Tuesday 31 October 2017

The Ladyboys Of Kincardine Police Station

The residents of Kincardine are more than a little peeved that Police Scotland have permanently closed down their main square Police Station in an attempt to save money.

They are understandably upset that they now have to phone a call-centre if they want help from police. For residents, that personal touch and feeling of safety they used to get from local policing and the station in Kincardine has all but been eroded from the town now.

They are also upset that while police refuse to spend money on their local station, the main police headquarters at Tulliallan Castle have just splashed out £63,000 on a new lift. Not to mention the £400,000 they've recently spent/wasted on seven new inspectors (see my last post).

I know I should be using this news to make comment about how untrustworthy Police Scotland choose to waste our money etc but, well, I’m sorry, I can’t, I just can’t.

Because the one thing that I just can’t get out of my head is the pics that accompanied the Kincardine police station news story in Scotland's Sunday Post newspaper.

Because they show posters in the window of the police station inviting visitors to go see the Ladyboys of Bankok and the Chinese State Circus!


Make up your own jokes by the way ;-)