounted up primarily because corrupt Procurator Fiscals up and down the country - in cahoots with their good buddies at untrustworthy Police Scotland - have spent most of their time in recent years going after the "low hanging fruit" instead of the bigger criminals.

Let me give you a couple of examples. Everybody knows that Police Scotland spend a large part of their time targeting otherwise law-abiding members of the public such as motorists because they are easy targets. The average driver who gets stopped and charged by the police usually takes it on the chin without protest. He's an easy target so helps police boost their arrest/charge figures. You could probably charge and convict 1000 drivers in the time it takes to catch and convict one burglar. You get the idea.

Another section of our society police like to target are those living in the poorest areas in the most poverty stricken circumstances. The most vulnerable people in our society are like a magnet to Police Scotland and the COPFS. They are easy to arrest/charge and easy to convict in court because they lack the education, articulation, and money required to properly defend themselves.

Walk in to any court in Scotland on any day of the week and I guarantee you'll see nothing but jeans, teeshirts, tracksuits, and scrunchies in the dock. You could be forgiven for thinking wealthy, middle-class, educated, and articulate people don't commit crimes because you certainly don't see too many of them in the Scottish courts (and if you do see a suit and tie in the dock it'll most likely be be a motorist). Nuff said.

For years this punitive and unfair justice system of preying on the weak, vulnerable, and otherwise law-abiding citizens has a worked a treat for untrustworthy Police Scotland and their masters at the corrupt COPFS.

For years they have strived to get as many arrests and court convictions as possible on the record just so they can falsely claim to the Scottish public that they're doing a wonderful job of keeping us all safe.

In reality all they've done is clog up the entire legal system and let murderers and rapists roam free while they prosecute some wee insignificant guy from the local council estate for being drunk in charge of a fish supper.

But now we see the chickens coming home to roost.

14,000 of them as it happens.

But there's more. Much more. It gets worse.

You see, all those otherwise law-abiding motorists who were charged with minor motoring offences now hate the police and the crown office for making them in to criminals. The next time that motorist sees a police officer in trouble and in need of help, he'll look the other way. One day when the PF needs that motorist to be a rock-solid, fine, upstanding witness for a court case, he'll refuse and tell the PF where to go.

Then there's the thousands of young kids, now all grown up and in their 30's and 40's, respectable pillars of society, happily married with good jobs, nice houses, and lovely families. They will not lift a finger to help the police or the crown office because they vividly remember the days when they were teenagers and police constantly bullied and harassed them using all those dodgy stop and search powers.

Police Scotland and the COPFS don't realise that you reap what you sow in this life. That's why many good, decent, law-abiding members of the Scottish public look the other way when the police and the crown office ask them for help.

So now we have a COPFS backlog of 14,000 cases (and rising). The whole COPFS system is falling apart and they only have themselves to blame.

But don't hold your breath waiting for the COPFS to admit they've brought all this chaos on themselves.

Oh no, they'll never accept the blame for their failings. Never. It's always someone else's fault - the government, a lack of funding, staff shortages, the Scottish weather, midges, Brexit, the Loch Ness monster, early haggis shooting season, big boys did it and ran away - take your pick.

Nope, it'll never be their fault, they'll never, ever blame themselves, I can guarantee that.

Yes folks, welcome to the world of the COPFS, a thoroughly corrupt organisation from top to bottom, run by the biggest bunch of oddballs, misfits, and failed lawyers you'll ever see who would never cut it out there in private practice.

No wonder it's in such dissaray.


Wednesday 16 October 2019

My Application For A Job At The SPA

OK, time for a wee bit of fun.

Yesterday I published an article highlighting the way in which the chair of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) responded to scathing criticism from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS).

In the article I ridiculed the SPA's Susan Deacon for the way she responded to HMICS. In particular, I called her out for her empty talk and blatant use of meaningless language.

Since then though, I've checked up on the kind of salaries that some of the top dogs in the SPA are currently pocketing for speaking a load of old tosh. And wow! £90,000 - £100,000 a year for talking rubbish all day long. Nice!

I reckon I could do that job just as well, and to prove it I've written the following open letter to the SPA asking for a job (using, of course, the type of language I know they understand and love so well).

I reckon I'll be perfect for the position.

Wish me luck!


Dear Sirs,

I would like to be considered for a post in the Scottish Police Authority's senior leadership team.

If successful, I can offer the SPA authoritatively parallel task error-free services with distinctively incept scalable resources and I would work tirelessly to holistically engage vertical total linkage while proactively driving public directed alignments.

While there is a clear need in the SPA to seamlessly architect stand-alone niches, I would intrinsically cloudify optimal data to synergistically enhance one-to-one imperatives.

Almost immediately upon taking up the position I believe I can competently leverage existing focused convergence while appropriately engaging intermandated metrics.

This will very rapidly lead to an assertive dissemination of customised areas of expertise which will monotonically disseminate internal and organic sourcing and energetically initiate open-source virtualisation.

