Tuesday 30 January 2018

Police Buy Food For Woman Stealing To Feed Her Family

Police were called to a supermarket where a woman was suspected of stealing food.

They finally traced the woman to her house where the woman immediately gave back the £29 worth of food she had stolen and told the officers she was sorry for doing what she did but her kids were hungry.

One of the officers looked inside her fridge while he was there and saw it was completely empty. The officers discovered that the woman and her family had been without food for three days.

Later, while the woman was in court in front of the judge, the two police officers nipped out to a local shop and spent £100 of their own money on food for the woman.

One of the officers said that as police officers they often come into contact with people when they are vulnerable and often buy people meals or gas and that this is what policing is about today. It has to be about partnership with the public. This was not a crime out of greed but one seen as necessary by a mother trying to feed a child.

Oh I forgot to mention one little thing about this heart-warming story…

This didn't happen in Scotland. This wasn't officers from Police Scotland.

This happened in North Carolina in the United States.

Now that's the calibre of police officers I want protecting me.

Who all feels like emigrating?