Saturday 7 January 2017

Young People Do Not Trust The Police

The charity Young Scot Police Scotland Youth Advisory Panel have been working with Police Scotland and advising them how they should treat and deal with young people.

Good news is that the charity have secured a number of promises from Police Scotland.

Police have promised that when it comes to interacting with young people, they will:

- Prioritise young people’s safety and protection

- Engage more with young people

- Offer advice about safety to prevent young people coming in to harm

- If charged will discuss with young people how their case will be dealt with and offer support regarding their needs regardless as to their background.

- If a young person is accused of misbehaviour, police will treat them fairly and make sure they understand their rights and the process.

Very impressive.

Only problem is I spoke to some youngsters from Shettleston, Glasgow - one of the poorest and most deprived areas in Scotland - and told them the good news that all the illegal stop and search and targeting they have been suffering for years from corrupt cops in untrustworthy Police Scotland is all about to change. Police are now going to be their friend.

They laughed.

Actually they laughed and responded with a few choice words which are, well, pretty much unprintable here.

Hmmm. Oh well, back to the drawing board Police Scotland.