Tuesday 13 August 2019

Police Ignore Half Of Crime Calls From The Public

As Scotlands drug problems escalate and the death rate from drug abuse in the country soars, it's nothing short of shocking to discover that Police Scotland ignored half of the publics calls about crime at an illegal Glasgow nightclub.

The illegal club in Glasgow is so awash with drug dealers local residents are rightly concerned.

So concerned in fact that they called police 65 times...

...but police only attended 35 times.

Let's just put this in to perspective for a moment. This story isn't just about Police Scotland's lack of response to drug taking (which is already killing our kids in ever increasing numbers).

Police already knew the night club in question was illegal...they knew it had no licence, no permissions, nothing!

So the burning question is, why did Police Scotland allow this illegal club to continue operating? They clearly knew it was there, they clearly knew it was illegal, and they clearly knew it was a notorious drug den...they were told about it 65 times for goodness sake!

Convener of the Glasgow Licensing Forum, Donald MacLeod said "Given the illegal activity being brazenly carried out within the premises, one wonders why no action was taken by Police Scotland to shut them down and arrest the perpetrators".

Yes, Donald, there's a few folk wondering why Police Scotland appear to have turned a blind eye to the goings-on in this illegal night club.

And, I also suspect, another few folk who can probably guess why.