Monday 14 August 2017

Public Have Lost Faith In Police Scotland

It's the worst kept secret in the country...the general public have completely lost faith in Police Scotland.

But bizarrely, untrustworthy Police Scotland are still running around like headless chickens trying to figure out why we have lost faith in them.

Don't they read the papers?!!

All in the very the same week, a bunch of newspapers - the Herald, the Telegraph, the National, and even the little Falkirk Herald - have spelled out what's wrong with Police Scotland, yet police chiefs still have no clue what's wrong never mind how to stop the rot.

The Herald - The public are sitting shaking their heads in disbelief as police stumble along in to blunder after blunder:

Telegraph - Staff cuts mean less police out on the streets. You never see a policeman now, no wonder the public have lost faith in them:

The National - Police are spending £1,000 a day defending themselves in legal battles (police don't say why but, ahem, I'm sure you can guess!):

The Falkirk Herald - Police failings rear their ugly head yet again...and police bosses trot out the same old excuses again for their failings:

Now, I know standards have fallen dramatically in Police Scotland's recruitment requirements lately but surely there must be at least one policeman out there who can read?