Thursday 4 October 2018

6 Years And Still No Justice

A Fatal Accident Enquiry in to the Clutha tragedy in which a police helicopter crashed through the roof of a glasgow pub killing 10 people is to be be held in April 2019.

Hmmmm. Let me just do a little bit of arithmetic here.

So...the police helicopter crashed through the roof of the Clutha pub in 2013...and the FAI will take place in 2019.

That’s an astounding 6 years AFTER the accident.

So why the long wait?

Oh, that’s an easy one.

You see, the accident involved the police themselves.

It was a police helicopter, flown by police officers, which caused the accident.

And in my experience with untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service, I find that they always like to drag out any enquiry or investigation which involves themselves or their connections (think Lockerbie, Emma Caldwell, Sheku Bayo, you get the idea).

The idea is that, with the passage of time, memories get naturally eroded and evidence gets mislaid or tainted. After years have passed, there is usually “insufficient evidence” to bring any charges against those involved.

Contrast this to when you, an everyday member of the public, gets zapped by a copper holding a speed camera. You get charged there and then on the spot.

And if you happen to be arrested by police for, well, anything, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be charged and in front of a judge to answer to that charge the very next day.

This all happens because you are just a normal member of the public.

But if you happen to be a member of the elite justice "clique” - i.e. a police officer or a COPFS official etc - it's different. Rest assured they’ll drag the case out, even for years, in the hope that the possibility of any conviction against one of their own will dwindle with time.

Let's be clear here. If you had, say, crashed your car in to the Clutha pub and killed 10 people, do you think for one minute that you'd be waiting 6 years before being called in front of a court of law to answer for your actions?

Me neither.

One rule for them…