Thursday 4 October 2018

You’re Nicked…Depending Where You Live

Police in Scotland are operating a zero tolerance policy on drunken louts.

Nothing wrong with that. Sounds good to me.

However what police don’t tell us is that an arrest for drunken behaviour depends where in Scotland you happen to live.

If you live in Glasgow and are caught drinking in the street, guess how many times more likely you are to get arrested than in Edinburgh?

Go on, guess.

Twice as likely? Three times as likely?


Try TWENTY-TWO times!

You are 22 times as likely to be arrested in Glasgow as Edinburgh.

So why do Police Scotland - who are supposed to apply the law evenly to all - turn a blind eye to drunken behaviour in Edinburgh that would normally see you in a custody cell if it happened elsewhere?

It’s because they are trying to promote our capital city Edinburgh to tourists as a super-duper cosmopolitan place where you can drink around the clock.

They don't care that long- suffering Edinburgh residents have to put up with drunken behaviour night after night with the police unwilling to help them or protect them from it.

Residents have got to a point where they feel it's useless trying to complain to police about drunken disturbances because police simply won’t attend. If they try reporting shouting, bawling, and kicking over bins at 4 a.m. they won't get a peep from the police. Apparently, only incidents which involve a knife or a firearm will get you a response from Mr Plod.

So it’s now official. Police Scotland operate a ’postcode lottery' when it comes to drunken behaviour and it seems the Scottish public will just have to put up with this bias and lack of response and protection.

Here's an idea.

The next time you get stopped in your car by police for no reason whatsoever, just ask the police officers why they are spending so much time stopping you instead of spending time looking for burglars, rapists, and murderers?

I bet they’ll answer you with their usual retort saying “the law is the law” or “we have to respond to all crimes equally, big and small”.

You can then ask them why, if that's really the case, do they arrest people in Glasgow for the same things they turn a blind eye to in Edinburgh?

Mind you, if you do that they'll probably just hit your back light with their truncheon and then write you out a ticket for driving with a broken tail light.

Equal justice under the law my a*se.