Monday 17 September 2018

Police Scotland let the public down daily

Police Scotland are letting the public down daily.

And it isn't me who's saying's the police themselves.

A police whistleblower has become so worried about it all that he/she has bravely spoken out to warn the public. The whistleblower has revealed that calls you make to police are being purposely "downgrad­ed" so that police officers can justify NOT responding to them.

Police Federation boss Calum Steele agrees too, and he has also been directly quoted as saying "The public are being let down."

The types of crimes police are "downgrading" (so they don't need to send officers out) include domestic abuse and break-ins.

This is truly shocking.

Police work the scam by getting their fellow officers in the control room - who initially take your calls for help - to purposely change the gradings of Grade 2 and Grade 3 calls. This means that your calls for help about such things as domestic abuse and break-ins gets passed on to a "public assistance desk" and therefore they don't have to send officers out to help and protect you.

The "public assistance desk" will book you an appointment to talk with an officer (usually days later).

I have long since argued that untrustworthy Police Scotland operate a back-to-front policy whereby the first thing they do in ANY situation is cover their own backsides. It is then, and only then, that they will attempt to respond, help, support, and protect you, the public.

Police Scotland's starting point for any call for help to them from the public is always to assume that it just may go pear-shaped for police and a complaint may end up being made against them.

So they always comprehensively cover their own a**es before they begin to lift a finger to help or protect you.

This is just plain wrong.

And these latest revelations prove to us yet again that untrustworthy Police Scotland's playbook of dirty tricks is still alive and well, even after the appointment of a new chief constable.