Thursday 19 January 2017

Police Scotland Wrongly Arrest 1362 INNOCENT people

Crown Office figures out recently show that 1362 INNOCENT members of the public were arrested and then released in the past three years by blundering Police Scotland.

Shockingly, police wrongly arrested them all in a so-called 'domestic violence' crackdown introduced by that idiot and menace in a uniform, ex-chief constable Sir Stephen 'I've got an ego as big as a' House.

Sir Stephen - widely regarded as the worst chief constable in the history of Scottish policing - instructed his officers to jail someone at every alleged domestic abuse call-out, no matter the circumstances.

As a result, 1362 innocent members of the public were taken in to custody by police and thrown in to a jail cell even when there was no evidence that any domestic abuse had taken place.

Stephen House and his motley crew of Police Scotland officers irresponsibly caused the opening of flood gates that lead to an unprecedented barrage of false accusers - mainly disgruntled girlfriends and wives - making false complaints to police just to cause trouble for their ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands.

Judges such as Sheriff McFarlane are now beginning to jail these false accusers (see article) and not before time I might add. However it's a national disgrace that 1362 innocent members of the public who did absolutely nothing wrong and should never have been arrested had to suffer first.

The Scottish police and Crown office should hang their heads in shame.

False accusers have had a field day thanks to this police and Crown office policy. A succession of despicable, cruel, and vindictive false accusers were able to wreak havoc on their completely innocent husbands and boyfriends while being completely supported by Police Scotland and a Crown office desperate to achieve performance targets and desperate to show the public how 'tough' they are on so-called 'domestic abuse' cases.

Every innocent person police arrested spent a minimum of a night in jail, and if the arrest happened to be on a Friday, the innocent person remained locked up all weekend until the courts opened on Monday.

Police officers blindly accepted every false accusers made-up story without question so they could make an arrest as per instructions from their superiors. There was no discretion. There were no investigations in to the accusers story to see if it was true or not. Arrests were regularly made without there being a single shred of evidence that any wrongdoing had actually taken place.

Every single one of the 1362 people wrongly arrested were completely innocent and had to be eventually released by police or had their cases dropped or thrown out of court.

And I know how those 1362 innocent people feel.

Because I was one of them...

I was the innocent victim of a very cruel, false accuser, an ex-girlfriend (who, it turns out, had made the same accusation against her previous boyfriend - police never bothered to check).

At the height of this brutal "throw 'em all in jail" policy (which police and the Crown office are still conducting by the way - hence this article), it was common knowledge in police circles that officers over in Edinburgh had complained to the chief constable that the cells in Edinburgh were bursting at the seams with 'doms' (police-speak for people arrested on domestic related matters).

And Chief Constable House's response to them?

He ordered them to keep arresting and 'bus' them all over to Glasgow's Aitkenhead Road station if the Edinburgh cells were full. There was to be no let up. Police must keep arresting people at every call-out of a domestic nature and must throw someone in jail regardless.

The idea was that the 'lock 'em all up' policy would help show the public that police take domestic abuse cases extremely seriously and are being very pro-active in protecting us all from the scourge of domestic abuse.

Advertising on billboards, newspapers, radio, twitter, and facebook were all very impressive and a steady stream of high ranking officers were super keen to get their faces on the BBC news offering a string of carefully rehearsed soundbites telling us how wonderful a job police were doing at keeping us all safe.

In reality though, it was nothing more than a cynical publicity stunt by chief constable Stephen House solely intended to garner favourable headlines in the press for an already under fire police force seriously mired in corruption.

And it was done at the expense of 1362 innocent members of the Scottish public who will never help or trust the police ever again.

But police didn't care.

Every police officer was still ordered to make an arrest every time they attended any domestic related call-out, no matter whether a crime had been committed or not. And if it wasn't a domestic related incident, officers were expected to do their utmost to shoehorn it in to being one just so they could make that all important arrest.


Any officer who did NOT make an arrest was sent back out to homes to handcuff and arrest someone.

In one case a couple were arguing over moving house and were overhead and reported by a neighbour. By the time the police arrived, the couple were sitting down together having dinner, yet one of them left the house in handcuffs!

In another case, a woman pleaded with the Crown office not to prosecute her husband, telling them that police had arrested him for no reason and he had not domestically abused her in any way, shape, or form. The Crown office refused and told her they were going ahead with the prosecution regardless. When the woman then told the Crown office she would not then be a witness in court to something that did not happen, the Crown office issued a warrant for her arrest to ensure she testified! You couldn't make it up as they say.

