Sunday 29 January 2017

Police Spin Hits A New Low

Don't you just love it when untrustworthy Police Scotland tell us that they've come up with a new super-duper initiative but when you actually look at it closer it just makes you shake your head in disbelief?

Well, it seems police in Orkney have come up with a great new idea.

They held an open event at the Warehouse Buildings in Stromness between 4pm until 7pm on Thursday, December 8 where the public could go along and find out more about how the police service works.

They are also making a dedicated public service counter (shared with Orkney Islands Council), where the of the public can go to for information and police assistance.

Plus they also plan to hold bi-weekly police 'surgeries', where members of the public can call in to speak directly with a police officer.

Sounds fantastic eh?

Oh, and in case you think you may have heard of this sort of 'initiative' somewhere before i.e. places where the public can go and talk to police and report crimes and stuff, you'd be right.

We used to call them Police Stations.

That was before the idiots at Police Scotland closed 'em all down of course.