Tuesday 31 October 2017

Perverting The Course Of Justice And Sexual Misconduct BY THE POLICE

Any and all types of behaviour of sexual misconduct should be unacceptable to all of us in a modern civilised society.

Similarly, attempting to pervert the course of justice is also unacceptable in our society today and anyone caught pursuing these sorts of criminal behaviours should be exposed to the full impact of the law. Police should be called immediately.

Except, well, in this case the sexual misconduct and perverting the course of justice I'm talking about here is actually being done BY THE POLICE!

This is the shocking news that allegations of sexual misconduct and attempts to pervert the course of justice are among 683 complaints that have been made about Police Scotland officers of in the last 7 months.

And it’s not just members of the public who are complaining about police officers who are committing crimes.

More than 60 of the complaints have come from Police Scotland’s internal whistleblowing system.

That's right folks, even the police are complaining about the police!

So how many of these complaints do you reckon will be fully investigated and upheld?

Yeah, me too.

Move along now, nothing to see here…


Police Leave Man Lying Dead For TWO Days In His Vehicle Despite Calls From TWO Members Of The Public

The headline says it all I'm afraid.

Police Leave Man Lying Dead For TWO Days In His Vehicle Despite Calls From TWO Members Of The Public.

Sound familiar?

Sadly, it all sounds far too familiar.

So tell me dear readers. How do you, the Scottish public, feel this new centralised Police Scotland project idea where you phone up a call-centre and report things to police is going?

Yeah, thought so.


The Ladyboys Of Kincardine Police Station

The residents of Kincardine are more than a little peeved that Police Scotland have permanently closed down their main square Police Station in an attempt to save money.

They are understandably upset that they now have to phone a call-centre if they want help from police. For residents, that personal touch and feeling of safety they used to get from local policing and the station in Kincardine has all but been eroded from the town now.

They are also upset that while police refuse to spend money on their local station, the main police headquarters at Tulliallan Castle have just splashed out £63,000 on a new lift. Not to mention the £400,000 they've recently spent/wasted on seven new inspectors (see my last post).

I know I should be using this news to make comment about how untrustworthy Police Scotland choose to waste our money etc but, well, I’m sorry, I can’t, I just can’t.

Because the one thing that I just can’t get out of my head is the pics that accompanied the Kincardine police station news story in Scotland's Sunday Post newspaper.

Because they show posters in the window of the police station inviting visitors to go see the Ladyboys of Bankok and the Chinese State Circus!


Make up your own jokes by the way ;-)


Police Waste More Than Half A Million Quid Of OUR Money

The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act's new stop and search reforms will cost Police Scotland more than £500,000.

Well, when I say it will cost Police Scotland more than £500k, what I really mean is it will cost us, the taxpayers, more than £500k.

And it's money you might as well throw down the drain.

I reported on this very issue and told my readers about this more than a year and a half ago (see http://moroculous.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/youll-never-stop-police-stop-and-search.html).

You see, no matter how much you try to legislate to stop untrustworthy Police Scotland from targeting our children with their heavy-handed and illegal stop and search tactics, police will never change.

In my article last year I reported how police had been hauled over the coals for their unscrupulous tactics in the stopping and searching of children and were told to stop it. But they didn't.

Instead, they simply latched on to another law which allows them to stop and search children if they suspected them of having alcohol.

So their stopping and searching of our children continued in exactly the same way as before, just under a different guise. Ahhh, business as usual at Police Scotland.

We are now told that the new stop and search reforms (excuse me while I laugh) will require around £100,000 to be spent on retraining officers and replacing forms and manuals (excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor, I'm in hysterics now)!

But wait a minute. I thought they said that it will cost in excess of £500,000?

So what's the other £400,000 for?

Well, errmm, it's to employ 7 new inspectors.

Aha, now it all makes sense.

They spend more than half a million quid of our money on a law that untrustworthy Police Scotland officers will just ignore anyway, and in addition to that, create a few jobs for the boys in the process.

It's just yet another reason why Police Scotland are facing a £47million budget gap this year.

It's also why a generation of youngsters with long memories have grown up to hate the police. And in adulthood, most now refuse to co-operate with the police to help them with crime fighting.

You reap what you sow Police Scotland, you reap what you sow.


DI David Moran: ”The whole problem with Police Scotland is the lack of accountability.”

Detective Inspector David Moran is a former murder squad detective.

His own force launched an illegal spying operation against him, wrongly believing that he was the police officer who leaked information to the newspapers about the Emma Caldwell murder enquiry.

He wasn't. His police colleagues got it wrong.

DI Moran was a fine upstanding, dedicated and conscientious police officer (unlike his superiors who purposely targeted him and made him a scapegoat for their failings).

I empathise with DI Moran.

He has now discovered to his cost - just as I did - that Police Scotland do not properly investigate anything nowadays.

Instead, they form an opinion on who they think the bad guy is and run with it, even when it later becomes clear that their guess was wrong and they backed the wrong horse so to speak.

They refuse to admit when they are wrong and prefer to see an innocent man hung out to dry (or thrown in prison) rather than admit that they messed up and made a mistake.

Their partners in the corrupt Crown Office are in on the game too. The COPFS and the police work hand in hand to get prosecutions and you can guarantee that the COPFS will always back-up their police buddies to the hilt. Procurator Fiscals even turn a blind eye when police officers lie in court. It's nothing short of shocking.

DI Moran, like me, is not the first person - nor will he be the last - to be fitted up and let down badly by untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office. He has discovered, just as I did, that there is actually more honour among thieves than there is among police officers and procurator fiscals in Scotland today.

It's a sad state of affairs.

Let's be clear. Corruption exists everywhere in many organisations BUT it only exists because those at the top ALLOW it to exist.

And this is where DI Moran hits the nail firmly on the head when he is quoted as saying ”The whole problem with Police Scotland is the lack of accountability”.

That quote tells us EVERYTHING that is wrong with Police Scotland.

They are accountable to no-one and in recent years have become a law unto themselves (as have their partners in the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service).

Oh, don't get me wrong, talk to any of these untrustworthy Police Scotland chiefs or corrupt Crown office procurator fiscals and they'll all sing from the same sheet and tell you how they are accountable. They'll reel off a list of rules and regulations and guidelines and tell you about the public bodies who they answer to and are responsible for their oversight.

But it's all bluster.

I've been through the whole gambit of trying to make Police Scotland and the Crown Office accountable for what they did to me and rest assured, the bodies who are supposed to oversee them do not have the authority to do anything. Nothing. They have no teeth and no clout.

And this situation doesn't exist by accident. Because in essence, what it's all designed to do is give the Scottish public the illusion that police and fiscals are accountable, but in reality their overseeing bodies have no power or influence to do anything meaningful or purposeful and cannot root out and counter their corruption in any way.

And boy don't untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt COPFS know this and use it to their advantage!

The end result is that good coppers like DI Moran end their illustrious careers with a cloud hanging over them. Everywhere they go there are people whispering "no smoke without fire" and all that kinda stuff.

It's a disgraceful way to treat a good honest copper with so many years of good honest service.

And it's another slap in the face to the good honest public of Scotland who have to suffer all the good honest coppers leaving the force in their droves and being left with the dregs of humanity to police our streets.

It's sickening.