In my case, my ex-girlfriend changed the locks on two of my properties so she could steal all the contents of both properties and keep them all for herself. She had no legal right to do this and after discussing the matter beforehand with police and making sure it was ok to do so, I drilled through the locks. Police had also advised me to make sure my ex-girlfriend wasn't present at the property when I drilled the locks so as not to cause any confrontation with her. It was good advice from police, and I followed their advice to the letter.

Yet as soon as I drilled the locks I was arrested!

Turns out my ex-girlfriend made a complaint to police that my drilling of the locks had greatly upset her. Of course she conveniently left out the bit about her being nowhere near the property at the time, and that I owned the property and all the contents (and that I had a perfectly legal right to force an entry to recover my own possessions).

In truth, the only thing that greatly upset my ex-girlfriend was that she had planned to steal all my stuff and sell it and was unhappy that I was trying to stop her.

(*Side Note - I never did manage to successfully drill through the locks to gain entry. After I was arrested the trial took a year to get to court - during which time my ex-girlfriend did sell all my stuff and I lost everything. To date, police refuse to arrest her for making a false statement to them and refuse to arrest her for stealing and selling all my stuff. They say it's a 'civil law' matter and nothing to do with police, even though it's illegal to make a false statement to police (which she did) and they have never investigated in to her false statement, and the theft of my stuff and having to defend my innocence in court has caused me a considerable amount of 'fear', 'stress', 'alarm', not to mention money too. Funny how the law only works one way with police eh?!).

Long story short, the bottom line here is that my ex-girlfriend, and the PC Plods she made her complaint to, spotted a bit of an opportunity. Although this was nothing more than a simple property dispute, the two parties involved used to be in a relationship in the past, so they reckoned they could bend, twist, and spin it in to having some sort of 'domestic' element to it - and get an arrest out of it.

So I, and another 1362 innocent people like me, found ourselves labelled as 'domestic abusers' and behind bars for absolutely nothing.

Not nice.

In the end, Sheriff Douglas Brown threw the case out of Hamilton Sheriff Court with a 'no case to answer' verdict (which is even better than a 'not guilty' because it means there wasn't even a case against me to answer to in the first place)!

I didn't even have to give evidence or go in to the witness stand to defend myself, nothing. The judge threw the case right out of court. I was completely cleared of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

I took on the might of Police Scotland, the Crown office, and a lying, false accusing, ex-girlfriend in a court of law and I won - the truth came out.

Even Sheriff Brown stated in court that this was a property dispute, not a criminal matter, and that "Mr Campbell should never have been brought before a criminal court" (that's a direct quote from Sheriff Brown by the way).

The issue I have with all of this is that I, as an innocent member of the public, should never have been locked up for a full weekend in a jail cell, I should not have had to borrow thousands of pounds to pay solicitors fees, and I should not have had the stress of being in the dock in a court of law having to prove my innocence just so police could fulfil performance targets, work in line with their advertising and PR campaigns, and boost their flagging popularity. It's just not right.

I did nothing wrong and 1632 others just like me who police wrongly arrested did nothing wrong too.

So when are we, the 1632 innocents, going to get justice from you Police Scotland? When can we expect an apology from you? When can we see you arrest our false accusers for their crimes against us?

And it's not only me who's complaining about all this.

Watchdogs everywhere are slating untrustworthy Police Scotland and the Crown office for their corrupt abuse of power over this seriously flawed policy.

Kudos to solicitor Aamer Anwar who has said: "Zero tolerance was never intended to be a licence for police to detain in custody without evidence."

But sadly this is what happens when you have a police service and a Crown office that never admits when they've get it wrong, stick like glue to wrong decisions they make, can't be trusted to properly investigate things fully, are so dishonest and corrupt that they prosecute cases even when they know the accused person is innocent. And all because police officers and Procurator Fiscals are desperately striving to hit arrest and prosecution targets.

In their book, any innocent member of the Scottish public is fair game and a target. As long as police get an arrest that's all that matters to them.

They genuinely believe that if they get lots of arrests the Scottish public will think they are doing a great job of keeping us all safe.

It's a disgrace.

Police Scotland and the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service are a disgrace.

They are supposed to work for us, the Scottish public. We deserve, and demand, much better than the dishonest, unjust, and unfair policies of this current motley crew at Police Scotland and the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service.

So, are you still thinking of helping the police when they ask you for assistance?

Are you still thinking of going to court as a witness for the Procurator Fiscal when he asks you for assistance?

If so, bear in mind that you could be helping police and the Crown office arrest and prosecute (yet another) innocent person.