Tuesday 7 March 2017

Police Lie To Target Me

OK, a follow up to the last post (see previous post here if you arrived at this page from a search engine).

I'm just back from the tyre centre this afternoon where I got two professional tyre fitters to check my tyre - the tyre that police told me earlier today was over-inflated.

The tyre centre have measured my tyres pressure to be 28 psi.

I checked the handbook for the vehicle and it says that the manufacturers recommended pressure is 29 psi.

So the pressure in my tyre is pretty much spot on. It is absolutely NOT over-inflated (as police wrongly advised earlier today).

In fact, if you really want to split hairs, the tyre was, if anything, slightly under-inflated (although you would be really hard-pushed to even make that argument because 28 psi vs 29 psi is pretty much insignificant)!

Bottom line, police were wrong about the tyre.

Furthermore - and probably just as interesting to this story - when I told the tyre centre expert what police had advised me regarding the tyre (i.e. that it was over-inflated) he informed me that it's impossible to tell if a tyre is over-inflated without actually testing it with a proper measuring device.

So the questions are:

Why did the police officer advise me today that my tyre was over-inflated when it was not?

Why did the police officer tell me the tyre was over-inflated without checking it with a proper measuring device?

If I had acted on police's advice today and had taken some air out of the tyre it would have put me, and other road users, in danger.

Other questions are why did police really stop me? Why did police take my debit card off me? What do police have in my intelligence file? Why do they continue to treat me like this? Why do they still see me as 'a person of interest' after it was absolutely proved beyond any doubt that they'd got things all wrong and even a Sheriff told them so?

Yes, I think Police Scotland have a few questions to answer...