Monday 13 May 2019

Police Scotland AKA Keystone Cops Make 200 Serious Mistakes In Less Than 18 Months

Damning figures recently released show just how much of a bunch of blundering idiots untrustworthy Police Scotland really are.

The figures reveal that Police Scotland have made 200 serious mistakes in less than 18 months.

Now anyone with a brain in their head knows that Police Scotland officers make 'mistakes' every day (some unintentional, most intentional), but to make two hundred SERIOUS mistakes in a year and a half is utterly disgraceful.

Among the list of blunders racked up by Scotland's very own version of the Keystone Cops were:

1. Failing to respond to a warning about a missing person who was later found dead.

2. Dismissing a member of the public threatening to self-harm as a false call.

3. Failing to attend a domestic abuse call

4. Going to the wrong address where a knife crime was ongoing

5. Ignoring a serious assault where the victim had to have stitches

6. Failing to find the location of an incident despite being given the longitude and latitude (note to untrustworthy Police Scotland...any eight year old with a SatNav could've done this for you - perhaps you should've ASKED some local kids to help you switch on your TomTom instead of hassling them with stop & search).

Although no police officers have been reported as being sacked or even held mildly accountable for any of these serious blunders (surprise, surprise), fear not though. There appears to be some good news.

Seems our wonderful First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has come to the rescue and has pledged that lessons will be learned.

Oh dear. Now where have I heard that one before?