Thursday 4 October 2018

You’re Nicked…Depending Where You Live

Police in Scotland are operating a zero tolerance policy on drunken louts.

Nothing wrong with that. Sounds good to me.

However what police don’t tell us is that an arrest for drunken behaviour depends where in Scotland you happen to live.

If you live in Glasgow and are caught drinking in the street, guess how many times more likely you are to get arrested than in Edinburgh?

Go on, guess.

Twice as likely? Three times as likely?


Try TWENTY-TWO times!

You are 22 times as likely to be arrested in Glasgow as Edinburgh.

So why do Police Scotland - who are supposed to apply the law evenly to all - turn a blind eye to drunken behaviour in Edinburgh that would normally see you in a custody cell if it happened elsewhere?

It’s because they are trying to promote our capital city Edinburgh to tourists as a super-duper cosmopolitan place where you can drink around the clock.

They don't care that long- suffering Edinburgh residents have to put up with drunken behaviour night after night with the police unwilling to help them or protect them from it.

Residents have got to a point where they feel it's useless trying to complain to police about drunken disturbances because police simply won’t attend. If they try reporting shouting, bawling, and kicking over bins at 4 a.m. they won't get a peep from the police. Apparently, only incidents which involve a knife or a firearm will get you a response from Mr Plod.

So it’s now official. Police Scotland operate a ’postcode lottery' when it comes to drunken behaviour and it seems the Scottish public will just have to put up with this bias and lack of response and protection.

Here's an idea.

The next time you get stopped in your car by police for no reason whatsoever, just ask the police officers why they are spending so much time stopping you instead of spending time looking for burglars, rapists, and murderers?

I bet they’ll answer you with their usual retort saying “the law is the law” or “we have to respond to all crimes equally, big and small”.

You can then ask them why, if that's really the case, do they arrest people in Glasgow for the same things they turn a blind eye to in Edinburgh?

Mind you, if you do that they'll probably just hit your back light with their truncheon and then write you out a ticket for driving with a broken tail light.

Equal justice under the law my a*se.

Police Scotland get Political AGAIN

Fracking (the process of cracking underground rocks to extract oil or gas) is a very emotive subject.

Many people see fracking as a necessary process to ensure the world has a constant energy supply.

Others worry that disturbing the geology of the earth will have negative repercussions further down the line.

Police Scotland have weighed in on the debate and have decided that:

- Pro-fracking protesters are to be considered jolly fine upstanding people.

- Anti-fracking protesters are to be considered “domestic extremists”.

Yes folks, that supposedly non-political shower of deadbeats that we call Police Scotland have taken political sides yet again.

It was bad enough when they showed political bias over Scottish independence (see my previous article here), but now we discover that they consider opponents of fracking as potential terrorists.

Just as bad, official documents show that Police Scotland tried to infiltrate a peaceful anti-fracking group near the Ineos petrochemical plant at Grangemouth, just so they could get information on the people involved.

It’s high time that the Police Scotland politically biased circus was completely dismantled and replaced with a police service fit for the 21st century.

Police Scotland Bias On Scottish Independence

Police Scotland have deleted a tweet from the Edinburgh Police twitter account which said they were tired of the SNP going on about having another independence referendum. It seems Police Scotland are against Scottish independence.

In one sense, it’s good to know where Police Scotland in Edinburgh stand politically.

In another sense it’s frightening to know that our police service in Scotland has very biased political leanings.

This goes against EVERYTHING that a police service is supposed to be.

A country where police crack down on innocent members of the public purely because of their political views is the most disturbing thing imaginable. It has no place in a civilised society. It’s the kind of thing that only happens in dictatorships.

However it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has attended a political gathering - any political gathering - in Scotland.

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are always in attendance at these meetings to, as they say, “keep the peace”. But we all know they fly their little drone cameras hoping to profile and target protesters.

Police attend purely in the hope that they might get a few arrests out of being there. The pretence of being there to protect the public is nothing short of laughable (by the way Mr Plod, protesters are members of the public too).

So the next time there is a pro-independence rally anywhere in Scotland, just keep a wee eye on Police Scotland officers and see how they behave towards the ordinary innocent members of the Scottish public exercising their right to peaceful protest.

Don’t be surprised if they’ve reserved a few holding cells for protesters in anticipation.

Because now that we know the motley crew at Police Scotland are openly prejudiced against pro-independence supporters in Scotland, I’m sure we can expect a good number of arrests.

