Wednesday 31 January 2018

Police Apologise To Family…Eventually

Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingstone has made an “unreserved apology” to the family of Kevin Mcleod who’s body was recovered from Wick harbour in…1997.

I’m sure the Police apology, 20 years later, is a great comfort to Mr McLeod's family (not).

Deputy Chief Constable Livingstone said “Legacy policing services undoubtedly failed this family”.

Let me translate.

Sorry, but this all happened years ago, not under my watch, not my problem guv”.

Or perhaps a better translation would be "big boys did it and ran away".

The only thing DCC Livingstone left out was the ubiquitous “lessons have been learned” although I’m sure he probably threw that somewhere in to the mix of inane drivel Police usually spout to families on the rare occasions they actually apologise.

20 years on and we’ve still got the same old Scottish PC Plod mentality trotting out the same old lame excuses and worthless apologies.

Nothing changes.