Wednesday 1 February 2017

Eagle Eyed Coppers

Hey readers, I've got a wee question for all of you who are of a similar age to me.

On a three lane motorway, should vehicles in the slow lane be traveling slower than vehicles in the middle lane and should vehicles in the middle lane be travelling slower than vehicles in the fast lane?

Your answer, like mine is probably yes, of course they should.

Drivers in the middle lane will usually be travelling faster than those in the slow lane (just as drivers in the fast lane will usually be travelling quicker than those in the middle lane).

Pretty simple eh?

Except when local Glasgow radio presenter Cassi Gillespie referred on-air to the right hand lane of a motorway as 'the fast lane', one of Police Scotland's politically correct numpty's phoned in to the Clyde One switchboard to shoot her down in flames. Because apparently nowadays police prefer to call the 'fast lane' the 'overtaking lane'.

Cassi says police made her feel like a criminal for calling it 'the fast lane'.

Ain't it comforting to know that there is absolutely no crime in Glasgow and good ole' Police Scotland have nothing better to do all day except listen to Radio Clyde eh.

So my prize for wally of the week goes to the jobsworth at Police Scotland.

Congratulations Mr Plod, you've just won a copy of the 1976 Eagles album 'Hotel California'.

I know you'll absolutely love Side 1, track 3, 'life in the fast lane'.