I Would Slash Pay For Procurator Fiscals

The Procurators Fiscal Society are complaining.

They say that lawyers working for Scottish ministers are being paid round £10,000 more than COPFS lawyers.

They say that this difference in pay shows that the Scottish Government value the work of COPFS lawyers much less than that of Government lawyers. £10k less as it happens.

Actually that sounds about right to me.

Everyone who has had any experience dealing with the justice system in Scotland knows that the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service pretty much consists of a bunch of failed lawyers scraped from the bottom of the legal barrel.

Most COPFS lawyers opt to work in the COPFS because they could never cut it in private practice. The COPFS has traditionally been a feeding ground for every incompetent, odd-ball lawyer who can’t get a job anywhere else. Everyone knows that COPFS lawyers are the bottom of the legal food chain.

The fact that they are being paid £10k less than their colleagues in the Scottish government reflects this.

Let's face it, COPFS lawyers salaries are peanuts compared to the hundreds of thousands of pounds per year Scotland's top lawyers working in private law firms earn. And so it should be.

I suggest The Procurator Fiscal Society crawl back in to their bunker and shut their mouths pretty damn quick, just in case the Scottish Government start listening to them and decide pay PF’s what they’re actually worth.

And it would be a lot less than their current salary.

6 Years And Still No Justice

A Fatal Accident Enquiry in to the Clutha tragedy in which a police helicopter crashed through the roof of a glasgow pub killing 10 people is to be be held in April 2019.

Hmmmm. Let me just do a little bit of arithmetic here.

So...the police helicopter crashed through the roof of the Clutha pub in 2013...and the FAI will take place in 2019.

That’s an astounding 6 years AFTER the accident.

So why the long wait?

Oh, that’s an easy one.

You see, the accident involved the police themselves.

It was a police helicopter, flown by police officers, which caused the accident.

And in my experience with untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service, I find that they always like to drag out any enquiry or investigation which involves themselves or their connections (think Lockerbie, Emma Caldwell, Sheku Bayo, you get the idea).

The idea is that, with the passage of time, memories get naturally eroded and evidence gets mislaid or tainted. After years have passed, there is usually “insufficient evidence” to bring any charges against those involved.

Contrast this to when you, an everyday member of the public, gets zapped by a copper holding a speed camera. You get charged there and then on the spot.

And if you happen to be arrested by police for, well, anything, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be charged and in front of a judge to answer to that charge the very next day.

This all happens because you are just a normal member of the public.

But if you happen to be a member of the elite justice "clique” - i.e. a police officer or a COPFS official etc - it's different. Rest assured they’ll drag the case out, even for years, in the hope that the possibility of any conviction against one of their own will dwindle with time.

Let's be clear here. If you had, say, crashed your car in to the Clutha pub and killed 10 people, do you think for one minute that you'd be waiting 6 years before being called in front of a court of law to answer for your actions?

Me neither.

One rule for them…

Monday 17 September 2018

No Equal Justice Under The Law

No one likes baddies. Everyone agrees that baddies should be locked up and we should throw away the key.

But what if you're not a baddie?

What if you have been, say, falsely accused by someone, or targeted by over-zealous police just trying to get their arrest numbers up?

Well, you'll be glad to hear that in this country we have a simple solution to this.

It's called a court of law.

In cases where you have been falsely accused or wrongly targeted by police you can choose to plead 'not guilty' and demand to go before a Scottish court of law to protest your innocence. In other words, you get to have your day in court.

The Procurator Fiscal will prepare a prosecution case against you. You in turn, will instruct a solicitor prepare a defence for you. At the end of it, the court will decide whether they believe you or not.

Sounds pretty fair, right?

Well, actually, no, it's not really fair. In fact it's far from fair at all.

You see the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service have over 500 lawyers and more than £112 million available to them to prepare their prosecution case against you.

You, on the other hand, have just one lawyer and £500 of legal aid money to prepare your defence.

That's not just unfair, that's ludicrously unfair.

If you are an innocent member of the Scottish public who mistakenly finds himself in a Scottish court of law for any reason whatsoever, the deck is massively stacked against you.

The Scottish Government recently asked Martyn Evans, the chief executive of Carnegie UK Trust, to carry out an independent review of legal aid on behalf of the Government.

So what was his conclusions?

