Wednesday 31 January 2018

Complaints Against Chief Constable Gormley Rack Up

I’ve actually lost count of the number of complaints against Scotland’s Chief Constable Phil “Gormless”. I thought it was six but read yesterday that we may now be up to seven complaints.

Anyway, the number of complaints against Scotland’s top cop and whether they are true or not is unimportant for the purposes of this particular article.

What is important is that even if Phil Gormley is innocent and has done nothing wrong, this mud is gonna stick to him. People will still continue to treat him with suspicion and say there’s no smoke without fire no matter what.

For the rest of Phil Gormley’s career (if there’s anything left of it by the time this saga has finished) he’ll be well and truly tainted, damaged goods, no-one will touch him with a barge pole.

And I find it all hilarious.

In fact, I haven’t stopped laughing since the first complaint against the Chief Constable was reported. Even if all the complaints against him are dismissed and he is found completely innocent of all wrong-doing, I’ll still continue to laugh at him.

And here’s why...

You see, every day in Scotland, officers under Phil Gormley’s command go in to courts up and down the country and LIE through their teeth to get innocent members of the public convicted for crimes they did not commit, just so they can hit targets.

The members of the public the Police (and the Crown office) target are the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. If you don’t believe me, just go in to any court, any day of the week, anywhere in Scotland, and count the t-shirt, tracksuit and scrunchy wearers versus the suit and tie guys or smart business suit women. Honestly, you’d think middle class, wealthy, educated people don’t commit crimes.

And it's no accident that you only see the poorest and most vulnerable in society in our courts.

Because untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office know they can get easier convictions against these type of people.

A defendant who is poor doesn’t have the financial means to buy a good, proper, legal defence. Legal aid is vastly underfunded and does not buy you a full and comprehensive defence, despite what the bigwigs try and tell you.

You'll also notice that - as well as being poor - most of the defendants you see in the courts have very little education. They have virtually no chance of ever putting forward a coherent defence to demonstrate their innocence to the court.

Even when an innocent member of the public does manage to overcome the odds and defeats the Crown office mafia who use their £112million a year funds and every dirty trick in the book to try and put the innocent "wee guy" behind bars, that innocent person is still left with the stigma of having  appeared in a court, in the dock, been charged with a crime, and gone through a gruelling trial etc.

People never say “he was found innocent” or “there was no case to answer”.

Instead they whisper behind his back “he got away with it”.

So Phil, even though you have protested your innocence and denied the numerous complaints against you, you now find yourself on the receiving end of the stigma that you and your officers have placed so many innocent members of the public in. The rumour mill will last the rest of your life.

Now you know what it’s like to be accused of things that you claim you haven’t done.

Now you know what it’s like to have your life and career left in tatters despite claiming innocence.

Now you know what it’s like to have people whispering behind your back that there's “no smoke without fire" and other similar phrases.

And now you know why I’m sitting here laughing at your predicament.

Because what goes around, comes around.

It's a type of justice you won't find in the Police manual. It's called "poetic justice".

So enjoy the ride Phil. Your officers and you have, for years, systematically destroyed the lives of many innocent members of the Scottish public.

Now it's your turn to feel the pain you inflicted on so many innocent members of the Scottish public.

And boy are we all thoroughly enjoying watching you squirm.

Karma can be a right b*****d sometimes Phil.