Wednesday 31 January 2018

Police Scotland waste £77,493 blocking FOI requests

Untrustworthy Police Scotland spent £77,493 of YOUR money between 2015 and 2016 on legal fees to stop YOU from finding out what they get up to.

The money was spent on trying to block Freedom Of Information requests.

Let’s just be clear here.

Freedom Of Information exists so that we, the Scottish public, can request information about what the Police, who we fund, are doing with the money we give them. It’s only right, because it’s our money they spend policing our streets and we have every right to demand to know if they are spending it wisely.

Yet not only do Police Scotland refuse to release information to us via FOI requests, they even have the cheek to go to court and spend a further £77k of OUR money to stop us challenging them over it.

Police Scotland are an embarrassment.

The public money they receive from us is meant to protect us, not to protect them.

So much for their new era of so-called “transparency and accountability”.

Then again, did you expect anything less from this motley crew?