He told the Government that he could find no justification for an increase in legal aid fee levels.

Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up.

What planet do these people live on???

Police Will Pay You To Spy On Your Neighbour

Anyone with experience of untrustworthy Police Scotland know that arrest figures are of the utmost importance to them.

High arrest figures allow police to falsely claim they are doing a great job. It works in an incredibly simple way. Arrest figures allow the police to say "Hey Mr & Mrs Joe Public, look at us, we've arrested lots of bad guys, so we're keeping you, the Scottish public, safe."

It's complete nonsense of course, but it has been the number one tactic in their playbook as long as I can remember and sadly most members of the public who don't understand how policing in Scotland really works are taken in by it all.

And now we discover that Police Scotland have descended to an even lower low.

Their latest tactic is to...wait for friends, family and neighbours to spy on each other.

It has been leaked out that police have recently been actively trying to turn young football fans into paid informants in an attempt to build a large "informant ring" of football fans who can provide intelligence on their fellow supporters.

And my sources tell me that this is actually just the tip of the iceberg. The number of fully paid secret police informants in many other walks of life is rising at an alarming rate. 

Make no bones about it. There are serious flaws in using paid informants and police are 'conveniently' ignoring these flaws.

It is an undisputable fact that when you PAY someone to give you information, the incentive for that informant to make money directly from the information they give you compromises the validity of the information.

Unsurprisingly, it suits the jack boots at Police Scotland to play down this fact.

A victims group who defend supporters rights called "Fans Against Criminalisation" contacted Police Scotland Chief Constable Iain Living-under-a-stone about the paid informant claims but all they received in response was "We don't comment on operational matters".

Let's be clear here. Police secretly paying football fans to be informants has nothing at all to do with trying to root out bigotry or round up those ned supporters who drink buckfast and sing stupid songs at matches. It's a guise, a smokescreen if you will, to hide a much, much darker ulterior motive from Police Scotland.

And it's a big deal.

Here's why.

You see, I lived in Spain for a while back in the early eighties. The Spanish dictator general Franco hadn't long died when I went to live there and ordinary members of the Spanish public were still trying to come to terms with the lifetime of abuse they had endured under the Franco regime and his gestapo style policing of innocent Spanish citizens.

So the first thing the good people of Spain did after Franco died was to revoke the unbridled power of Franco's ultra-loyal Guardia Civil police force. Franco's Guardia Civil police ruled supreme in every city, town, and village in Spain. If you've ever spent a holiday in Spain you may have seen them around - they wear khaki-green army style uniforms with guns openly exposed by their side (designed to intimidate) and they tuck the bottom of their trousers in to high fronted military style black boots.

Anyway, the Guardia Civil police were unhappy about their sudden loss of power, so they attempted to regain power by trying to stage a coup in the Spanish parliament in 1981. With pistols and machine guns in hand, they sprayed bullets inside the parliament chamber as MP's dived for cover - and all this happened just a year before I went to live there!

Thankfully the coup failed, due in no small part to the King of Spain Juan Carlos promptly going on television that evening and denouncing the conspirators, denouncing their attempts to reinstate a dictatorship in Spain and calling on the Spanish people to reject the police's coup and instead support freedom and democracy.

So why do I tell you all this?


During the Franco era of dictatorship, the Guardia Civil police regularly paid people to spy on their neighbours and fellow citizens - just like Police Scotland are now doing.

You couldn't walk in to a shop or a bar or even chat to a friend or work colleague about Spanish politics and law, police behaviour, corruption or anything that criticised the police in any way because you never knew who you were talking to and if they were a paid police informant.

Stories abound of innocent Spaniards arrested, imprisoned, and taken away from their families just because an informant needed to make a few pesetas to feed his own family so he made up stories and gave them to the police in return for payment.

It was truly horrible.

I even knew one English woman who owned a little shop in a well-known Spanish tourist resort who was a paid informant for the Spanish police. Her particular job was to listen to conversations in the English speaking bars and cafes of ex-pats living in Spain and report them to the police.


Here's the bottom line.

When police ask citizens to spy on each other and inform on each other and pay them money for it, it very rarely results in that information having any substantial validity.

Instead they get bombarded with a ton of false tittle tattle from vindictive money-hungry hustlers and disgruntled friends and neighbours trying to cause trouble and make a quick buck.

The temptation to invent crimes and misdemeanours for financial gain and to curry favour with local police officers breeds corruption on a scale that is unimaginable and totally tears at the fabric of a civilised society.