Yours Faithfully

K Campbell
123 Craptalk Avenue


*NOTE - A special thanks and a big shout-out to the guys at "The Corporate B.S. Generator" (https://www.atrixnet.com/bs-generator.html) for their wonderful online bullshit creation tool!

Tuesday 15 October 2019

The Scottish Police Authority Are Failing

The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) is in tatters.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) took a wee look at them recently and, well, the SPA is pretty much sitting in the corner of the classroom with a dunce hat on its head.

In an absolutely damning report, HMICS say the SPA have "no clear vision, strategy or plan in place", little to no understanding of the steps required to achieve its aims, have made "limited progress" on structural issues, and are in a "conflict of interest" situation by being both a service provider to Police Scotland and a scrutiny body of Police Scotland.

This is bad.

Really bad.

But fear not my fellow concerned members of the Scottish public, SPA chairwoman Susan Deacon is on the case. Yes folks, Oor Suzie has stepped up to the plate and she's going to sort it all out for us.

She says:

"The SPA board is actively taking forward a range of work to progress improvements in the leadership and governance of policing" and "We are committed to continuing to work closely with a range of partners including the Scottish Government to accelerate the pace of change and improvement and to ensure that the authority is able to carry out its functions effectively as envisaged in the legislation."

Eh? What? What did she just say?

What a complete load of meaningless drivel! Unbelievably, in answer to the scathing criticism levelled at her and her motley crew of useless SPA cronies, Ms Deacon has effectively responded by saying, well, NOTHING. Her response is typical of the patronising empty-talk we always seem to hear from these types of people when their back's are against the wall. It's designed to sound thoughtful, informed and official, but in reality it's complete twaddle - just nonsensical gibberish from yet another typically overpaid and underworked public official.

It always amazes me how these charlatans continually get away with spouting this incoherent rubbish to the long-suffering Scottish public, somehow safe in the knowledge that we'll just swallow it all and nod politely in acceptance (after which, they hop right back on to their gravy train and continue with business as usual).

I suspect these useless jobsworths at the failed SPA probably know they'll never really be forced to clean up their act or do anything of any real worth. They'll shuffle a few people around of course, just to make it look as if they're doing something (which in reality is akin to re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic). But rest assured, as long as their snouts remain firmly in the trough they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Even on those very rare occasion when one of them does get booted out the door, it's usually accompanied by an enormous golden handshake, more pension benefits than you can shake a stick at, and an already pre-arranged cushy job in another area of the public service business. Jobs for the boys and all that.

And so we, the public, yet again are left to pick up the debris (and the tab) for their mess and their failings.

Mind you, I do know someone who is delighted that the SPA is failing and is in complete chaos.

Police Scotland.

Oh, they absolutely LOVE to see the SPA falling apart at the seams. Because the SPA are the overseeing body who are supposed to hold Police Scotland to account.

So as long as the SPA is in turmoil, Police Scotland can continue to do whatever the hell they like without accountability.

And we all know how much Police Scotland just love it when they get to do whatever the hell they like without accountability.


Tuesday 8 October 2019

Police Officer Drives While 5 Times Over The Limit

Police Officer Allison Heap drove to work at an Inverness police station while drunk.

When she arrived, her colleagues could smell alcohol on her breath. She was breathalysed and found to be FIVE times over the limit.

At Inverness Sheriff Court she apologised for her "error of judgement" and received a 16 month driving ban and an £800 fine.

On the face of it, it would seem justice was done. Even police officers are not above the law.

Except that there's still a niggling question about this case that I'd really like answered.

She was FIVE times over the limit when she arrived at the station. So surely her fellow police officer colleagues must've smelled the booze off her immediately? After all, police officers are very experienced at sniffing out alcohol on peoples breath.

So my question is why did it take them nearly TWO HOURS before they breathalysed her?

It's a legitimate question, because if the police stop you in your car and suspect you've been drinking, you get breathalysed right there and then, on the spot, IMMEDIATELY.

Could it be that her police officer cronies were trying to buy her a bit of time in the hope that the longer they left it before breathalysing her the more chance she would sober up enough to hopefully then pass the breath test? After all, at this particular point in the time-line they didn’t actually know just how much over the limit she really was.

This case illustrates everything that is wrong with untrustworthy Police Scotland.

The public know that if the police want to 'do' you for something, anything, they'll pull out all the stops and use every dirty trick in the book to find a way to arrest you and charge you.

Similarly, if they DON'T want to 'do' you, they'll pull out all the stops and use every dirty trick in the book to find a way NOT to arrest you and charge you.

In the case of their good buddy, officer Heap, it certainly looks like they got caught between a rock and a hard place. She was so far over the limit that even two hours later there was still more than enough alcohol inside her for her to fail a breath test. So they had no choice left but to 'do' her.

But by all accounts, it looks like officer Heap’s cronies at Police Scotland did their very best to delay that breath-test for as long as they could to give her every chance to pass it.

I seriously doubt you or I or any other member of the public would be given that same opportunity.