Thursday 4 October 2018

Police Scotland get Political AGAIN

Fracking (the process of cracking underground rocks to extract oil or gas) is a very emotive subject.

Many people see fracking as a necessary process to ensure the world has a constant energy supply.

Others worry that disturbing the geology of the earth will have negative repercussions further down the line.

Police Scotland have weighed in on the debate and have decided that:

- Pro-fracking protesters are to be considered jolly fine upstanding people.

- Anti-fracking protesters are to be considered “domestic extremists”.

Yes folks, that supposedly non-political shower of deadbeats that we call Police Scotland have taken political sides yet again.

It was bad enough when they showed political bias over Scottish independence (see my previous article here), but now we discover that they consider opponents of fracking as potential terrorists.

Just as bad, official documents show that Police Scotland tried to infiltrate a peaceful anti-fracking group near the Ineos petrochemical plant at Grangemouth, just so they could get information on the people involved.

It’s high time that the Police Scotland politically biased circus was completely dismantled and replaced with a police service fit for the 21st century.