I know it because I have seen it. I lived through it in my early years in Spain.

Don't let this happen here in Scotland.

Police Scotland let the public down daily

Police Scotland are letting the public down daily.

And it isn't me who's saying's the police themselves.

A police whistleblower has become so worried about it all that he/she has bravely spoken out to warn the public. The whistleblower has revealed that calls you make to police are being purposely "downgrad­ed" so that police officers can justify NOT responding to them.

Police Federation boss Calum Steele agrees too, and he has also been directly quoted as saying "The public are being let down."

The types of crimes police are "downgrading" (so they don't need to send officers out) include domestic abuse and break-ins.

This is truly shocking.

Police work the scam by getting their fellow officers in the control room - who initially take your calls for help - to purposely change the gradings of Grade 2 and Grade 3 calls. This means that your calls for help about such things as domestic abuse and break-ins gets passed on to a "public assistance desk" and therefore they don't have to send officers out to help and protect you.

The "public assistance desk" will book you an appointment to talk with an officer (usually days later).

I have long since argued that untrustworthy Police Scotland operate a back-to-front policy whereby the first thing they do in ANY situation is cover their own backsides. It is then, and only then, that they will attempt to respond, help, support, and protect you, the public.

Police Scotland's starting point for any call for help to them from the public is always to assume that it just may go pear-shaped for police and a complaint may end up being made against them.

So they always comprehensively cover their own a**es before they begin to lift a finger to help or protect you.

This is just plain wrong.

And these latest revelations prove to us yet again that untrustworthy Police Scotland's playbook of dirty tricks is still alive and well, even after the appointment of a new chief constable.

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Police Scotland Restrict The Right To Protest

The right to peaceful protest is the cornerstone of a democracy and is essential to maintaining good order in any country.

The minute this right is taken away from citizens, that country ceases to be a democracy and authoritarian rule soon takes over. Members of the public find themselves not only denied the right to protest peacefully but also denied the right to speak freely and criticise those in authority.

That could never happen in Scotland could it?

It just did.

The Scottish Defence League recently tried to hold a rally in Glasgow. As is usual when organisations like the SDL hold a rally, an opposing Anti-Fascist campaign was also planned as a counter-demonstration. OK, so no surprises there.

However Police Scotland ordered a number of restrictions on the SDL protest only.

The SDL were warned that no more than 100 of their people would be allowed to be at the protest rally. Time restrictions were also put in place as to when the SDL protest could begin and end. If the SDL refused to comply with the restrictions, Police Scotland told them they would be committing an offence and would be arrested.

No such restrictions were placed on the other group, the Anti-Fascists.

Now let me be clear...I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of either the SDL or the AntiFascist movement, so I don't have a horse in this race.

But I have had many experiences dealing with untrustworthy Police Scotland, so this corrupt type of biased behaviour from them is nothing unusual or surprising to me.

It concerns me greatly that Police Scotland have sought to take sides so openly and arrogantly in a political debate by imposing restrictions on one sides right to peaceful protest.

They would do well to heed the classic phrase "I wholly disapprove of what you say and will defend to the death your right to say it".

I remember the days when Police Scotland used to help, support, and protect innocent members of the Scottish public, not target them.

Welcome to the murky world of untrustworthy Police Scotland...where they think nothing of jack-booting all over your rights as a member of the Scottish public to protest peacefully and speak freely.

Don't You Just Wish You Were A Bank?

RBS (The Royal Bank Of Scotland) are not too popular with Scottish business owners.

A section of RBS known as the Global Restructuring Group (GRG) was supposed to help small businesses but, instead, they allegedly exploited these small businesses and forced many to the brink of collapse...just so they could profit from their demise by selling off their properties.


Unsurprisingly, RBS denied the claims (well they would wouldn't they).

But it doesn't end there. The plot thickens.

RBS have curiously been quoted as saying they are "deeply sorry" for their treatment of businesses in the GRG...and the disgraced GRG has now been disbanded.

Also, RBS have set aside £400 million to compensate thousands of small businesses in the GRG.

And if that's not enough already, nearly 400 cases have been settled so far and RBS has offered £115 million in refunds for fees charged by GRG.

Call me a skeptic, but I'm pretty sure RBS wouldn't be throwing almost half a billion quid at this little 'problem' if it wasn't pretty clear that they were in the wrong for the way they acted regarding their treatment of small businesses in their GRG.

