Thursday 4 October 2018

I Would Slash Pay For Procurator Fiscals

The Procurators Fiscal Society are complaining.

They say that lawyers working for Scottish ministers are being paid round £10,000 more than COPFS lawyers.

They say that this difference in pay shows that the Scottish Government value the work of COPFS lawyers much less than that of Government lawyers. £10k less as it happens.

Actually that sounds about right to me.

Everyone who has had any experience dealing with the justice system in Scotland knows that the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service pretty much consists of a bunch of failed lawyers scraped from the bottom of the legal barrel.

Most COPFS lawyers opt to work in the COPFS because they could never cut it in private practice. The COPFS has traditionally been a feeding ground for every incompetent, odd-ball lawyer who can’t get a job anywhere else. Everyone knows that COPFS lawyers are the bottom of the legal food chain.

The fact that they are being paid £10k less than their colleagues in the Scottish government reflects this.

Let's face it, COPFS lawyers salaries are peanuts compared to the hundreds of thousands of pounds per year Scotland's top lawyers working in private law firms earn. And so it should be.

I suggest The Procurator Fiscal Society crawl back in to their bunker and shut their mouths pretty damn quick, just in case the Scottish Government start listening to them and decide pay PF’s what they’re actually worth.

And it would be a lot less than their current salary.