Sunday 1 January 2017

Police Can't Even Lie Convincingly

Ain't it good to know that since the M9 tragedy - where Police Scotland failed to respond for 3 days to a call reporting a car crash in which two people died - lessons have now been learned.

Yes folks, new processes have been put in place, responses improved, thorough investigations have been made in to the M9 failings, and they assure us that we, the Scottish public are now safer than ever before.

Except their assurances are nothing more than the usual sound-bites we've come to expect from the Police Scotland PR machine. Any ideas that things are better at untrustworthy Police Scotland and that we are safer are a load of old tosh.

It's Police Scotland lying to us yet again.

Because a BBC investigation has discovered that there have been more than 80 'near misses' - errors in police call handling - from April 2016 to December 2016.

These involve road traffic accidents, domestic abuse, assault and vulnerable children.

Police have learned NOTHING from the M9 tragedy.

Not even how to lie to us convincingly.