So, when can we see RBS managers in jail?

Ehhh...we won't.

Because no-one at RBS will be prosecuted over this scandal.

The Scottish Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service have stated that "there is insufficient evidence of criminal conduct" and that there is "no basis for criminal action".

In the meantime, if you, a normally law-abiding member of the Scottish public, forget to tax your motor vehicle or drive at 35mph in a 30mph zone, the Crown Office will have you prosecuted in court quicker than you can say "Fred The Shred".

Ahhh, who'd have thought that a decade after the good ole' financial crisis of 2008, the Royal Bank Of Scotland would still be the gift that just keeps giving...especially if you're a banker and those gifts are billions of pounds and a get-out-of-jail free card from your buddies in the COPFS.

Don't you just wish you were a banker.

Monday 30 April 2018

BBC Exposes Police Scotland Corruption

Tonight at 8:30pm don’t miss the explosive documentary “BBC Scotland Investigates” in which they expose the crisis hitting Police Scotland.

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Police Apologise To Family…Eventually

Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingstone has made an “unreserved apology” to the family of Kevin Mcleod who’s body was recovered from Wick harbour in…1997.

I’m sure the Police apology, 20 years later, is a great comfort to Mr McLeod's family (not).

Deputy Chief Constable Livingstone said “Legacy policing services undoubtedly failed this family”.

Let me translate.

Sorry, but this all happened years ago, not under my watch, not my problem guv”.

Or perhaps a better translation would be "big boys did it and ran away".

The only thing DCC Livingstone left out was the ubiquitous “lessons have been learned” although I’m sure he probably threw that somewhere in to the mix of inane drivel Police usually spout to families on the rare occasions they actually apologise.

20 years on and we’ve still got the same old Scottish PC Plod mentality trotting out the same old lame excuses and worthless apologies.

Nothing changes.

Police Scotland waste £77,493 blocking FOI requests

Untrustworthy Police Scotland spent £77,493 of YOUR money between 2015 and 2016 on legal fees to stop YOU from finding out what they get up to.

The money was spent on trying to block Freedom Of Information requests.

Let’s just be clear here.

Freedom Of Information exists so that we, the Scottish public, can request information about what the Police, who we fund, are doing with the money we give them. It’s only right, because it’s our money they spend policing our streets and we have every right to demand to know if they are spending it wisely.

Yet not only do Police Scotland refuse to release information to us via FOI requests, they even have the cheek to go to court and spend a further £77k of OUR money to stop us challenging them over it.

Police Scotland are an embarrassment.

The public money they receive from us is meant to protect us, not to protect them.

So much for their new era of so-called “transparency and accountability”.

Then again, did you expect anything less from this motley crew?

Phil Gormley's New Nickname Is Tulip

I've just heard that there's a new nick-name for Scottish Chief Constable Phil "Gormless" that's allegedly doing the rounds in the corridors of power.

They are calling him "Tulip".

Because apparently he'll be out by the spring.

Ta da ra ra.

Justice Minister's Secret Meeting

We are told that the Justice Secretary Michael Matheson met the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) Chairman Andrew Flanagan on 9th November last year to discuss the future of Police Scotland Chief Constable Phil Gormley.

I’m delighted to see that the Scottish Government and the Scottish Police Authority are getting their heads together and finally taking this matter seriously.

Police Scotland is already in chaos and having our top cop relegated to the back burner while awaiting the results of investigations in to the numerous complaints against him is doing the force and the Scottish public untold harm. Public confidence in to untrustworthy Police Scotland is already at an all-time low.

So what did our elected public officials discuss at the meeting and what was the outcome? What was eventually decided regarding Phil Gormley's future and the complaints against him?

Errr, we don’t know.

Because no minutes were taken.

Hmmm. Anyone else got an uneasy feeling that no matter whether he’s innocent or guilty of these allegations, uncle Phil Gormley is gonna tip-toe away from all of this very quietly and with very little fuss?

My money’s firmly on this whole debacle ending with a resignation letter, full pension benefits preserved, and a copy of Gardeners Weekly.

Complaints Against Chief Constable Gormley Rack Up

I’ve actually lost count of the number of complaints against Scotland’s Chief Constable Phil “Gormless”. I thought it was six but read yesterday that we may now be up to seven complaints.

