Saturday 25 February 2017

The Lord Advocate Is A Dangerous Idiot

Hot on the heels of the disgraceful false evidence given to the Holyrood Justice Committee by the Lord Advocate James 'the big bad' Wolffe, MSP's have now raised "serious concerns" about the country's justice system.

The Committee convener Margaret Mitchell has been absolutely scathing in her criticism of the Crown office. In addition to Crown office's failings regarding issues of resources and victim support Ms Mitchell says she has:

"unearthed some serious concerns…from the amount of time wasted through trials not proceeding on schedule, to the workload of prosecutors and the support offered to the victims and witnesses who appear at court".

She also added there was a "fundamental problem" over communications with victims of sexual assault in particular.

Conservative justice spokesman Douglas Ross pressed the Lord Advocate for "an overhaul of the justice system" in light of all the concerns raised. He said:

"I read the submission very carefully and was disappointed to see that a large bulk of what was submitted by the Crown Agent and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service basically said that the evidence that the committee had received was wrong and that there was no real concern. If that is the response to the evidence that has been heard over the five months of the inquiry, I worry whether - depending on what the Justice Committee puts in our report - anything will change or whether you will just be determined to say that small things can be tweaked but there will be no overhaul of the justice system of the kind that witness after witness has said is required."

Don't hold your breath Douglas.

Committee convener Margaret Mitchell followed up on Douglas Ross's point by saying:

"my initial reaction to the submission was that a lot of the evidence had not been taken on board. You might be hearing what is said, but are you really listening?"

No Margaret, they're not listening, and they never will. The Lord Advocate considers you to be beneath him. How dare you question him.

Even Crown office staff hate working there.

Staff surveys from within the Crown office's own ranks show that 40% of Crown Office staff do not wish to stay in the service in the long term.


Even more astounding is that this idiot of a man James Wolffe still insists "I have absolute trust and confidence in those who prosecute on my behalf up and down the country".

Not only is the Lord Advocate an idiot, he's a dangerous one at that.