Thursday 4 October 2018

You’re Nicked…Depending Where You Live

Police in Scotland are operating a zero tolerance policy on drunken louts.

Nothing wrong with that. Sounds good to me.

However what police don’t tell us is that an arrest for drunken behaviour depends where in Scotland you happen to live.

If you live in Glasgow and are caught drinking in the street, guess how many times more likely you are to get arrested than in Edinburgh?

Go on, guess.

Twice as likely? Three times as likely?


Try TWENTY-TWO times!

You are 22 times as likely to be arrested in Glasgow as Edinburgh.

So why do Police Scotland - who are supposed to apply the law evenly to all - turn a blind eye to drunken behaviour in Edinburgh that would normally see you in a custody cell if it happened elsewhere?

It’s because they are trying to promote our capital city Edinburgh to tourists as a super-duper cosmopolitan place where you can drink around the clock.

They don't care that long- suffering Edinburgh residents have to put up with drunken behaviour night after night with the police unwilling to help them or protect them from it.

Residents have got to a point where they feel it's useless trying to complain to police about drunken disturbances because police simply won’t attend. If they try reporting shouting, bawling, and kicking over bins at 4 a.m. they won't get a peep from the police. Apparently, only incidents which involve a knife or a firearm will get you a response from Mr Plod.

So it’s now official. Police Scotland operate a ’postcode lottery' when it comes to drunken behaviour and it seems the Scottish public will just have to put up with this bias and lack of response and protection.

Here's an idea.

The next time you get stopped in your car by police for no reason whatsoever, just ask the police officers why they are spending so much time stopping you instead of spending time looking for burglars, rapists, and murderers?

I bet they’ll answer you with their usual retort saying “the law is the law” or “we have to respond to all crimes equally, big and small”.

You can then ask them why, if that's really the case, do they arrest people in Glasgow for the same things they turn a blind eye to in Edinburgh?

Mind you, if you do that they'll probably just hit your back light with their truncheon and then write you out a ticket for driving with a broken tail light.

Equal justice under the law my a*se.

Police Scotland get Political AGAIN

Fracking (the process of cracking underground rocks to extract oil or gas) is a very emotive subject.

Many people see fracking as a necessary process to ensure the world has a constant energy supply.

Others worry that disturbing the geology of the earth will have negative repercussions further down the line.

Police Scotland have weighed in on the debate and have decided that:

- Pro-fracking protesters are to be considered jolly fine upstanding people.

- Anti-fracking protesters are to be considered “domestic extremists”.

Yes folks, that supposedly non-political shower of deadbeats that we call Police Scotland have taken political sides yet again.

It was bad enough when they showed political bias over Scottish independence (see my previous article here), but now we discover that they consider opponents of fracking as potential terrorists.

Just as bad, official documents show that Police Scotland tried to infiltrate a peaceful anti-fracking group near the Ineos petrochemical plant at Grangemouth, just so they could get information on the people involved.

It’s high time that the Police Scotland politically biased circus was completely dismantled and replaced with a police service fit for the 21st century.

Police Scotland Bias On Scottish Independence

Police Scotland have deleted a tweet from the Edinburgh Police twitter account which said they were tired of the SNP going on about having another independence referendum. It seems Police Scotland are against Scottish independence.

In one sense, it’s good to know where Police Scotland in Edinburgh stand politically.

In another sense it’s frightening to know that our police service in Scotland has very biased political leanings.

This goes against EVERYTHING that a police service is supposed to be.

A country where police crack down on innocent members of the public purely because of their political views is the most disturbing thing imaginable. It has no place in a civilised society. It’s the kind of thing that only happens in dictatorships.

However it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has attended a political gathering - any political gathering - in Scotland.

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are always in attendance at these meetings to, as they say, “keep the peace”. But we all know they fly their little drone cameras hoping to profile and target protesters.

Police attend purely in the hope that they might get a few arrests out of being there. The pretence of being there to protect the public is nothing short of laughable (by the way Mr Plod, protesters are members of the public too).

So the next time there is a pro-independence rally anywhere in Scotland, just keep a wee eye on Police Scotland officers and see how they behave towards the ordinary innocent members of the Scottish public exercising their right to peaceful protest.

Don’t be surprised if they’ve reserved a few holding cells for protesters in anticipation.

Because now that we know the motley crew at Police Scotland are openly prejudiced against pro-independence supporters in Scotland, I’m sure we can expect a good number of arrests.

I Would Slash Pay For Procurator Fiscals

The Procurators Fiscal Society are complaining.

They say that lawyers working for Scottish ministers are being paid round £10,000 more than COPFS lawyers.

They say that this difference in pay shows that the Scottish Government value the work of COPFS lawyers much less than that of Government lawyers. £10k less as it happens.

Actually that sounds about right to me.

Everyone who has had any experience dealing with the justice system in Scotland knows that the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service pretty much consists of a bunch of failed lawyers scraped from the bottom of the legal barrel.

Most COPFS lawyers opt to work in the COPFS because they could never cut it in private practice. The COPFS has traditionally been a feeding ground for every incompetent, odd-ball lawyer who can’t get a job anywhere else. Everyone knows that COPFS lawyers are the bottom of the legal food chain.

The fact that they are being paid £10k less than their colleagues in the Scottish government reflects this.

Let's face it, COPFS lawyers salaries are peanuts compared to the hundreds of thousands of pounds per year Scotland's top lawyers working in private law firms earn. And so it should be.

I suggest The Procurator Fiscal Society crawl back in to their bunker and shut their mouths pretty damn quick, just in case the Scottish Government start listening to them and decide pay PF’s what they’re actually worth.

And it would be a lot less than their current salary.

6 Years And Still No Justice

A Fatal Accident Enquiry in to the Clutha tragedy in which a police helicopter crashed through the roof of a glasgow pub killing 10 people is to be be held in April 2019.

Hmmmm. Let me just do a little bit of arithmetic here.

So...the police helicopter crashed through the roof of the Clutha pub in 2013...and the FAI will take place in 2019.

That’s an astounding 6 years AFTER the accident.

So why the long wait?

Oh, that’s an easy one.

You see, the accident involved the police themselves.

It was a police helicopter, flown by police officers, which caused the accident.

And in my experience with untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service, I find that they always like to drag out any enquiry or investigation which involves themselves or their connections (think Lockerbie, Emma Caldwell, Sheku Bayo, you get the idea).

The idea is that, with the passage of time, memories get naturally eroded and evidence gets mislaid or tainted. After years have passed, there is usually “insufficient evidence” to bring any charges against those involved.

Contrast this to when you, an everyday member of the public, gets zapped by a copper holding a speed camera. You get charged there and then on the spot.

And if you happen to be arrested by police for, well, anything, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be charged and in front of a judge to answer to that charge the very next day.

This all happens because you are just a normal member of the public.

But if you happen to be a member of the elite justice "clique” - i.e. a police officer or a COPFS official etc - it's different. Rest assured they’ll drag the case out, even for years, in the hope that the possibility of any conviction against one of their own will dwindle with time.

Let's be clear here. If you had, say, crashed your car in to the Clutha pub and killed 10 people, do you think for one minute that you'd be waiting 6 years before being called in front of a court of law to answer for your actions?

Me neither.

One rule for them…