Anyway, the number of complaints against Scotland’s top cop and whether they are true or not is unimportant for the purposes of this particular article.

What is important is that even if Phil Gormley is innocent and has done nothing wrong, this mud is gonna stick to him. People will still continue to treat him with suspicion and say there’s no smoke without fire no matter what.

For the rest of Phil Gormley’s career (if there’s anything left of it by the time this saga has finished) he’ll be well and truly tainted, damaged goods, no-one will touch him with a barge pole.

And I find it all hilarious.

In fact, I haven’t stopped laughing since the first complaint against the Chief Constable was reported. Even if all the complaints against him are dismissed and he is found completely innocent of all wrong-doing, I’ll still continue to laugh at him.

And here’s why...

You see, every day in Scotland, officers under Phil Gormley’s command go in to courts up and down the country and LIE through their teeth to get innocent members of the public convicted for crimes they did not commit, just so they can hit targets.

The members of the public the Police (and the Crown office) target are the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. If you don’t believe me, just go in to any court, any day of the week, anywhere in Scotland, and count the t-shirt, tracksuit and scrunchy wearers versus the suit and tie guys or smart business suit women. Honestly, you’d think middle class, wealthy, educated people don’t commit crimes.

And it's no accident that you only see the poorest and most vulnerable in society in our courts.

Because untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office know they can get easier convictions against these type of people.

A defendant who is poor doesn’t have the financial means to buy a good, proper, legal defence. Legal aid is vastly underfunded and does not buy you a full and comprehensive defence, despite what the bigwigs try and tell you.

You'll also notice that - as well as being poor - most of the defendants you see in the courts have very little education. They have virtually no chance of ever putting forward a coherent defence to demonstrate their innocence to the court.

Even when an innocent member of the public does manage to overcome the odds and defeats the Crown office mafia who use their £112million a year funds and every dirty trick in the book to try and put the innocent "wee guy" behind bars, that innocent person is still left with the stigma of having  appeared in a court, in the dock, been charged with a crime, and gone through a gruelling trial etc.

People never say “he was found innocent” or “there was no case to answer”.

Instead they whisper behind his back “he got away with it”.

So Phil, even though you have protested your innocence and denied the numerous complaints against you, you now find yourself on the receiving end of the stigma that you and your officers have placed so many innocent members of the public in. The rumour mill will last the rest of your life.

Now you know what it’s like to be accused of things that you claim you haven’t done.

Now you know what it’s like to have your life and career left in tatters despite claiming innocence.

Now you know what it’s like to have people whispering behind your back that there's “no smoke without fire" and other similar phrases.

And now you know why I’m sitting here laughing at your predicament.

Because what goes around, comes around.

It's a type of justice you won't find in the Police manual. It's called "poetic justice".

So enjoy the ride Phil. Your officers and you have, for years, systematically destroyed the lives of many innocent members of the Scottish public.

Now it's your turn to feel the pain you inflicted on so many innocent members of the Scottish public.

And boy are we all thoroughly enjoying watching you squirm.

Karma can be a right b*****d sometimes Phil.

Tuesday 30 January 2018

The New Criminal Justice Act Explained (Simply)

OK, I’ve got two explanations for you (which actually amount to the exact same thing really).

First one is the short version. Second one is the very short version.

Feel free to read both but pay particular attention to the second one, it's the one that really matters.

Version 1:
The new act protects key rights for suspects including access to legal advice and abolishes the separate concepts of arrest and detention replacing them with a single statutory power of arrest without warrant where there is reasonable grounds for suspecting a person has committed, or is committing, an offence.

It also creates new investigative tools for the police, with scope for investigative liberation and post-charge questioning.

Where police suspect someone but don’t have sufficient evidence to charge them, investigative liberation will give them the option to attach conditions to the person’s liberation for a period up to 28 days while they continue to investigate, with the power to rearrest the person for the same offence as many times as may be needed within the statutory time limits.

Version 2:
If there’s no evidence you've done anything wrong, the police must let you go (just as before). However, now they can impose, for a month, restrictions on where you can go and who you can contact etc. Breach these unilaterally imposed conditions and you will be charged with breaching the conditions and possibly imprisoned.

Hmmm, so how long before we have thousands of innocent members of the public who have done nothing wrong and have not been charged with anything still placed under control of the police?

History tells us that every time Police get new powers they always abuse those powers. Always.

This is all gonna end in tears, you can just see it coming.

Police Scotland Perverts

A 33-year-old Dundee man who sexually assaulted a female colleague resigned from his job and was ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

The man, Greg Jamieson, was also placed on the sex offenders register for five years.

Oh, I forgot to also mention…

…the man was a Police Scotland officer. 

The woman he sexually assaulted was a colleague and fellow Police officer.

The louse-bag narrowly escaped a custodial sentence. He was lucky.

After hearing the victim had initially been hesitant about reporting the incident, Sheriff Brown commented that the workplace culture at Police Scotland “had to change”.

The Sheriff also said that “It seems the culture was very much that you don’t grass on colleagues and you put up with things. If that is the case then this needs to change”.

Welcome to the sordid world of Police Scotland dear readers.

Still feel safe with this bunch of perverts protecting you?

Thought so.

Police Investigations And Review Commissioner SLAMS The Scottish Police Authority

The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) have investigated the Scottish Police Authority's complaints handling system.

And they are NOT impressed.

The PIRC commissioner Kate Frame said "The audit has highlighted a number of deficiencies within the SPA's current complaint handling practices."

The PIRC discovered that:

a) Decisions on complaints were made which lacked clarity and transparency and in many cases there was insufficient explanation to demonstrate how the decision was reached.

b) The average time taken by the SPA to conclude complaints was excessive and disproportionate

c) The emphasis placed on members of the public to produce evidence in support of their complaint was not appropriate

d) The SPA needs to put in place guidance on how to handle "whistleblowing"

e) The SPA's internal guidance document for handling complaints was difficult to follow, without clear timescales and instructions on how to progress different types of complaints.

It’s a damning audit, no two ways about it.

However I could have saved the PIRC a ton of time and money.

Because those of us who have ever made a complaint against Police Scotland or the SPA could have told the PIRC that the only “complaints procedure” that exists in the SPA and Police Scotland is a “how to reject complaints procedure”.

This audit will make absolutely no difference to how these charlatans operate.

After we get the usual responses from them such as “we welcome this audit”, "we acknowledge that mistakes were made” and the ubiquitous “lessons have been learned”, it’ll be back to business as usual at the SPA.


Police Buy Food For Woman Stealing To Feed Her Family

Police were called to a supermarket where a woman was suspected of stealing food.

They finally traced the woman to her house where the woman immediately gave back the £29 worth of food she had stolen and told the officers she was sorry for doing what she did but her kids were hungry.

One of the officers looked inside her fridge while he was there and saw it was completely empty. The officers discovered that the woman and her family had been without food for three days.

Later, while the woman was in court in front of the judge, the two police officers nipped out to a local shop and spent £100 of their own money on food for the woman.

One of the officers said that as police officers they often come into contact with people when they are vulnerable and often buy people meals or gas and that this is what policing is about today. It has to be about partnership with the public. This was not a crime out of greed but one seen as necessary by a mother trying to feed a child.

Oh I forgot to mention one little thing about this heart-warming story…

This didn't happen in Scotland. This wasn't officers from Police Scotland.

This happened in North Carolina in the United States.

Now that's the calibre of police officers I want protecting me.

Who all feels like emigrating?

We Have Surpassed 10,000 Page Views!

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

I've just checked the blog stats and they are showing that we recently passed 10,000 page views. Actually, at the time of posting this article it is currently standing at 10,852 page views.

This is incredible and I personally thank you all for your support. There are many more genuine decent people out there who share my concerns about corruption in our public bodies than I ever imagined.

The web stats are also showing that, on average, visitors to this blog read 2 pages before exiting.

That means more than 5,000 members of the Scottish public have now come to this blog to read it. 

Now, for a large website like Facebook or Amazon these numbers would be but a teardrop in the ocean.

But for a very tightly niched blog which only deals with Police Scotland and COPFS corruption and will only be found by people specifically searching for articles about corruption in these organisations, this is massive.

Thousands of members of the Scottish public are discovering this blog and reading its articles. It's a damning confirmation of how many Scottish people distrust Police Scotland and the Crown Office.

Don't worry though, I won't be sitting on my laurels. This important fight against the systemic corruption in Police Scotland and the COPFS will still continue.

And as this blog goes from strength to strength, I will never forget that without your readership, kind help and support for this blog, we would never have been able to make the differences it is now making in improving our broken justice system.

Kenny Campbell